Family-Based Immigration – All You need to Know

There are several visas with which someone living in another country can legally immigrate to the United States. Some are related to a job, others are related to people who come to America as an investor, yet others are offered to individuals who possess exceptional and extraordinary abilities in a specific field such as science or the arts. Of course, there are also temporary visas such as a tourist visa and those that allow specific workers to come and work in this country doing specific jobs for a limited period of time. However, one area that applies to everyone that has a close relative living in the United States is family-based immigration.

Who qualifies to receive a family-based visa?

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According to the Department of State, there are two different types of family-based visas. These are:

Visas for an Immediate Relative

These visas refer to immigration permits for people that have a close family relationship with an American citizen. The definition of what constitutes a close family relationship is limited to a parent, a spouse, or a child. The number of people that may apply for immigration every fiscal year under this visa category is unlimited.

Visas for Family Preference

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These visas are meant for certain more distant relatives of a U. S. citizen and, in some cases, of a lawful permanent resident. As opposed to the previous visa category, the number of these visas that are issued every fiscal year is limited.

What relatives can a U. S. citizen petition for?

U. S. citizens can petition for their spouses, sons or daughters, parents, and brothers or sisters.

What about lawful permanent residents?

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Permanent residents can only petition for their spouses and/or their unmarried sons and daughters.

Why is family-based immigration so important?

There are countless social and economic advantages associated with family-based immigration as they benefit the labor force, their communities, and more. Here are some highlights:

Families Are Decisive for The Economic And Social Incorporation Of New Immigrants Into American Society

An immigrant that arrives in this country alone, faces a much tougher time trying to integrate into their new communities than when they are accompanied by their families. As part of a family, they can find more resources, feel more at ease when navigating the system, find better employment opportunities, and even start their own businesses.

When Immigrants Come with Their Families, They Tend To Move Up The Socio-Economic Ladder Much Faster

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Studies have shown that when immigrants are accompanied by their families, they tend to become the most upwardly mobile group of new American workers. Also, siblings of U. S. citizens who arrive here through a family-preference visa tend to find higher rates of self-employment and high earnings growth.

Family-Based Immigration Is Fundamental for The Progress of The Household

By bringing over other family members, it’s easier for immigrants to have unpaid child care. This simple fact allows other family members to be able to find work and improve the entire household’s well-being.

Who is capable of getting a green card?

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The US Government grants the permission of allotting green cards to the citizens. Each year almost 1.1 million people are given the permission of green cards. The green card makes them permanent citizens under the law. The US currently has more than 13 million people who are permanent residents of the country. This number doesn’t include several people who keep visiting the US for work. They have a temporary work visa that they use for work, visit, or study.

Surprisingly, more of the green cards issued goes to children, spouses, and also the parents of US citizens. Also, there is always more demand for green cards for its supply. Hence, usually, the process of granting a green card takes usually several days. In some cases, it can take up to years. Siblings of US citizens can also apply for green cards, and hence, become permanent citizens of the country.

Petitioners and Beneficiaries

When family-based immigration is concerned, the process requires the participation of at least two family members. The two of them include the beneficiary and petitioner. It is mandatory that the petitioner should be the US Citizen or a permanent resident of the country under the law. The petitioner is the person who wants to sponsor a green card for a foreign family member. The beneficiary can also have a partner or a spouse, children who qualify as derivative beneficiaries.

Advantages of attaining family-based immigration

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  • Families are crucial for economic and social incorporation – Families and ethnic communities often operate as sources of resources that are often vital for the newcomers. It includes fresh employment opportunities. It also offers access to different credits, and also distinct support. They can navigate other ways to survive and earn their living when family members arrive on a visa that is family-based.
  • People who immigrate under family-based immigration experience high self-employment rates – There are several economic benefits for people who immigrate to the US under this category. They also experience growth in higher earnings over a period of time. The fourth preference admissions are associated properly with self-employment immigrants.

Get Legal Help for Your Family-Based Immigration Application

If you are an American citizen or a lawful permanent resident and would like to know how to bring some members of your family over, you can find more information here at Having the right legal help by your side can help you along this long and complicated path.

Family-based immigration is highly beneficial for family members of US citizens. Immigrants under this category enjoy several benefits in the local communities, economic conditions, etc. The immigration process can seem a daunting task, and it is also difficult for families who are separated. It helps families to reunite, and also encourages several immigrants to make a new home in a foreign country. There are several perks of immigrating to the US along with your family members. Additionally, they get access to a green card as well. They become permanent residents of the country.

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