5 Must-Visit Destinations in Arizona for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Among all beverages with alcohol, beer has somehow emerged as the most popular. Regardless of whether it is because of the rich history that beer has or that almost every country has some world-known brand of beer, there is something about that unique feeling when you drink a beer with your friends that cannot be compared to anything else.

Now, there are many types of beer, and craft beer is becoming more and more popular, with local breweries gaining more and more trust. That is why we have created a list of the top five must-visit breweries in Sedona az as this region surely has so many things to offer beer-wise.

1. Lochiel Brewing


You should never change things that are good, and the same is with the great recipes for beers that can be found in Lochiel Brewing. This place is something every enthusiast must visit because some of the recipes are more than 300 years old and have never been changed. Besides that, this family brewery is run by the ninth generation, so if you want to learn more about the tradition, it is the right place for you.

It really has it all and has something to offer to everyone, and even those not that fond of craft beer will definitely find at least several things amusing and will have a great time. One of the things to keep in mind is that the owner is deaf, but it does not mean you need to know sign language to make an order, as he is able to read the order from your lips without any problem. Overall, just relax and enjoy this famous route and be prepared to be amazed at all the things this place has to offer.

2. Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.


Many people love to experience the wilderness of the woods and enjoy a cold beer in nature, and this brewery surely is the right place for those who want to experience something different. Although the first thought when someone mentions Arizona is desert, this place shows a different side of this beautiful state and allows us to enjoy the outdoors and connect with our inner lumberjacks. Yes, this might sound confusing at first, but the ambiance of this place, along with the rich history and the beer-making process, will definitely move you and leave you in awe.

It is difficult to recommend some of the beers because each of them is special and worth trying, but for those who plan to visit in February, the best choice is American Presidential Stout. However, if you plan to check this place out at some other period of the year, there is no need to despair because there is always something unique to try. The whole experience would not be complete without trying amazing food served in a unique way that fits into the theme perfectly, which just adds something special to an already unique experience.

3. Tombstone Brewing Company


Now, this place is something that has to be on every must-visit list craft beer vise, and in addition, the rich and even spooky history of this region also makes it a one-of-a-kind experience. The offer of beers here is vast, and trying local beers should definitely be something that every beer enthusiast seeks, and there is no better place to do so than here.

Even if one cannot make a decision regarding which beer to try, the bartenders will be of much help, and by listening to your preferences, they will make your choice much easier as they will recommend a few that are simply a must. The price is yet another thing that many folks who have visited it highlights, as the beers are not at all pricey, meaning that worrying about the cash and which beer to try shouldn’t be an issue here.

4. Bone Haus Brewing


Traveling across the state is one of the best ways to learn about its history and meet local people willing to speak about it, but when it comes to Arizona’s history, the best way to learn everything we want is to visit Bone Haus Brewing. The best thing is that you can learn a lot about legends and real stories while drinking some of the best beers, as each can is illustrated in such a way to tell the story through amazing artwork. Of course, the artwork itself isn’t the primary reason why one should visit this brewery, but it surely helps to emphasize the general picture of this region and its rich history.

The most interesting is the fact that each can have the number thirteen somewhere hidden on the label, and even their marketing manager cannot find it on some of them, so you will need to look at every tiny detail to find it. As for why this is important to highlight, well, every can of beer has this number implemented somewhere in the artwork, but never at the same place. Now, since it is in a different position, finding it can be a bit challenging, but it just makes the entire experience much better and greater.

5. Walter Station Brewery


Dog owners will be happy to hear that their furry friends are welcome in most breweries, but if you want to do more for these amazing animals, then Walter Station must be on your list. It is located in the former fire station, and they are trying to raise awareness about abandoned dogs through their partnership with a local dog shelter, which is the oldest and the largest one in the state with a no-kill policy.

Regarding that, you will be able to enjoy a cold beer with your furry friend and help other dogs that are not happy enough to have their own homes with some money. Another thing that we must mention is the food, as here you can also enjoy many tasteful meals while sipping your favorite beer. The service is also something that most visitors highlight, as everyone working there is so kind and professional.

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