Do Dogs Like Wearing Dog Clothes

The content that we see on the internet of people dressing their dogs in funny outfits makes us consider doing that as well. In some scenarios, the clothes for dogs are a requirement that is important for their health. To find a balance, it is important to understand whether dogs enjoy being dressed or not so much.

Since every canine is different, it depends on the signs that your dog shows to you. Usually, canines do not mind being dressed since they connect that with the walks that follow. However, you need to ensure yourself about the quality of the clothing, and the fitment as well.

To show you in detail whether dogs like wearing clothes and when is the right time to do that, we have made this article. In addition, you will be able to learn how to select the right clothing for your dog, so you prevent certain problems.

Does your dog like wearing clothes


Dogs are adaptable animals that can do everything with proper training. When it comes to clothing, there is no direct preference on whether dogs like it or not. Every pooch is different, and it all depends on its characteristics and temperament.

Various signs indicate whether your dog likes wearing clothes. If you notice that your dog likes being dressed up, with dances and a wiggling tail, it is great. However, if your dog becomes anxious, and it ruins their mood as soon as you put clothes on them, you should look for solutions.

In addition, you should look for signs if they try to take their clothes off, their manner becomes depressive, or in the opposite, they can show aggression. Keep in mind that this rarely happens, since in general dogs like wearing clothes because of the attention that brings them.

When should you put clothes on your pup?


You should be only dressing your pup whenever there is a strong indication for it. Since they are not meant to wear clothes at all times, you should use the clothes wisely, otherwise, your dog might begin rejecting them.

If your canine has short hair, or it is of a muscular type

As it is already known, the length of the hair is important for the thermoregulation of the canines. In case your race has shorth hair, the cold weather can affect your dog’s health, so clothing is required. In addition, if your canine is on the learner spectrum, the cold affects them as well, since there is no fatty tissue to protect them.

Make sure that you don’t force the clothing on your dog, and do it only if it is okay with it. If your dog does not enjoy wearing clothes, try out some other options that don’t restrict their movement as much.

When your pup is becoming old

Older pups are being more prone to weather changes since they cannot regulate their temperature as much as the younger ones. The same rules apply to short-haired and leaner dogs.

If your pup cannot handle the cold, you will have to find other ways to keep them active. For example, you should combine more frequent walks with a shorter duration.

If your pup has problems with their skin

Skin problems are not something to be played with, since they can lead to serious health issues if they are not treated properly. For that reason, you can cover the places where the condition is located both with gauzes and clothing to look better. This will prevent additional inflammation, so your pup can play freely. Pay attention so the clothing is comfortable, and that the material does not cause additional skin problems.

When the weather conditions oblige us to

Clothing is usually reserved for the colder months when pups cannot handle the temperatures. For that reason, if you want to dress your canine with something cute, make sure you do it while the weather is cold.

For occasions that are happening during the summer, make sure the clothing is light so it doesn’t cause overheating.

How to select the right clothing


The most important process for dog clothes is the selection of the proper pieces. With so many options, it is easy to make a mistake. For that reason, we have prepared a small guide with the things you need to consider before you purchase the piece.

Keep in mind to shop dog accessories at established stores, so you can be sure about the quality as suggested by In addition, most of these stores have precise parameters of the sizing, so you don’t need to worry about getting something tight.

Understand the purpose

When choosing the proper clothing, you need to understand what you need it for. For example, if it is meant for the colder periods, it needs to be thicker and heavier while still being comfortable on your pup.

In case you need them for fashion and social media posts, you should look for lightweight materials. In case you need it for rainy periods, some coats can be easily clipped on.

Get the right fitment

The fitment is the most important thing when choosing clothes for your pup. This means that the pieces must not be restrictive of the movements. Most importantly, they must not be tight around their neck to prevent suffocation.

Look at the materials


The quality of the materials is something that you need to pay attention to. Since this market is not regulated well, the clothes come with various materials that can cause harm to your pup. That is why it is important to purchase only in established stores that have proven their quality over time.

The materials that you should be looking for are mainly cotton products or waterproof materials for coats.

Easiness of putting it on

Good canine clothing means that it is comfortable for the pup, but easy for you to put on them as well. By getting pieces that are easy to put on, you are saving time, and your pup will not get frustrated with the process of trying to dress them up.


Lastly, the thing that is most important for the owners is the looks of the clothes. There are various options that you can explore and even customizable options where a picture of your choice can be printed over their material. Try out popping colors to make the outfit more interesting, and don’t forget to snap a picture.

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