Explore the World Through your Mouth. Curious Latin Flavours

Many people consider eating to be good and a pleasure! And eating well while discovering the food of the world is even more pleasant.

In many respects, the cultural diversity of Latin America is striking. It is all due to the Andean, indigenous and Inca influence… as well as the Spanish and Portuguese colonisation and the Italian and Asian immigrants, as it is well represented in Brazil and Peru.

However, another country that is curiously starting to show up in terms of its cuisine is Chile. Even if it is not among the best-known dishes, you can already find some Chilean food restaurants for those who wish to discover it.

This mixture generates, in every sense, great curiosity about these very special countries. And no wonder. Latin American cuisine has generated traditional and exotic dishes that are still consumed all over the world today. In addition to having an important mix of flavours, they are usually of high nutritional value.

Curiously, it is a cuisine where everything, from small rodents and insects from the Andes region to the most varied species of plants and parts of other animals are consumed.

In addition to all aspects, it carries with it the taste of many spices that make a difference in the final flavour. They present the most varied types of pepper with different ways of preparation in each region of each country. Many consider that it does not matter where it comes from, what matters is the final result in those rich recipes recognized worldwide.

In recent years, the number of Latin American restaurants among the list of the best in the world is gradually increasing. In the scenario of that gastronomy that is still little explored, the most successful chefs that develop the regional cuisine stand out, gaining space among the best restaurants on the planet.

Everything is a delight and they present the most exquisite flavours, that’s why Skokka has looked for some very rich dishes to try with the best escorts of Skokka Australia while exploring the continent.

What is the importance of Latin American gastronomy for the world?


Technological development and the media work together to make the world smaller and have everything much more at hand. This combination makes regions in all parts of the world visible and exposed to other cultures. However, there is no doubt that the influence of Latin American gastronomy is growing, both because of the taste it has and because of its economic importance.
Latin American cuisine offers many flavours and recipes for the rest of the world. Although there are changes due to trends and idioms, this does not mean that the richness of this delicious food is temporary.
Among the most famous dishes in the world, the Peruvian cuisine (considered for a couple of years the best in the world) and the Brazilian one, gain a lot of space. Between the combination of food considered basic and the exquisiteness of the spices, it is possible to prepare unique and unforgettable dishes.

5 Curious and exotic flavours to try in Latin America

Hormiga Culona: Too many, it seems rather exotic: keeping insects on the market as a delicious artifice for the most refined palates. This indigenous tradition that seems to have lasted more than 500 years can be found in street markets in an Andean region of Colombia. This insect is considered an aphrodisiac and is usually served as a “pasaboca”, which are the snacks or appetizers of the region.

When preparing it, the legs and wings are removed and then fried in a pan. They are considered healthy and contain little fat. Moreover, there are those who claim that it can be compared to European caviar or to the white truffles of Italy.

Maguey worms: It is an ancient dish produced from the agave plant worm. This little worm grows on the root and leaves of the plant, which is a kind of cactus. It can be served in the taco next to the guacamole, besides being the soul of tequila and other Mexican drinks. It is considered a sophisticated item in Mexican cuisine.


Caldo de Cardán: This dish has existed since the time of the Spanish colonization and in Mexico, it is called Machitos. Known in Bolivia as bull penis soup, it is also considered an aphrodisiac dish. Traditionally it is known as an energizer as it is said to give more power to the man who eats it. Popular throughout the country, it can replace breakfast in its mixture with hard-boiled egg, herbs and salt. It takes about three hours to prepare until the meat becomes soft.

Chinchulín: The churrasco (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and other countries) is presented in addition to other meats, with those intestines of beef or cow. It is recommended to clean and wash well the piece that is going to be consumed. It has a bitter taste and is boiled in milk to make it soft. It is usually accompanied by salsa criolla which is a vinaigrette, with chopped onions and peppers.

Coração de galinha (Chicken Heart): Here something considered quite curious. There are not many countries, apart from Brazil, where so much heart is consumed. It is presented with a lot of fat and normally it is put directly punctured on a stick. It is one of the most expected meats, after the picaña.

For non-Brazilians, it can be an interesting experience, a taste that can be similar to other animals’ kidneys, but with a more intense flavour. Prepared with lemon and garlic it is also delicious.

Here we are talking about curious, different and exotic dishes. Trying the different, understanding new cultures and were certain customs come from is one of the best opportunities in life.

On the other hand, it never hurts to consider that however exotic some people’s tastes may seem, in every culture, there will be something to enjoy. After all, what matters is finding pleasure in these moments.

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