How Useful Are Translation Apps Or Devices For Travelers

Language is an art that many people delve into studying, teaching, or just learning for the sake of their interest. The world roughly has 7,139 spoken worldwide, with 23 languages being the main ones spoken by most of the world’s population.

Strong command over a language helps improve one’s communication skills. Communication is a significant aspect of surviving in any region of the world.

In complete honesty, it is not possible for a human to learn all the languages in the world. Hence, technology collaborating its efforts with languages has resulted in the creation of translation devices and translation apps like Conveythis that have proved to be quite beneficial to all.

What are Translation Apps?


Translation Apps are applications that can be accessed on a variety of gadgets that meet the purpose of translating content from one language to another depending on what the user of the app wants. It is quite convenient to use and can be carried around quite easily, may it be on your smartphone or even your smartwatch. The number of languages on an app is not limited to one or two but can vary from almost 50 -100 languages on one device.

What are Translation Devices?

Translation devices are the perfect way to communicate 2-ways with another person, both of whom do not speak the same languages. The device usually is aided by a cellphone as well as a pair of earbuds and does not require hands to meddle with it. This is the best way of communicating when language barriers pose a problem as these devices have the ability to translate a whole conversation and not just a word or a phrase at a time.

Without further ado, let us take a quick look at some benefits that translation devices and translation apps provide to travelers who cannot communicate in a certain language.

The boons of travelers utilizing a translation app or device

1. Easy to use and set up


Translation apps or devices do not need you to have a high level of technical knowledge to be able to operate them. It is quite simple to utilize and gets easier with regular use. They require either downloading the app and need you to have some basic typing skills. In some devices or apps, typing isn’t essential, and the command of voice helps meet the translation needs of travelers. Travelers who are new to a place can make use of this quite easily.

2. Fluency in Conversation

It is quite hard to be fluent in a language that you have just learned. Thus, it would take a traveler some practice and time before he or she could proficiently communicate with others in the language. On typing or voicing out your message to be translated, the app or device makes sure to convey the same message in another language quite clearly, making the communication process not only easier but fluent as well.

3. Easier communication with the locals

The locals of a particular region are bound to be more comfortable communicating in the local language as opposed to English or any other foreign language. Thus translation apps and devices would enable the traveler to communicate with the locals with great ease and get to move about the place much quicker as well.

4. Aid business trips and vacations


People travel for various reasons, whether it be for a business trip or even a vacation. On entering the geographical boundaries of another country, it is quite normal to feel lost due to the traveler not being able to communicate. This is when the apps and devices used for translation come to the best use.

5. Faster Voice recognition

At times identifying what you are saying in your voice and accent can be quite hard for the natives to comprehend, even though the traveler may be speaking in the same language as theirs. In such cases, text to speech proves to be the best alternative. Thus, the apps or devices can convert the text to speech real quickly without any delay or hindrance in the conversation.

6. Number of Languages

The translation app or device is not suited to translating just one language but can accommodate a variety of languages. The number of languages that a device or app can translate varies. This is most suited for businessmen, as they would require to know a variety of languages in order to communicate with parties who may speak different languages.

7. Works well offline


The majority of the translation apps or devices do not require an internet connection to function. This proves to be highly beneficial for travelers who may have reached a remote area and have no source of the internet that may enable them to translate their message to the natives in cases of emergency.

8. Translates in real-time

Travelers were more accustomed to traveling in groups as opposed to traveling alone due to the language barriers. Traveling with a tour guide helped travelers overcome getting into trouble by not knowing the local language. This was due to the guide having the ability to translate everything the traveler needed to know on the spot. This could be quite time-consuming as well as inaccurate at times. This is when translation in real-time comes to the rescue in the form of translation apps and devices.

9. Cheap translation alternative

Translation Apps are quite cheap and many times come free as well. They just need the internet to be downloaded from, signed up to a subscription, and the individual is good to go. On the other hand, though the translation device may be slightly expensive, its longevity makes up for the high-priced product.


The world has become quite a small place where travel will no longer be considered a luxury but a necessity for people to survive. It is in such times that the issue of language barriers that a traveler may face is overcome with the help of technology collaborating its efforts to produce such an app or device that helps meet the translation needs of the particular traveler, may it be for a vacation or for an important business conference. Translation apps such as Conveythis would not fail to meet your translation needs anytime, anywhere!

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