Exploring the Beautiful Notre Dame Campus In 2024

Even if you don’t know much about South Bend, you’ve probably heard of Notre Dame, where the Fighting Irish play. We love to look around college campuses, and this one is beautiful and should be on your list of places to visit.

We suggest you drive in on Notre Dame Avenue for the “grand entrance,” where you can see the famous Golden Dome in the distance, and then park for free in the bookstore parking lot. There are several hotels near the university stadium. We suggest you check them definitely.

The Best Parts of an ND Tour


The Notre Dame Bookstore

Go to a bookstore. It’s one of the nicest bookstores, and Barnes & Noble is connected to it. It’s a two-story campus store with all the Notre Dame gear and clothes you could ever want.

Next door is the visitor’s center, where you can ask questions, find out about the campus in general, and, I think, sign up for architecture and history-themed campus tours. Don’t say that we said it.

The Morris Inn

Morris Inn is in the middle of the historic Notre Dame campus and is still called “The Living Room of the University.” After a $30 million renovation, the Morris Inn has 150 guest rooms, 18 of which are large suites. With Rohr’s and the Wind Family Fireside Terrace, guests can choose the perfect place to eat for a business lunch, family gathering, special occasion, or a casual meal.

Also, Morris Inn now has a large ballroom and a lot of modern meeting space where business meetings and social events can be held. It is a AAA Four Diamond Hotel, which means it is in the top 5% of hotels in the United States.

The Basilica

The tallest building on campus is the Basilica. You can go inside and look around if there isn’t a wedding or religious ceremony going on. At the door, a docent will meet you and offer to answer your questions or take you on a tour. It’s just so beautiful.

The Grotto

Behind the Basilica and down a few stairs is the Grotto, where you can pray and light a candle if you want to. A rosary service is held every day.

The Trails

If you turn around when you’re at the Grotto, you’ll see Saint Mary’s Lake and Saint Joseph’s Lake. You can sit on a bench or walk along a path and take in the view. Some of the buildings on campus are very old and can be seen from the trails, which are very pretty.

You’ll also see sculptures that are spread out along the trails as you walk. If you go further into the campus on these trails, you’ll find two lakes that are kind of like “twin” or “sister” lakes with beautiful wildlife. The different kinds of wildlife at the first lake on the trail are something we like about it.

Then, we always like seeing the swans and ducks. Sometimes (almost never), you might see a black swan. We also saw people fishing at these lakes most of the time, but don’t ask me what kinds of fish live there.

I’ve always liked going to what we call “this little patch of paradise” at Notre Dame, and we probably always will as long as I’m in the area and go there. I’m also glad that there is a place like this in the neighborhood where people, especially families, can go.

The Golden Dome

Right next to the Basilica is the Golden Dome. It’s impossible to miss. This is the main building where students and their families meet to take a tour of the campus.


The Library

You’ll be able to find the library because “Touchdown Jesus” is painted on the south side of the building and looks great over a reflecting pool.

The Art Museum

Here on campus, there is an art museum. We haven’t been inside yet, but we plan to the next time I’m there.

Athletics Section

The athletics section of campus is impressive, especially Notre Dame Stadium (football) and the Joyce Center (basketball and more).

Student Life


The Notre Dame campus is a vibrant, active community full of exciting student opportunities. From the intramural sports league to volunteer service projects to student organizations, there are plenty of chances for students to enjoy a well-rounded college experience with friends from around the world.

Whether you’re living on campus or enjoying classes from home, Notre Dame’s student life has something for everyone – it all starts with great events! From dances and athletic showcases to outdoor movies, the Student Activities Office coordinates year-round activities designed to bring the campus together and create long-lasting memories. There are also dozens of student-run clubs and organizations that act as a backbone of support and friendship during your time on campus.

Notre Dame also emphasizes giving back and encourages its students to seek out volunteer opportunities within the community or further away during extended school breaks. Students have access to resources like Volunteer ND that offer detailed descriptions of local service projects as well as international service trips in places like Appalachia and Latin America. Participating in these activities can provide a great way for students to explore the many facets of Notre Dame outside the classroom setting while learning important skills about leadership and collaboration in a real-world context.


Notre Dame is renowned for its stunning architecture, lush grounds, and historic sites. As you likely have learned, no visit to Notre Dame is complete without exploring the various locations and soaking in the beauty of this iconic campus. This exploration doesn’t have to be done alone; many visitors join guided tours of the campus or rent bicycles in order to explore the grounds more easily.

No matter how you choose to explore the Notre Dame campus, you will undoubtedly be inspired by its beauty and appreciate all that it has to offer. Evoking memories from its past and aiding in forging memories for future generations of students, Notre Dame proudly stands as one of the most captivating campuses in the U.S., if not in all the world. So take time during your next visit to immerse yourself fully in this spectacular university and make sure that you take a few photographs along with way – they’ll serve as fantastic reminders of your time at Notre Dame long after your visit is over!

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