What Types Of Clothes Should You Wear During Your Summer Vacation?

It is well known that we should pay special attention during summer to the materials from which the clothes are sewn and avoid fabrics in which the skin does not breathe. However, it is often difficult to resist a cute and chic outfit, even though you know it is going to be extremely hot & uncomfortable once you put it on. Nonetheless, there are several items of clothing that you should avoid wearing throughout your summer vacation, regardless of how attractive they may appear. Keep reading and see what types of clothes should you wear during your summer vacation that will make you look chic while staying comfortable!

Top 11 types of clothes you should wear during your summer vacation


Before listing the types of clothes that you should wear in summer, it is important to bear in mind that the clothes you wear are made of fabrics like cotton, linen, or viscose since these help your body breathe during high temperatures. Besides, avoid wearing darker colors and choose the lighter ones instead to repel the sun. Now, let’s list the types of clothes you should wear in summer!

1. Hat

Hats are back and are now an essential part of anyone’s summer vacation. Not only do they protect you from the sun, but they also look fashionable! You can choose now among a thousand types of designs, colors, as well as different shapes to style them with your daily outfits. And if you want to add a bit of flair to your hats, you can even pair them with some contemporary enamel pins or a fun bandana. Pins can come in a range of designs and shapes, like animals, plants, and even pop culture icons.

2. Cotton/linen shirts


Like it has been already mentioned, these materials are the best option for summer. If you also find it in a bright color, like white, turquoise, or light blue, that’s another plus point! Because they are composed of natural materials, these shirts not only absorb sweat but also allow your skin to breathe.

3. Loosey A-line cut skirts

When the temperatures are high, and you’re sweating like crazy, you don’t want tight clothes against your body. On the contrary, you want to wear something to make those temperatures bearable, and that’s why loosey skirts are the right option. Looser clothes make you feel cooler when it’s hot outside, creating air between the clothes and your skin.

4. Sleeveless or short sleeves shirts/dresses

During summer, we just want to have as few clothes as possible. Thus, it’s good to consider sleeveless or short sleeves shirts and dresses. If you don’t feel comfortable showing off your skin too much, then puff-sleeve shirts and dresses are just right for you and are a trend, as well.

5. One-piece swimsuit


A swimsuit is an essential part of anybody’s summer vacation. In this case, a one-piece swimsuit is a good option when you don’t want to bring extra items with you, but want to grab lunch in a nearby restaurant (which, by the way, won’t let you sit there in your swimsuit). Don’t worry! Just put on shorts, and voila! Now, I’m sure they will let you in!

6. Loose-cut pants

You should avoid wearing pants during summer (because you’re just going to be hotter), but if there is no other option, then go with loose-cut pants. The best option would be to choose the linen ones since they create airflow, which makes it cooler during hot summer days, and letting your skin breathe.

7. Shorts

Shorts were a long time ago worn only by sportsmen, but are now the main item that is found in our summer vacation clothes. The best option among different cuts and designs is the one that covers thighs. This is crucial because when legs brush against each other, friction is created, which can cause skin irritation.

8. Sandals and slippers


Just like you want every part of your skin breathable, you shouldn’t forget about your feet either. Forget about wearing closed-toe shoes during summer and start thinking about wearing sandals. Let your body be free, and let it feel the air! Besides, wearing closed-toe shoes and sneakers too often in summer can create a lot of moisture, which further leads to creating fungi, and that’s definitely something you don’t want!

9. Cover-ups

When you’re planning on having lunch in a restaurant by the beach, you know it’s not polite to sit there in your swimsuit. If you can’t be bothered to change your clothes just know that cover-ups are a great idea for these kinds of occasions. Wearing it, plus a hat and slippers, and voila! You have just made yourself ready to have a lovely lunch!

10. Jumpsuits

Even though they can be tricky when it’s time to go to the restroom, they have gained popularity among women all around the globe. Light colors and natural materials are a winning combination incorporated in a single jumpsuit! Whether you like short, midi, or long ones, I’m sure they will find their way to your closet!

11. Linen dresses


Whenever in doubt of not knowing what to wear, always choose a dress. Long, midi, short, sleeveless, A-cut line, or any other, a dress is always a good idea for summer vacation. But, if you’re looking for the best choice, then you should consider linen dresses. You will be super comfortable! Whatever your preference is, I believe you will find a suitable one for you!

Time to look your best!

Summer brings a lot of challenges when it comes to outfits & our fashionable approach. Fabrics and colors, as previously said, should be among the most essential factors in determining your summer style. You should avoid materials that increase sweating and make you feel uncomfortable, like nylon or leather. When wearing clothes made of these materials, your skin can become irritated, and that’s probably the last thing you want to deal with during high heat, right?! Whatever you decide to wear when on summer vacation, never forget to put on sunscreen and protect your skin from the sun, and don’t forget to have a blast!

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