A Tour for Any Season: A Guide to Israel’s Weather and Tours – 2024

After a long period of sitting at home and looking at the same four walls, it is time to get back on the road and explore the world. What better place to start than the country of culture and history, Israel? Of course, our team at has Israel tours all year round, but you may want to do some research on the different attractions available according to the time of year. Read on to find out what to expect when traveling to Israel!

The Two Seasons

Israeli weather patterns are usually divided into two main seasons. Winter lasts from October to late March and usually is rainy and cool; meanwhile, summer is usually from April to early October. The summer season is very hot and sunny, so perfect for the beach.

How About Rain?

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There is almost always heavy rainfall in October and November, sometimes even lasting until March. If you wish to have fun swimming in the Mediterranean sea, then this is surely not the time to visit Israel. Of course, it never really snows here but swimming in cold rain is not our idea of a vacation.

In the meantime, this is the best time to explore cultural sites in cities such as Jerusalem and Nazareth. All you will need is a sturdy raincoat, and you are good to go. After all, there is a certain charm to a city when it’s raining, isn’t there? With Bein Harim Israel tours, you will enjoy a full itinerary of attractions even on a rainy day.

February and March

During February and March is when Israel blooms from the winter rains with vibrant wildflower displays in the Galilee and Golan areas. These are some of the most beautiful sights you will ever witness. At the end of March, the green begins to fade, and the flowers are gone. In the months after March, the heat starts to rise, reaching peak temperatures in July and August. There is no better time to go swimming in the Dead Sea than during these summer months.


Israel is usually hot during the summer and it can get alarmingly dry when a hamsin occurs anytime during the months between March and November. A hamsin is a heatwave, which is a time when you must stay hidden from the sun in air-conditioned museums, the shady corners of a bazaar, or in the water. This is also when you should always be keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of liquid.

Bonus Tip: Where to Go In Israel?

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You are probably not willing to read a lot here. There are millions of places that you can visit in Israel. Of course, you should keep in mind the previous tips that we provided you with. However, we know it will be good to highlight some of the places that deserve your attention the most. Because of that, let’s analyze a couple of them.

  • Red Canyon

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Whenever you decide to visit this beautiful place, it would be wrong not to visit Red Canyon. Hiking through this amazing place will make you feel like you are exploring Mars. All the time, you will go through swirling rocks that look like they are not from the planet Earth. It is recommendable to visit this place during the sunny season. Whenever the sun starts to shine, you will see a mixture of different colors such as white, red, and yellow. Logically, this happens because the rocks reflect the sunlight.

There are a couple of routes you can choose, but it is recommendable for parents to decide on an easy green trail if they are with kids. However, if you want to experience an adventure, you should choose a black trail because it is the most challenging one.

  • Timna Park

If you decide to visit the amazing Negev Desert, then you should visit Timna Park, the most popular point in this place. It is not the point to home here just because it is beautiful. You will see traces of regional history that will allow you to understand the tradition of this part of the world. A good example of that is the first ever copper mine from the Egyptian period.

You can come here whenever you want, but we recommend you camp over the night. Of course, keep in mind the pieces of advice we shared with you above. If you want to enjoy this place to the fullest, you should come here when the weather is decent.

  • Mount Tabor

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It may happen that you are not familiar with the Bible. However, even if that’s the case, Mount Tabor is the place that will definitely leave a strong impression on you. Don’t expect this mountain to be too high. It is only 600 meters high, but it is the place where you will manage to see the entire Jezreel Valley. It is a romantic spot that couples should visit.

For those that like adventure and are addicted to adrenaline, we have some good news. You can enjoy paragliding whenever you come here. However, we recommend you be patient because a lot of people are coming to this place daily.

  • Mount Zion

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Mount Zion is some sort of holy place for different religions. Whenever you come here, you will manage to see many Muslims, Jews, and Christians. There are many beautiful old buildings and spots that every tourist should visit. We recommend you check out the Room of the Last Supper and King David’s Tomb, but there are more of them as well. Coming here at noon will definitely pay off. The hues of the architecture you will see here turn golden in that part of the day. Don’t forget to bring a camera and record some memorable moments.

  • Western Wall

The Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall in the West (a sacred place for Jewish people where they come to the site to mourn to express the loss of their temple, hence the name Jews try to avoid) or Buraq Wall in Islam is an ancient limestone wall located in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is known as a place for prayer and for religious and national gatherings. The Western Wall is open 24 hours a day, year-round so thousands of people visit the site to recite their prayers. It is free but visitors should dress modestly and should pray at the designated areas since the wall is split into two sections, one are for males and the other for females.

If you are looking for other activities you may want to try after your religious duties, GayFriendly suggests you feel the sea breeze by visiting Jerusalem beach or Frishman Beach or try scrumptious Israeli foods provided by restaurants like Taj Maahal – Ein Bokek or Batumi.

Wrapping Up

There is always something to experience in Israel. This diverse and beautiful county offers attractions for all seasons, so it’s up to you to decide when to go. With Bein Harim Israel tours, you can find a package that you love, which will include an itinerary of exciting adventures. Whether you love discovering ancient monasteries or just suntanning on the beach, we promise a tour in Israel that you will never forget. So get packing and bon voyage!

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