8 Tips & Basics for Writing and Promoting Your Travel Blog

You can start a travel blog or anything you want but what if you do not know what to write? If you are clueless about what to write, you won’t be able to do anything. Therefore, having an idea is more important. This will help you gather information. Moreover, you will be able to write better content. And then it comes to promoting your blog.

In addition to this, writing a blog won’t be of any benefit to you if you are not getting any views. Therefore, your viewers and followers are also quite important. Even if your writing is super good but you lack followers, you will soon start to feel demotivated. Consequently, your passion for writing will also go down.

So what will you do then?

You can visit this page and learn how to get to number 1 on Google. Furthermore, you can learn why backlinks and blog posts fail to reach the top. So you are going to learn about search engine optimization. This is the most important thing that you need to learn about writing.

You can only reach the top when others know what you are doing. If no one knows about your work, how will they appreciate it? And you can do so with the help of SEO.

And here are some tips that will help you with your blog.

1. Finding the topic of your interest


Writing your first blog won’t be an easy job. You will need a topic on which you will write about. So writing about your first holiday would be a good choice. If you had your first trip a long time ago, there will be many sweet reminiscences. So if there is something about that trip with you, it will bring back a lot of memories. Thus, the memories in your mind and heart will let you feel happy.

So if you are blank about where to start, you should give it a go.

2. Writing about your city

Another idea for starters is to start by writing about your city. This would be a good option if you live somewhere with a lot of tourist attractions. For example, you have been living in London or Los Angeles for a long time. They are two of the hottest places for tourists to visit. Therefore, you will see people from all over the world.

And if you have been living there for a really long time, it will be easy for you to write about the hotspots. You can write about the popular events of every season. Likewise, you can tell others what is the best time to visit. Because during the hottest times, there are a lot of tourists. Thus, it will be difficult to find a place to stay. Or you will need to book your residence in advance.

For this topic, you will have a lot of material to write about.

3. Your next holiday destination

This is another interesting topic to write about. If there is a place you have visited and you would like to travel to again, you can write about it. You will have a lot of material to write about. Furthermore, you had good memories there. That is why you will be able to persuade your readers to visit that place. Your happiness will be visible in your writing and the readers will be able to feel that joy too.

4. Share your blog with your friends and family members


You can get your first few followers from your close friends and relatives. So if you have written your first blog, share it with your close ones. Ask them to give it a read and also promote it however they can. Thus, it will be a good start for you.

Furthermore, you can ask them about suggestions and mistakes. If they find something that should not be in the blog, they should let you know. Likewise, they can also share some suggestions.

Writing the first blog will be a bit difficult. But later, you will get ideas from your readers. If someone wants you to write about someplace, you will be able to do so.

5. Use social media

Social media has changed how we look at things. It has made things accessible for everyone. If anyone is looking for something, they are highly likely to look for it on their social media accounts.

Moreover, you already have a lot of followers and friends on your accounts. Therefore, you won’t need to make a lot of effort to promote it. Share your blog on your accounts and it will be a free advertisement. Furthermore, you can share your blog URL on your social media channels. So if someone is interested in learning more about you, they will have a place to go.

6. Consistency is the key

You should know that consistency is the key to winning. Therefore, you should choose the day and time of sharing your blog. If you consistently post on the same day at the same time, your followers will know it. Therefore, they will always be waiting for your post at that time. This is a good way of keeping your readers.

7. Allow sharing of your posts


You should allow social buttons on your blog posts. This will let readers share your content on their accounts. So if someone really likes your content and wishes for others to know about it too, they will share it. This will be a sort of free advertisement for you. So why not make use of it?

8. Using SEO

All these were just tips to help you take a start. However, the most important thing regarding promotions is SEO. Your content must contain important keywords for others to find out about you. If you are writing about the London trip but haven’t used the word London more than once, it won’t be good for your blog. So, you need to know the basics of SEO at least.

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