7 Tips to Make Your Cold Weather Camping so Much Warmer – 2024 Guide

Living in an urban place has many advantages and disadvantages at the same time. The biggest disadvantage of all is not having peace. First of all, wherever you go, you will have to deal with crowds. Despite that, the moments of silence are rare. A huge number of cars and people in one place will always produce noise. Because of that, many people from the cities tend to find their peace thanks to camping.

Logically, people mostly camp when the weather is warm. They do that somewhere in the woods, near the lake, etc. Yet, what if you want to run away from the town during the summer? Is camping possible during the winter? You can join winter camp 2024 here in

Camping during the winter is possible, but it has its difficulties. It is much more different than summer camping. Of course, cold weather does not only include the winter months. People that were camping in the highlands can use our tips as well.

Anyway, the point is, you need to get prepared better. We do not want to be negative here. However, there is always a chance that something bad can happen. Yet, if something bad happens during the summer, the thing will be easily solvable. On the contrary, you need to ensure that nothing bad happens during your cold-weather camping.
So, let’s see together how to make your cold-weather camping so much warmer.

Get the Right Tent

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We have noticed that some “amateur” campers are making a common mistake. They do not get a suitable type of tent for their cold-weather camping. Instead, they bring the usual ones. Spending the entire night when the temperature is low in that type of tent won’t be comfortable at all.
Instead, you need to find those that are well-ventilated, have heavy-duty construction, etc. If you want to find tents that have the necessary features, we suggest you check here.

Get Off the Ground

Well, for this piece of advice, we suppose you do not have to be a genius to understand it. If there is a lot of snow around you, then the ground is going to be cold. Because of that, you must get off the ground.

There are several different ways of how you can do that. However, our recommendation is to add an inflatable mattress pad, and is giving you an insight into which you can get. First of all, you will eliminate contact between the cold tent bottom and your body. Despite that, you will add a layer of warm air under your body.
You probably do not know that all sleeping pads are measured in “R-value”. The pads are warmer when the R-value is higher. We believe that this piece of advice will help you when purchasing the sleeping pads.

To add, it is actually better to prepare and purchase mattresses and mattress accessories before the warm season, as various brands are usually selling out their old collections for very low prices. Also, May is considered to be Better Sleep Month and along with major Memorial Day mattress sales like this one, you can get some really great deals.

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Forget about Firewood

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When is the right moment to get your fire started? Well, each camper should ensure fire before it gets dark. Keep in mind that starting a fire is a process that will last a bit longer when the weather is cold. This especially counts if it’s snowing. If you start getting your fire after the sun goes down, things are going to be much more complex.
Anyway, trying to get fire with firewood is the first mistake that you can potentially make. The firewood is always wet from rain or snow. Because of that, it is necessary to bring a fire-starter that is waterproof and easy-to-use. The fire-starter itself needs to have a long burn time. Keep in mind that damp wood doesn’t light easily.

Cotton Should Stay at Home

Do you know what is the main goal of cold-weather camping? Each camper should tend to retain body heat. However, using cotton for that purpose would be a terrible decision.
Believe it or not, cotton absorbs water. In other words, when you start to sweat or simply perspire while sleeping, the shirt will absorb that moisture. That’s why you need to find a more effective design that will pull moisture away from your skin. Despite that, the design also needs to encourage evaporation. Our strong recommendation is to wear synthetic clothes. If you are willing to spend a bit more money, then there is one more option. You can use clothes made of merino wool. It is a simple organic fabric that comes with similar (read: better) properties.

Pick the Right Campsite

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This is one more common mistake that people are making. It is okay if you want to find a campsite with a beautiful view when the weather is perfect for camping. However, this is something you should not do when you plan cold-weather camping. There are more important things than a beautiful view.
For example, there should be a couple of bushes around your tent. The bushes are going to block the wind and you will create a warmer spot. Besides, this will make things easier when you start getting a fire. When you come to a current campsite, check where the light is. Try to find a spot that gets blasted by the morning sun as soon as day breaks. If you haven’t camped in this way before, then you should know that moment just before the sun comes is the coldest one. In this way, you can make that period lasts shorter.

Embrace Duct Tape

Did you know that metal is a much better choice for cold-weather camping than plastic? Logically, there is a big chance that plastic will crack when it gets too cold. However, there is also one important thing that we need to mention here. Holding a metal tool for only a few seconds will make your hands too cold for comfort. Because of that, wrap all the metal items that you are bringing into duct tape.

Don’t Wear Everything All the Time

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Well, wearing all the clothes that you have all the time won’t keep you warm. Instead, before you get into your sleeping bag, leave your clothes in an easy-to-reach spot. It might happen that you will feel that your feet are getting extra cold. If something like that happens, you should lay down the jacket across your feet over the sleeping bag. This will bring much better results.

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