The Top 10 Drought Tolerant Plants You Can Buy for your Conservatory

The weather continues to get warmer with every passing year as a result of global warming. Amid the surging temperature, it becomes imperative to look for plants that can sustain the conditions of drought with ease. 

Konservatory knows the struggles of keeping healthy plants, especially in these climates and is here to bring you the ultimate guide.

These plants will not only help in saving water but they will also enhance the beauty of your home. It is worth mentioning that drought-tolerant plants can effectively cope with extremely hot conditions or a hosepipe ban. 

Interestingly, drought-resistant plants can adapt to dry conditions effortlessly. However, when you purchase them, it is significant to water them, in the beginning, to assist them to build a strong root system. 

These drought-tolerant plants will continue to enthrall you and your loved ones in hot and dry weather. With these plants, you need not worry about frequent watering. Together with the help of The Local Tree Experts, get them at the earliest to make your home beautiful and awe-inspiring.

At the same time, you must ensure that you do not over-fertilize them. Drainage is also equally significant for these plants. In case you have got heavy clay soil, create an elevated bed so that they get the ideal conditions for growth. If you are trying to find out what are best plants for a conservatory, here are some drought-tolerant plants that you may think of buying:  

1. Verbena Rigida and Verbena Bonariensis

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The plant looks magnificent and can significantly boost the appearance of your home. Verbena Rigida and Verbena Bonariensis have become the perfect example of drought-tolerant plants. 

They have become immensely popular perennials that are equipped with petite bunches of fragrant purple flowers. The flowers last throughout the summer and autumn season. 

Verbena has got strong nectar and therefore it can also attract colorful butterflies as well. The sight may appear pleasing to your eyes. The plant has the capacity of reaching a height of up to 60 cm. 

It can exist easily in a properly drained, reasonably fertile soil, and in a sunny position. 

It is worth noting that you will not require any pruning with Verbena Rigida. However, you may have to chop down Verbena Bonariensis in spring and in autumn otherwise it can quickly take over the room. 

2. Blue Spire Perovskia atriplicifolia

Just like its name, the tiny plant grows stunning violet-blue flowers, especially in late summer and autumn. 

It has beautiful grey leaves that produce amazing aroma. The aroma of the plants will leave you and your friends spellbound. 

The plant can grow up to a height of 1.5 meters and can sustain the conditions of full sun. All it requires is a well-drained soil for ideal and healthy growth. 

You need to prune the plant in the spring season so that you can get a good flowering demonstration in the months to come.  

3. Salvia jamensis

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It has emerged as one of the most powerful plants that can resist extreme weather conditions like a warrior. 

The variety has gained huge popularity as it produces groups of exquisite red and white flowers. The flowers continue to grow from the month of July to October. 

The moment you touch the leaves of the plant, you will get a good aroma. The plant is quite easy to grow. It also attracts butterflies as a result of its strong nectar. 

It can sustain in ordinary, effectively-drained soil. As it is a drought-resistant plant, it can apparently face the sun without many difficulties. 

You need to ensure that you protect it from excessively cold winds and has the capacity of growing till the height of 1 meter. 

You need to prune it lightly, especially in the spring season to eliminate the dead growth and you will need to remove the mulch roots of the plant in the autumn season in colder regions.

4. Wormwood

The plant is popularly known as Artemisia Powis Castle. It is a shrubby everlasting plant. 

It creates an attractive flowing mound of soft and silver long-lasting greenery. and provides an eye-catching contrast to the usual greenery in your backyard. 

You can plant it in any sunny area of your home but you need to offer it a good shelter from the cold wave blowing in winter months. 

The plant can grow till 1 meter in length. You may trim it in the spring season to maintain its beauty and compactness.  

5. French lavender

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Also known as Lavandula stoechas, the plant will leave you in awe because of its beauty. 

Interestingly, all the lavender plants can easily sustain harsh summer months with significant ease. The plant will leave your family and friends amazed by its beautiful thick spikes of purple flowers. 

On the top side of the flowers, you will notice violet bracts with slight red purplish veins. The plant requires the least maintenance and will flower in late spring and the flowers last till the month of August. 

It has also emerged as a favorite of butterflies. The plant’s grey-green and perennial foliage has a great fragrance. It may struggle in the months of severe winters so it may be best to remove it from the conservatory during this time.

It may grow to a length of 1 meter. You may trim it lightly as it does not require much heavy pruning.  

6. Stonecrop

The plant can grow in a robust manner in the scorching summer months. The drought-tolerant plant looks absolutely stunning and can raise the elegance of your conservatory furniture and home. 

The plant is popular for storing water in its leaf structure and the waxy leaf coating of the plant can easily avert the water from escaping. 

The plant flourishes in an excellent manner in the blazing afternoon or partial shade. You may use the plant for both beds and borders in your garden too.

You may also grow it in pots and planters to enhance the beauty of your balcony or rooms. As far as its maintenance is concerned, you need to keep the weeds at bay so that it can maintain its normal growth. 

You may prune it intermittently to receive fresh growth that will enhance its beauty. 

7. Limestone houseleek

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The plant is also famous for its other name Sempervivum calcareum. 

The easy-to-maintain plant is evergreen and looks stunning on your balcony or bedroom and especially in your conservatory. 

The plant has got beautiful ringlets of geometric pointed blue-green leaves with red tips. Limestone houseleek produces spikes of light pinkish flowers from the month of June to August. 

The drought-resistant plant can grow without much care. It looks stunning in pots, gravel gardens, and rock gardens of your abode. 

The plant can withstand harsh summer months and can be grown in well-drained soil.  

8. Cabbage palm

The plant is commonly called cordyline australis, cabbage palm or cabbage tree. 

The plant appears to be elegant throughout the year and can significantly enhance the beauty of coastal gardens especially in bigger pots of borders. 

The plant is also termed as an architectural plant and produces green leaves. 

Cabbage palm produces petite and fragrant flowers during the month of July to August. The pleasing smell of the plant’s flowers will leave you mesmerized and refreshed. 

You can grow the plant in sunny spots or partially shaded areas. You need to offer it good protection from chilly winds. When it comes to its care, you need to keep the plant warm in the months of winter. 

You may think of wrapping the pots with attractive fleece or bubble wrap. If you grow the plant in the ground, it may get damaged during extreme winter months. 

However, you need not worry about it. Because when the weather conditions become ideal for it, the plant will yet again grow from its base.  

9. Pink rock rose

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The ideal condition for the fast growth of the plant is summer. This stunning plant will not only be pleasing to your eyes but has also emerged as one of the best plants for a conservatory. 

The plant will catch the attention of anyone and become your neighbor’s envy with its beauty. 

The rock rose is a petite plant and produces wavy-edged leaves and is usually covered in stunning purple-rose flowers with yellow stamens. 

It is appropriate for a coastal garden and comes from the eastern Mediterranean. 

You need to ensure its safety from cold winds blowing in the month of winters. You need to plant it in full sun. It can grow till 1m in length.  

10. Kaleidoscope

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The small yet colorful plant will fill your entire garden with an amazing fragrance. Butterflies will also love the smell of the plant’s flower. 

The leaves are effervescent yellow and appear green in spring, while the color will change to deep green and creamy gold in the summer and orange, yellow, and slightly reddish in the month of autumn. 

It looks stunning throughout the year. During the month of August to October, it will produce fragrant pink and white flowers. You must trim it lightly in the spring month to allow robust growth.   


The above listed ten plants will enhance the beauty of your home. So when you begin to search what plants are best for a conservatory, the list of the above-discussed plants can be your answer. 

These varied plants will also gel well with your conservatory furniture and offer you the comfort that you desire and deserve. You will not only get fresh air but if you lead a busy schedule, these plants will save your precious time as they need less maintenance and you don’t need to water them frequently. 

These drought-tolerant plants will continue to enthrall you and your loved ones in hot and dry weather. With these plants, you need not worry about frequent watering. So, get them at the earliest to make your home beautiful and awe-inspiring.  

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