6 Tips How To Create A Successful Instagram Travel Blog

It should come as no surprise that you must be active on social networking if you want to build a great blog. Building a solid social media presence is required if you want your audience to find you.

Thanks to its rapid growth and millions of monthly users, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media tools for bloggers. Instagram has become a great source of inspiration for users and bloggers alike when it comes to travel.

The platform is one of the first places people go when they want to be mesmerized by a travel destination because it focuses more on images and visual content. If you’re convinced that you need to create an Instagram account for your travel blog, keep reading to learn ten of the most effective strategies.

1. Begin With A Good Username

Don’t get too fancy with this one. In your username, avoid using symbols or spellings that are difficult to understand. Use your real name (for authenticity) or a nickname inspired by your travels.

Keep your username brief and sweet, whatever you choose. Also, if you have additional social media accounts, a blog, or a website, make sure your username is consistent across all your brand touchpoints. Users will go from your Instagram to your blog to your Facebook group and back, so being consistent is essential.

It’s gold if you can make your username and brand distinctive and “ownable.” To gain Instagram followers and make sure that your blog is successful, visit

2. Find Your Niche


As an influencer, you should concentrate and focus your travel Instagram on a specific niche in order to promote yourself as a thought leader and authority in that field.

Traveling is a broad niche with a plethora of sub-niches to choose from. Adventure travel, health and wellness travel, luxury travel, themed cruises, gastro tourism, tropical/island travel, hiking, winter destinations, and so on are examples of different types of travel niches.

Choosing one (or blending a few of the additional sub-niches into your material) can help you create authority on the subject.

3. Take Amazing Photos

Because Instagram is a visual platform, it should be no surprise that outstanding photography is an essential aspect of becoming a travel influencer. However, don’t believe you need to be a professional photographer to make visually stunning photos to entice your followers to follow you on your adventures.

It’s all about understanding the fundamentals of generating a great image and discovering your own photographic style. Once again, becoming a travel influencer does not necessitate spending money on photography classes. It does, however, necessitate learning the fundamentals of photography and developing your own style.

Many travel influencers utilize presets to improve their photos in addition to studying the basics of photography. It’s rare these days for a travel influencer not to sell a preset that allows you to imitate their feed effortlessly. Even if you don’t want to spend money on presets, learning how to use Instagram filters can help you improve your photos.

Finally, excellent photography does not necessitate the use of the most expensive and high-tech equipment. There are times when taking a picture with an iPhone looks just as good.

4. Shoot And Edit Great Videos


Another medium that travel Instagrammers need to grasp is video. One of the talents required to make a stunning Instagram trip video is editing. Great editing will tell a tale swiftly and entice your audience to keep watching the movie.

To ensure that you capture your audience’s attention, including some of your most incredible pictures in the opening five to ten seconds of your film.

Use video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie, or edit videos directly on your phone with Kinemaster or iMovie for iPhone. Both of these editing programs are intuitive and simple to use.

After you’ve mastered the editing process, choosing appropriate music for your travel movies is the next step. Drones, a professional camera, and an iPhone are just a few pieces of equipment you can utilize to start an Instagram travel blog.

Professional cameras are high on the ground level and can capture high-quality videos. Last but not least, iPhones are great for filming videos for stories.

5. Create A Captivating Caption

Instagram is founded on the proverb, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” While this is absolutely true on Instagram, captions can add a lot of value to your posts if you utilize them effectively.

The caption in the Instagram photo adds a lot to the content. The author can explain the significance of the image with a well-thought caption. Your post can garner nearly 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments as a result of a great photo and a well-matched description.

When it comes to creating captions, travel bloggers have an advantage. They can even repurpose blog post content as Instagram captions.

6. Use Appropriate Hashtags

The usage of hashtags is nearly always part of the arrangement for travel Instagrammers recruited for sponsored travel ads. It means that we must use that exact hashtag associated with the trip promotion in every post we make about it.

When it comes to getting your content discovered and landing on the explore page, hashtags can help. Instagram may use the hashtag to find people who aren’t following you but are interested in your topic. To put it another way, if you use hashtags correctly, you could earn a lot more followers.

So, whether you use hashtags in your feed posts or stories, your material will likely gain a new audience you’ve never reached before or you can just contact IGInstant for more help!

7. Gain Followers

Getting more followers is a must for any successful travel blogger. There are many ways to do so, but one option is to just buy followers.

Buying followers is a popular marketing technique used by businesses and influencers. It can be beneficial for businesses and individuals to instantly build credibility and gain popularity on the Instagram platform. Buying followers can provide various advantages, including:

  • Building trust on Instagram – Having a high follower count gives social proof that you can be trusted as an authority in your field. As your following grows, so does your reputation as a credible source of information.
  • Growing brand awareness – Purchasing followers helps create greater exposure for brands, allowing them to reach more people quickly and easily than they could with organic methods alone. It also enables them to target potential audiences who may not have heard of the company before.
  • Increasing engagement – Increasing the size of your audience makes it easier to receive higher levels of engagement with posts, comments, likes and shares; boosting visibility and ensuring that more people see your content—bringing in potential customers or subscribers in the process.
  • Improving SEO – Having a high number of Instagram followers helps boost search engine optimization rankings, helping posts appear higher up in search results pages which can reach new audiences and generate even more interest in the account—and potentially convert into sales or newsletter subscribers.


To better understand how buying followers works, here is a step-by-step process for doing so:

  1. Research providers – To get started, begin researching various providers like Gatherxp who offer packages for purchasing Instagram followers. Make sure the provider has good reviews and ratings and understand what kind of customer service they offer if needed.
  2. Choose a package – There are many providers who offer different-size packages designed for different needs. Depending on your goals, make sure you choose the right one that fits your budget and needs best.
  3. Determine payment options – Once you have settled upon a provider and package size most suitable for you, determine what payment methods they accept such as PayPal or credit/debit cards.
  4. Complete purchase process – Now all that’s left to do is complete the purchase process by providing necessary payment details such as credit/debit card information or signing into PayPal before pushing ‘Confirm’ to complete the transaction!


Instagram allows you to travel while earning money. It’s a dream come true for many travelers to be able to pursue their passion for travel while also being compensated for doing so.

It is entirely possible but achieving the lifestyle of traveling the world while being compensated demands a great deal of effort, consistency, and dedication.

It’s also worth mentioning that company success necessitates a certain level of professionalism. In addition to creating content, travel influencers must learn how to pitch and negotiate compensated Instagram sponsorships — it’s all part of the game!

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