15 Interesting Facts About Dreams You Didn’t Know

Humans are very curious about dreams and always try to find the meaning of dreams and facts about dreams. During the Roman era, it is considered to be the message from God. The exact way in which dream can be defined as images, emotions, and sensations that are continuously occurring during various stages of sleep. There are many facts about dreams that we don’t know. Let me give you a few examples, Animals dreams just like humans especially mammals.

According to, dreams incorporate surrounding matter, for example, if you are sleeping and someone if playing the drum in your surrounding then you will start dreaming that you are at a concert. Let me tell you one more, Children dream shorter than adults and nearly half of them are nightmares. This is because dreams work on a coping mechanism. So, here are the 10 interesting facts about dreams you didn’t know.

Facts About Dreams

1. Dreams are very diverse in nature. It means you can dream about one to two hours daily and that too you will have approximately four to six different dreams in one night. One of the most spectacular facts about dreams.

2. The fetuses in the womb dream though they don’t have visual stimuli. As per the Scientists, their dreams are composed of sound and touch impressions. One of the most surprising facts about dreams.

3. Blind people can dream. The only difference is that people who are born blind use their sense of smell, sound, and touch to dream. People who became blind after they are born can also see images in their dreams.

4. Elias Howe who invented the sewing machine said that he has nightmares in which cannibals who chased him looks like a needle. Dreams also let to inventions sometime.

5. We usually don’t remember the person we see in our dream. The fact is that we only see the person whom we have encountered in life. It is just impossible to remember thousands of faces we see in our daily life.

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6. Sleep Paralysis. This one of the most common facts about dreams that are experienced by nearly 40 per cent of the population. In these phenomena, human just awakens and recognizes his or her surroundings but does not able to move his or her body for some time.

7. Plato believes that the dreams originate in the organs of the body. He also describes liver as the place in the body where dreams originate.

8. People who see dreams related to flying, falling, and public humiliation comes from the human anxieties. This is one of the hidden secret and facts about dreams that we must know.

9. There are various researches that tell people who snore does bot dream at that particular point in time. Although it has been not proved until now.

10. Man and Woman have a different kind of dreams. Men usually have violent and aggressive dreams. The most of the characters in men dreams are men only. However, women dream about men and women characters equally.

11. Everyone dreams in this world except the people who have psychological disorders, however, if you think you are not dreaming you are forgetting your dreams.

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12. Definitely, it happened with everyone that we usually forget the person in our dreams because a person only dreams of people he or she has encountered in life, however, its impossible to remember thousands of faces who came across in your life on daily basis.

13. We all have dreams of a different kind like scary, worrisome and sometimes totally angelic. But, remember these are symbols for something or the other because there is nothing strange about dreams they are symbolic languages of nature.

14. The most common emotion people experience in dreams is anxiety because negative emotion is much more likely to happen as compared to positive emotions. Now, keep in your mind that you are not the only one who is getting nightmares too frequently.

15. According to certain studies, a person can dream for about one to two hours every night and approximately you can see four to seven dreams in a night.

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