Ecofriendly Vehicles – Why your Next Car Purchase should be an Electric Vehicle?

After a century of fossil fuel-powered transportation, it is finally time to bid adieu to internal combustion and adopt the next new technology. Contrary to popular belief, electric cars have been around just as long as IC cars, with the first one, introduced back in the 1800s which used a lead-acid battery. But due to the limited battery technology of the time and the easy availability of fossil fuels, electric cars quickly died out as little to no research was done to improve them. But now electric cars are making a comeback and are here to stay.

Modern advances in battery technology and the interest in alternate fuel sources have skyrocketed electric cars, quickly becoming the most popular alternate source. Modern electric cars provide a comparable range to IC cars and can be charged up in under an hour, making them a lot easier to live with. They also offer plenty of performance and can leave IC cars in the dust thanks to powerful motor setups and high voltage battery packs.

With new environmental policies in place, several countries have already set a deadline for engine IC car sales as early as 2025. Opting for an electric car will also help reduce pollution and protect the environment, with a predicted reduction in carbon emissions by a massive 3 tons every year. Improved solid-state batteries are already being researched, and are expected to become mainstream by 2025, improving both range and performance while significantly reducing charging time.

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

IC cars have come a long way, with modern examples like the 2024 Honda Civic and 2024 Volkswagen Atlas offering plenty of performance while still being efficient and producing lower emissions. Unfortunately, IC cars are at the end of their life cycle with several manufacturers moving on to electric cars, and completely stopping IC engine development. We can expect electric versions of compact cars like the Honda Civic and SUVs like the Volkswagen Atlas soon, as batteries get cheaper and better.

If you’re still not convinced, here are several reasons why you should consider an electric car for your next purchase. CarIndigo platform will always helps you in purchasing electric cars.

Uncertain future for IC cars

With several countries planning on completely banning IC car sales, they face an uncertain future. Increasing fuel costs further add to the issue. With all these restrictions in place, there is no telling when IC cars will plummet in value as electric cars take over.

Cheaper to maintain and run

Electric cars require minimal maintenance as they contain a significantly lower amount of moving parts compared to a traditional IC car. Most electric motors are also simple devices that can last a long while with minimum maintenance.

Source: businessjournaldaily.com

Because of this, electric cars will have longer maintenance intervals and can also be improved with software updates, making them more efficient. Most service visits will only include a coolant service and brake pads instead of engine oil, transmission fluid, and more.

Electric cars will also last a lot longer because of the low amount of parts used compared to IC cars.

Electricity is also significantly cheaper compared to gas, making electric car ownership light on the pocket.

Reduced emissions and cleaner air

Because electric cars use a battery as their energy source, no fuel is burned, reducing overall emissions. This will also help reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the number of harmful gasses being released into the air. Several cities are already facing alarming levels of smog due to pollution, which can be reduced by adopting cleaner electric cars.

Easier charging

Electric cars can be charged at home, saving time by avoiding gas station trips. It is also more convenient as most users can charge cars overnight, with a full battery available in the morning for commuting. Electric cars will also reduce the dependency on oil, which in turn reduces oil imports, reducing dependence on foreign nations.

Source: epha.org


Unlike IC cars which lose most of their energy as heat, electric cars are a lot more efficient as energy is directly transferred from the battery to the electric motor with minimal losses. Agreed, there are some really fuel-efficient IC cars, but they simply cannot compete against EV’s in terms of cost per mile.

Government incentives

For increasing electric car adoption, most governments are providing several incentives to electric car buyers, reducing overall purchase cost. Incentives such as tax rebates and more are offered depending on the government.


Because electricity is a renewable resource, especially when sourced from clean sources like hydroelectric, solar, or wind. Various countries can also avoid oil dependency.

Surprisingly fun to drive

Because of the instant availability of power thanks to the electric motor, electric cars can be a lot of fun to drive, especially with the higher power models. The motor also provides quick response and comes with plenty of features compared to regular IC cars.

Source: driving.co.uk

An expected rise in prices

After the initial years of electric cars, we can expect prices to shoot up, with little to no government incentives to help. Buying an electric car now will offer a lot more value compared to years later when they become the norm.

Plenty of options to choose from

Several electric cars have been launched recently, with plenty of options for every budget range. Cheap city runabouts like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt will be perfect for inter-city travel and daily commutes, while there are plenty of luxury options like the Tesla Model S also available. Plenty of performance-oriented models are also available like the Porsche Taycan which can beat some powerful IC supercars.
Quieter and comfortable drive

Unlike IC cars, electric cars are very silent with minimal vibrations. As a result, NVH levels are excellent which helps in a relaxed drive. The quieter drive will also lower fatigue levels, resulting in a relaxed and stress-free drive. Electric cars are also very easy to operate thanks to the simple drivetrain.

Because of the lower center of gravity and balanced weight distribution, the handling is also effortless.

Healthier life

Owning an electric car will reduce the number of harmful gases, reducing exhaust emissions. This will improve overall air quality, leading to fewer health problems and also reducing noise pollution.

Source: envibrary.com

Cheaper energy

Because oil prices are controlled by a select group of countries, going electric will reduce dependency on oil and move towards renewable energy sources which will allow cheaper production. Transportation is also considerably lower for electricity compared to oil.

Better than hybrids

Even though hybrids offer very good efficiency, it is still not comparable to electric cars. Hybrids also use a very complicated drivetrain which includes a lot more parts compared to electric, making them a lot harder to maintain.

Improving infrastructure

As more and more people adopt electric cars, a lot more charging stations will be implemented, attracting even more customers. Plenty of charge points are already available both in and around the main cities for convenient charging.

Considering all these points, electric cars are the better option when looking for your next car. Technologies like solid-state batteries will significantly improve the ownership experience, making electric cars the only way forward especially in the coming decades.

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