7 Best European Campervan Travel Destinations to Consider In 2024

An old continent is a place where you can find numerous exciting places where you can spend a holiday. Those who have traveled here know just how hard it can be to find the right place for a simple reason. There are more of them to choose from, and each of them is nothing short of exceptional.

Therefore, you would need to use some sort of filter to make this choice more simple. For instance, if you are interested in having campervan travel, then choices can get significantly more narrow. Besides that, you will need to limit yourselves to a certain region. When you do that, you can choose from several countries.

It all depends on what kind of setting you want. Sure, someone would argue that you can argue a certain setting in different countries. However, we feel that this is an important step. Now, let’s show you our list of the best European campervan travel destinations you can check out in 2024. Let’s begin.

1. Braga, Portugal


We would like to start from the Western part of the continent and Portugal. If you take a look at the map and you pay close attention to the terrain of this country, you will see that it all the requirements for its visitors to have a great holiday, both the seaside and mountains. The best city to visit in Braga.

It is located in the northern part of the country and the city itself is covered with mountains. You can choose from numerous places where you can visit with your campervan and have a great time. If you need a place where you can rent a campervan in this country, visit

2. Catalonia, Spain


Catalonia is one of the most beautiful parts of Spain. The whole region is filled with numerous beautiful spots where you can set a campfire and enjoy. When it comes to the exact location we think is the best in this region, believe us, this is rather hard to determine since there are so many of them to choose from.

However, we would say that you should stance yourself in Barcelona and then seek the place you want to visit. Thankfully, this is a touristic region, and you will have no problems finding someone who can provide you with some tips on the places you should take into consideration, like Port Massaluca

3. Latsch, Italy


Italy is widely known as a place rich with culture and a great seaside. However, we believe that the northern part is usually overlooked when it comes to tourism. It is filled with beautiful places, usually mountains and long rivers. For instance, a great place for campervan travel in Latsch.

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, we are talking about a campsite that’s located near the borders of Switzerland. For those who don’t know, this border is located in the Alps. It is more than higher than 600 meters above sea level and is located on a beautiful river, Etsch.

4. Fannefjorden, Norway


The west coast of Norway is filled with numerous campsites where millions of tourists from all over the globe come every year. Probably the most popular one, and we think the most beautiful, is Fannefjorden. The site is located near the city of Molde. Here, you can find all the things you need.

You have two options to choose from, you can either book a room or you can come with your campervan. Locals are friendly and open to sharing all the stories about this region of Norway with you. You can be sure that there are more than just a few stories you can hear about this place.

5. Bavaria, Germany


Bavaria, the northern-east part of Germany, is a region where you can find some exciting places to visit. Naturally, the first one that comes to mind is visiting Bavarian Alps, which are filled with beautiful lakes, like Hopfensee where you can spend some quality time. There are numerous activities you can participate in.

Probably the most interesting one is going to on-site saunas or steam baths. Besides that, you can engage in some, let’s say, more common activities like swimming, cycling, or hiking. The last one is nothing short of exceptional because of the landscape you can see in this part of Germany.

6. Bot-Conan, France


The coast of France is one of the most beautiful ones you will find on the old continent. We want to focus on the region known as Bretagne, and a place known as Bot-Conan lodge. As is the case with Fannerfjorden, you have chances of either renting a tent or going with your campervan.

When you decide how to accommodate yourself, then you can have peace of mind by engaging in numerous activities. You can play some tennis or golf, or you can go diving. No matter what activity you opt for, have in mind that you will have a beautiful landscape of France’s coast in front of you.

7. Blavand, Denmark

The last place we want to discuss is Blavand, Denmark. The reason why we feel this is the best place in the whole of Denmark is that it is located on the shores of the North Sea. Right near the sand beaches, you can find numerous hills and mountains where you can set up your camp.

The beach itself is more than 40km long, which leaves you with numerous spots to choose from. Naturally, this is an organized campsite, so you cannot place your campervan wherever you want. Still, you will have more than just a couple of them at your disposal. Blavand is a great place to visit, you can be sure of that.


When you start planning future camping, choosing the right place can be quite challenging. Here, you can take a look at the most beautiful spots on the old continent, Europe. We don’t doubt this list of ours will be of great help to those who are still not certain about the place they want to visit.

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