How the Experts Layer in a Sleeping Bag

Are you heading into the mountains? Camping under the night sky? Wherever you go, whether into the wilderness or at the beach, a sleeping bag can assure you a good night’s sleep. No matter how easily you feel cold when napping outside, you can make use of your sleeping bag to maintain the warmth.
For several years now, the sleeping bag has been a reliable way out in cases where people camped on frosty days or nights. Sleeping bags occupy the top position in any hiker’s ist of items to carry.

Should you layer up in a sleeping bag?

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There is a debate around what should be worn inside a sleeping bag. Some people strongly support the idea that layering is the way to keep warm while some assume that sleeping naked will regulate the temperature inside better.

Hence, most campers cannot make up their minds about the dos and don’ts of a sleeping bag. This article will throw light on the idea of adding layers to boost your warmth.

Camping in the cold can leave many of us feeling miserable. Trying to brave the elements and acting “tough” can prove disastrous. What should you do in such a case? A good sleeping bag suit with the right temperature ratings like those you can find on Planet Camping can be very useful and comfortable. Throw on a few layers inside the bag, and you will be just fine. Personally, I favor the midway between 2 extremes.

How to layer clothes in a sleeping bag?

Camping gear formulated for a specific type of weather condition can be downright expensive. To be honest, most of us cannot afford to buy such pieces of clothing. We cannot be assured that what worked during summer will work in early April, as well. This is why layering is the only option.

Every layer of clothing you add, be it underwear or a jacket, acts as an additional layer of insulation between you and the cold air outside. Through the night, the temperature might swing 10-20 degrees. You should try to keep yourself warm and regulate the temperature within your sleeping bag by zipping and unzipping it occasionally.


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Long Underwear

Many people like to fall asleep in their long underwear. These are easily available, and you also do not need to spend lots of money on them. These long underwear are the apt garments for the fall and spring seasons. Not just that, they are perfect for those early morning pees before everybody else wakes up.


Jackets might not be the right choice for you if you tend to sweat a lot. On the contrary, in case you are susceptible to cold weather and get easily affected, jackets will be very useful in layering. Most people wear jackets before sleeping in their bags, and it seems to work perfectly for everybody. In case you feel suffocated, you can obviously take it off. It is easier to unzip the jacket and put it aside rather than trying to wear it in the middle of a chilly night.

Winter Pants

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Insulated and windproof winter pants can be extremely helpful in case you are camping in cold, breezy areas. Outdoor winter pants made of softshell fabric are a preferable choice as they are known to have a good degree of weatherproofing against light rains and wind.

Apart from these winter pants, some people like to wear snowboarding pants, as they come with an extra lining that provides added warmth and comfort. If you are prone to having cold legs every now and then, these pants may be the right option for you.

Some of us are the unique kind who can put up with any kind of harsh and cold weather conditions. If you are one of those people, you need not spend your cash on any kind of winter pants. Just take your sweat pants along and have fun.


Did you know that a lot of body heat is lost through your feet? This only strengthens the explanation for why socks are a must on chilly winter nights.

Winter hats

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Who doesn’t like winter hats? I would love to sleep in them from fall to spring. Depending on where you reside, they might be called by other names like a ‘beanie,’ ‘bob cap,’ ‘stocking cap,’ etc. Irrespective of their name, the fleeces of the caps are made of wool and polyester. They can keep you warm through the night. Some hats also come with a thermo-conductive coating that traps in the warmth and helps your head retain heat.

Final Tips for Staying Warm in Your Sleeping Bag

No matter how easily you get cold when sleeping outside, or whether you’re camping in the backcountry or at a campground, the following few tips will also keep you warmer on cool and chilly nights in your sleeping bag. Are you ready? Let’s have a look at it:
Make sure to always clean up your bag – this includes washing the dirt and dried sweat from your body before you decide to go to sleep. How? Swim in a lake or jump into a river and splash water all over your body.

Make sure to always have dry clothes with you and change into dry clothes before you go to sleep. It’s known that damp clothes cause heat loss from the body.
If you think the night might too cold, you can use a hot-water bottle – in the foot of your bad. Is that not enough? Grab a second bottle – or a third one. Small things like this can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep.

Choose the right ground for your campsite and to use high quality insulated pad or air mattress. Look for leafy or grassy areas, pile up dead leaves or pine needles below you – or use a properly insulated page. Such layers will prevent the ground from sucking the heat out of you. On top of it, it will make for a “softer” experience.

Summing up

Layering can be used for a range of applications irrespective of the season. You can use the same gear to sleep in multiple layers at any time of the year. In case you have an adequate budget to get yourself a tent, a sleeping bag, a pad, and a liner, you will probably not feel too cold. If you still feel chilly, you can add a few extra layers to keep yourself warm! Make sure to also consider our final tips for staying warm. Happy Camping!

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