7 Simple Ways To Get Your Kids Excited For Your Next Vacation

When budget permits, it’s usually one of the best ideas to go on a family vacation all together. This can be an excellent opportunity to form bonds together with your other half and your lovely children. And not to mention, this might be something that you need, too, to unwind and de-stress from the demands of work and family obligations. More so, your children need to get exposed to different environments, too, to experience something new out of their usual daily routines.

Planning a family trip can be both enjoyable and stressful at the same time, as there are so many factors to consider and details to note and sort out. As such, one of the critical keys to making sure everyone in the family enjoys the trip is to build anticipation among your kids. This will make them feel more excited and invested in the whole experience. Furthermore, this trip could be something that can impact their lives, so they’ll have stories to share with their friends, perhaps, their children and family in the future.

So, if you’re looking for ways to get your kids enthused for an upcoming trip, then this article is for you. Consider the following tips to build the excitement of your kids for your next vacation:

1. Involve Your Kids In The Planning


One of the most effective ways to make your children look forward to your trip together is to get them involved in the planning. You can ask them about what activities they want to try, where they want to go, or what type of foods they’re intrigued about.

For instance, they may be interested in spending the weekend at an indoor water park. So, to help you with this, consider preparing a list of possible options they can choose from. And according to TheFamilyVacationGuide, there are various activities and destinations that kids will be sure to love.

Or perhaps they may have a dream destination for themselves- a new city or local attraction, and together with the entire family, you can all brainstorm together and weigh the pros and cons of each place. Through this step, you can start building their excitement already. Nothing beats the feeling of being involved with the planning; your kids will appreciate how you value their ideas and opinions.

And lastly, the key is to announce your destination earlier so they will feel excited while getting to know the place and researching all about its details. More so, consider giving them a map when you arrive and letting them learn about the place.

2. Let Them Learn The Foreign Language

If you’re planning to visit a different country, a good way to build excitement among your children is to let them learn a few foreign words and common greetings. This will make them feel determined to use these essential foreign words when they arrive at their destination. Knowing some words will give them that sense of accomplishment and pride too. Let them study the foreign greetings way ahead of time, so they get to enjoy the experience.

You never know how these can retain their memory and become helpful in the future. You may find a language skills course in your area or an online language skills course if they’re up for it. However, don’t pressure them to learn everything all at once. Just the basic greetings and some common words should be sufficient. After all, there are always translation apps and devices for travelers, which could also help make your trip more convenient.

3. Allow Them To Pack Their Own Suitcase


Another great way to excite your kids for your vacation is by allowing them to pack their own suitcases. It builds momentum before a trip and gives your kids ownership of the experience. Also, it allows them to feel that you trust them to decide on something big. They can feel instantly like an adult due to this.

Have them think about what they’ll need for each activity you’ll be doing and, if they’re old enough, allow them to choose the clothes they’ll wear each day. However, throughout all this, ensure that they’re packing precisely what they need for the trip. It’s best to review everything before your departure so their suitcases won’t go beyond the luggage limit and they won’t miss out on anything.

4. Read Travel Guides And Books Together

Through reading, children are more likely to become more interested in travel. This is another tip to anticipate excitement among your kids. When you finally decide on a destination, let them know more about the location through books and travel guides. By doing this, you get to inspire and encourage your kids to learn and start planning their own travels. Join this journey with them and read everything together.

More so, you can have geography lessons out of your travels. This can help enhance their geographic and historical knowledge too. You can also read non-fiction books together so your kids can relate to the special characters, which they can forever cherish in their memories.

5. Encourage Them To Start A Vacation Fund


While it’s your responsibility to sustain your kids for the vacation financially, it won’t hurt to encourage them to save up for their own vacation fund. Make saving for the trip a priority so that your children can enjoy the experience of shopping in a distant location and picking up souvenirs with their own money. Doing this can give them the financial freedom to buy something worth their money and savings.

Consider giving them a bit of an extra daily allowance, so they’ll be able to save more for the trip. In addition to teaching them how to plan their purchases and save for the future, this strategy can also teach your kids invaluable financial lessons.

6. Let Them Count The Days Until The Vacation

Another way to build excitement is to let your kids count the days until the big departure day. Make sure kids know when you’re leaving town by giving them a visual representation. You can mark the calendar or display the world map in the living room to constantly remind everyone about the family trip soon.

Chances are, your kids will wake up every day feeling happy that they’re one day closer to the big day. And as they see how far away your trip is, the giddier and more excited they’ll be.

7. Tell Them About Your Own Childhood Travel Experiences


Kids sometimes enjoy hearing about their parents when they are young. You can do the same and share your past experiences and stories about your share of travels. This can be a good bonding moment together, which allows you to share both funny and challenging moments that they can relate to.

In addition, you can tell them about your favorite childhood vacations. Share what activities you did and what foreign dishes you’ve tried. Who knows? You might come up with new vacation ideas from this.


Travel is never wasted on young kids, that’s for sure. But family trips usually require extensive planning and a keen eye for details. However, there’s no question about how important these moments are for you, your spouse, and your children. It is possible to expand your horizons, promote curiosity, and enrich your family’s lives through travel like this.

And hopefully, with the tips mentioned above, you can get your kids excited and inspired for your upcoming trip.

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