How Long Can You Expect a Tesla Car to Last

It is not a secret that the vehicle that we use is like a member of the family. In most cases, people decide on purchasing cars. There are many reasons why they are choosing this vehicle. Imagine that the entire family has only one motorbike. Will you have the chance to travel somewhere? Can you bring a bit more stuff with you while driving the motorbike? Motorbikes are a practical tool only for city rides. If you plan to go anywhere outside of town, you will need to take a car.

Car is a great vehicle for every purpose. There are many reasons why we say it is like a member of the family. We are constantly doing something around it. There is always a part that we would like to add or replace. Despite that, it is necessary because of our security that we constantly maintain the vehicle that we drive. Because of all these things, we become emotionally connected with our car. It doesn’t matter if it is old 1 or 10 years. When you pass a lot of kilometers together with it, these things do not matter to you at all.

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Anyway, purchasing a new car is a tough challenge. This especially counts when we talk about first-time drivers. For instance, parents want to buy a new car for their child. Logically, they want to ensure the best possible one. They are not doing that to impress their kid only. It is equally important that they are safe while driving it.

However, the budget of many families is limited and they need to be careful when choosing a new car. There are ways to gather more money and buy a new one that will fully satisfy your needs. For example, if you have an old car, you can sell it to certain companies. If this seems like a good way to get some money, you should check and see which options you have. We believe it one of the fastest ways to get some cash from your junk car.

One of the brands that we would want to analyze here is – Tesla. It is difficult to say exactly how long the Tesla car is going to last. Yet, there are some pieces of information that might give us approximate durability.

It Also Depends on You

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Before we start with sharing certain pieces of information, there is one thing that we have to say. The durability of your Tesla car also depends on you. You need to act responsibly and take care of your car. This doesn’t mean that you need to clean it actively. You also need to check at least once in three months if everything with your car is okay. See if there are some parts that you can upgrade to boost the effectiveness of your car.
Okay, now when we said a very important thing, let’s get to the point.

The Electric Drivetrain

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Well, there is one thing that we need to say about electric cars. They truly have less moving parts comparing to the “traditional” ones. This especially counts when we talk about the Tesla models. The engine that you can find in an ICE car does not exist. Despite that, the motors of BEVs do not require “constant” attention. This is probably the main difference between these and ICEs.

Logically, as we said, some sort of maintenance is surely necessary. Yet, it seems that intervals are less than for ICE cars.

Despite everything, the good thing is that neglecting the electric motors will have the same negative long-term effect. There is no oil that you will have to replace when you cross more than 40 thousand kilometers.
Finally, electric motors will last longer compared to engine and transmission because of the lack of moving parts.

Changing Parts

Well, nothing is going to last forever. Because of that, you need to be aware that changing parts will happen sooner or later. The electric engines as well have their limits when we talk about durability. It might happen that you won’t change them often as usual, but it is good to be prepared for that.

Changing or replacing car parts on Ice car is not a difficult thing. Okay, it might be difficult for you if you are not familiar with that. However, finding someone who will do that and finding those parts is easy. Yet, it seems that things are even easier when we talk about Tesla’s models. The first advantage that we have to highlight is the accessibility of motors and batteries. Yet, that is not it. There is one thing that can reduce your costs. The electric motors have similar dimensions which are great news for Tesla car owners. They can put different types of motors in the vehicle if the one they need is too expensive for them. Logically, you will have to find an expert that will know how to do this.


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Well, the durability of the battery is worth discussing. Yet, this is truly the factor that depends a lot on you. You need to treat it well if you plan to use it for a longer time. For instance, charging cars is a bit longer and you will have to do it every day. However, you mustn’t rush. Always charge it up to “full” because stopping the recharging process reduces the quality of the battery.

Anyway, it is hard to say how much you can pass until you have to change the battery. If you take care of the battery, you can potentially pass 500 thousand kilometers. Yet, the worst-case scenario is around 100 kilometers of driving.
Still, the good thing is that changing the battery will expend the durability of your car. Indeed, it might be expensive because it is the most important part of the electric car. However, Tesla’s batteries are good and they will truly satisfy you.


We have come to an end it is the time to make some conclusions. People that want to buy Tesla cars can relax. They will last long for sure. Whichever answer we give you might be a lie. However, be sure that this is a long-term solution.

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