15 Facts You Didn’t Know About the North Pole

North Pole

We all have been heard about the North Pole but there are many facts related to the place that you don’t know. Let me give you little preview do you that there are two North poles on earth? I am sure you didn’t. It is still believed that the 30 per cent of the whole reserves belong to this place and it is still unexplored. It’s not only about the oil reserves there are still many things that you don’t know about this part of the planet. So, here we are listing the 10 Facts you didn’t know about the amazing place.

Facts About the North Pole

1. There are actually two North Poles on Earth. They are called north magnetic pole and north terrestrial pole. North Magnetic Pole is said to be magnetic phenomena that change on the daily basis as our Earth crust changes. North terrestrial pole is a fixed point which points the top of the earth. However, you define these things in this place but global warming is a problem. The ice is depleting and the sea level is rising.

2. There is no land beneath the ice. It is an ice sheet to three meters thick which is floating over the approximately four thousand deep the Arctic Ocean. The behaviour of weather is different in summers and winters. In summers half of the ice melts and in winters the North Pole grows to the size of United States.

3. Robert E. Peary is the person who discovered this place on 6th April 1909. He travelled the whole journey on a dog sledge.

4. It will bring you a little shock but there is also a third the North Pole beside north magnetic pole and north territorial pole named Geomagnetic North Pole. It is defined as the average location of the Magnetic North Pole.

5. The closest land to this place is Kaffeklubben Island. The island is somewhere located north coast of Greenland.

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6. Now, this is surprising that if you are standing exactly on the Geographic North Pole than in whichever direction you move you will be moving south only.

7. On the South Pole, you will not find a single Polar Bear likewise here you will not find a single Penguins.

8. There is an annual marathon that takes place on the ice sheet.

9. The place spends half of the year in darkness and half of the year in the light.

10. The North Pole is not stationary. If we consider last century, It has migrated towards the North Pole from a point in Canada at about 71 degrees latitude from its current position and about 85 degrees north, in the Arctic Ocean.

11. The Geomagnetic North Pole has been migrated from Greenland to Canada over the past century.

12. The Russians could have planted a flag in the North Pole, However, American submariners got there first. The USS Nautilus perform a polar drive-by in 1958.

13. NASA launched an operation called ARISE to examine how cloud cover accelerating around the pole. The future predictions of the North Pole is cloudy.

14. According to the study of the U.S. Geologic Survey, the artic has about 20 percent of the planet’s undiscovered and recoverable oil and natural gas deposits.

15. This pole is considered the home for Santa Clause.

Source: Discover Magazine

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