How to Experience the Best of Luxor’s Ancient History in 48 Hours

Are you someone who loves to travel, and you are a huge fan of ancient pieces and gorgeous scenery? Are you eager to discover more about Luxor’s fascinating past? Join us as we set out on a quest to explore Luxor’s East and West Banks in search of their treasures.

Get ready to be astounded by the monuments built by the ancient Egyptians, to stand in the royal presence, and to become completely engrossed in the mysteries of this society. You will go on an adventure you won’t soon forget on this thrilling tour. Here is what you should visit and how to enjoy your 48 hours.

How to Experience the Best of Luxor’s Ancient History in 48 Hours: What To Visit & How To Do It?

Karnak Temple

Karnak temple - Avenue of the Sphinxes

Source: thediscoveriesof.com

The first stop should be the Karnak Temple, a vast complex consisting of numerous temples, chapels, pylons, and sanctuaries. This beautiful building, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, has a rich history that will take at least a few hours to explore. The Hypostyle Hall’s ceiling has been demolished, but the sun and beautiful skies still shine through, making the carvings on the columns an excellent subject for your camera.

Rehydrate using sugar cane juice, which can be purchased from nearly any of the roadside fruit juice stands. The name tells it all; it’s an obscenely tasty and unique sugary drink. The Luxor Temple is only accessible at night when it is beautifully illuminated for visitors. In its original form, the “Avenue of the Sphinxes” stretched for 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) between Luxor Temple and Karnak.

As the sun sets, a golden glow emanates from the temple, coloring the horizon. Walking the length of the temple, from the hypostyle hall to the enormous obelisk at the entryway, is a truly unforgettable experience.

Hatshepsut’s Temple

Hatshepsut's Temple and tomb - Luxor Egypt

Source: nationalgeographic.com

Anyone who has had art or has studied art history in high school or college has heard of the Queen Hatshepsut temple, which is a gorgeous temple that will exceed all of your expectations. You should arrive early to beat the crowds as before and to have that precious time all to yourself. Hatshepsut’s Tomb in Luxor Egypt was ruled by a lady named Queen Hatshepsut nearly 3,500 years ago.

The idea that she ruled “as a man” because of her great authority is supported by the fact that many of the images of her in her tomb have masculine features. If you want an organized trip and a bit of help on what to see and when to see it, check out TouristEgypt. They can help you plan your trips anywhere in Egypt, along with accommodation and transport. Check them out and book your next big holiday asap!

Balloon Rides

Nile Valley - Balloon rides

Source: timesofisrael.com

A lot of people couldn’t wake up at 4 a.m. and think of it as a fun activity, but if you want to catch a sunrise balloon trip above the western bank of the Nile, you have no option. It’s still amazing to be picked up from your hotel, taken across the Nile on a tiny ferry and brought to a field full of about 20 hot air balloons, all of which are filled slightly differently.

But lifting off is more than amazing when the sun is rising on the East Bank, the Nile is a green field below you, and there are colorful balloons all around you. It’s incredible to look down on the Nile Valley and see the many temples, tombs, and green fields below, as well as the towns waking up and people riding donkeys. With so much to take in, getting up early and fully enjoying those 48 hours might not be so bad.

If you decide to go to Nile’s hot air balloon ride, consider renting or going on a boat so you can see and visit the top attractions visible from the river.

Museum Tours

Another must-see sight in the city is the Luxor Museum. The museum in this location charts Luxor’s development from its time as Thebes to the present. A broad variety of statues and relics, including amulets, jewelry, and other things discovered in graves, are on display at numerous museums.

One of the most striking displays in the museum is the reconstruction of Akhenaten’s Wall. 283 sandstone stones from the Temple of the Sun at Karnak, which originally belonged to Akenhaten, were used to construct the wall. One of the many remarkable antiquities on show on the museum’s ground floor is the relief of Tuthmosis III. The statue of a pharaoh, which was moved from Karnak and is famed for its exquisite carving, is also included.

Horse Ride

Horse Ride egypt

Source: farandride.com

Taking a carriage ride through Luxor is an amazing experience. Surely you must now be thinking that this is ridiculously expensive. In contrast to the West, though, horse-drawn carriage excursions here are surprisingly cheap. They are an excellent visual representation of cabs and rickshaws. You should expect to pay between £50 (£2) and £200 (£8) for a taxi journey, depending on how long you need it and how far you need to go.

It’s exciting to take one for a spin through town and along the Nile’s Corniche promenade. The marketplaces, the call to prayer, the ships, and even the mosques are all in plain sight. If you are on a romantic trip with your partner and you want to enjoy one fun tour, why not have a blast with your closest ones at such an affordable price? You truly get to enjoy and experience the best and the most of Luxor in this way.

In the end, you can have a blast and enjoy your next trip. Anyone who enjoys and loves to travel should consider these top five spots and periods when to travel. Although Egypt is mostly visited by couples and adrenaline junkies who love to backpack travel, you can also find some activities to do with your kids. Let us know what you loved the most or what you’re looking forward to the most. We can’t wait to see and hear about your experience.

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