Escape to the Arctic in 24 hours – 2024 Travel Guide

The Arctic is home to several of our favorite itineraries, such as the igloos, Santa, ice hotels, and Northern Lights. It is not just the home of these penguins and even scientists. People have been visiting the Arctic on chartered flights of 24 hours that have turned out to be life-changing for many. Visitors can tour the Arctic during both the summer and also winter months. Although the environment during both the seasons is different compared to each other, the Sun is invisible for several months and does not move at all along the horizon. Hence the visitors can visit it during the night hours as well.

Some of the advantages of taking a chartered flight to the Arctic Circle include:

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  • You can complete the trip quicker.
  • You will get better views of the land while you fly.
  • You can also get your work done while you are on the flight.
  • It can maintain higher levels of privacy.

There is a lot to explore in this barren land. So much yet to be discovered. Here are some of the reasons why the Arctic is a good escape for you, and your loved ones, check here.

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Reasons to Visit the Arctic

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  • Flying on a plane to visit the Arctic Circle, there are several advantages such as travel such as viewing the Arctic from the stylish, comfortable and well -designed interior instead of struggling in the harsh ground conditions. This means you will experience the beauty of the Arctic from a safe and convenient environment. This outweighs the cons added with such long haul flights like weather, delays, and emergencies.
    Airports in the Arctic Circle do require special equipment and gear and also specially trained aircrew.
  • The wildlife in the Arctic region is equally mesmerizing to watch, just like the environment around. This includes the penguins running across the ice sheets, and then there are the whales swimming fearlessly across the vast water bodies. The journey will throw new and electrifying surprises on the way. It is like one minute you will be gazing through the enormous elephant seals, and then the next moment, you may come across a white polar bear hunting in the water for its daily food.
  • You may not even wonder that the Arctic could be a place where you will come across something decent to eat. This theory will be proven wrong once you go there. You will have an experience of all the types of meals you would otherwise expect to have if you have visited any other country. You will have buffet breakfasts, salad lunches, and also numerous hot dishes, including grilled meat and fish.

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  • Before you go out into the Arctic region, you will need to attend an information session to give an insight into what you are supposed to expect there. These are lessons that you will be interested in joining and not the usual boring classes you may have attended during your early years. Those who will be speaking during these lessons are experts on the field. They have experienced the Arctic first hand to give you an insight into it.
  • Once you land into the arctic, there are many activities you can take part in to spend quality time there. This includes kayaking, hiking, trekking and photography(taking great photos of what the place has to offer and capturing beautiful memories)
  • The iceberg visible on the top is just a mere fraction of what is below the dark, icy waters. This gives a distinct view from the top.
  • As you approach the Arctic on the chartered flight, the place will welcome you with icebergs, ice sheets, snow-capped mountains, and superb views over the snow-covered continents.
  • During the summer months, if you look everywhere around the Swedish Lapland that is part of the Arctic circle, you will see that the area is green and is alive with herbs and flowers. You can experience the much talked about midnight sun and take pictures of the arctic foxes.

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  • .You can have a pleasant view of the Arctic mountains and glaciers if you pass across the part of the Arctic circle that belongs to Norway. Also, your eyes will have a treat of the cityscapes with a lot of green spaces. You will see the Northern Lights. You can also see glimpses of Lapland and Santa. You can also visit Finnmarksvidda, which is the coldest part of Norway. Also, have a beautiful view of the midnight sun at the North Cape.
  • You will see the area with light for 24 hours if you visit Iceland during the summer months. This will welcome you with attractive landmarks part of the Arctic circle. This will include thermal springs, volcanic trails, lava fields, black beaches, and beautiful national parks.
  • As you approach the Canadian side of the Arctic circle, you will be greeted with glaciers and icebergs as usual and the midnight Sun. Apart from that, you can see polar bears, whales, and walrus playing on the barren piece of this on their own from the tip.
  • As you advance towards the part of the Arctic Circle that belongs to Greenland, you will be greeted with the mind-boggling Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, mountains, glaciers, icebergs and many more.


Traveling to the Arctic Circle can be a pleasant experience for you and your loved ones. It can work out as a method of bringing everyone closer together and preparing sweet and incredible memories along the way. It is a great place to visit over the years, so you do not need to wait for any specific period of the year to pay a worthy visit to this supernatural world. Just so to remind you, this is a place with zero crime rate, and those who visit here do have one interest in mind-exploring the barren wilderness. This means you are safe here as compared to any other country in the world. So do not wait and get your backpacks on and start on for a journey of a lifetime.

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