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Best Dog Food for Beagles in 2024 – Reviews for Puppies and Allergies Included

Beagles are commonly healthy dogs that become an important part of the family because of its nature. There are some health matters in these small breed, but they are not connected to diet. One of the problems could be hypothyroidism.

It is typically easy to cure after being diagnosed once. They can take an everyday dose of thyroid hormone in the form of pills. Beagles like that should be on a diet with less carbs.This is generally speaking a good idea anyway for other breeds as well.

As you can see that the beagles’ problems are not related to what they eat, in fact no matter what you put in the bowl and serve them, they will love to taste it. They are playful and wonderful and fun to be around. That is where many pet owners make a mistake, they overlook the importance of finding the best food for their beagles. The best food is going to provide them with all the nutrition they need and keep them strong and ensure that they have a long life.

The ears of the beagles make them special and different from other breeds but this shape can make them have diseases. Beagles are prone to eye infections and ear diseases therefore, the best food for them should be one that can protect them against these problems.

Even though, the friendly canine friend of yours will eat anything you throw at their bowl but that does not mean that their body will accept. It can happen that you picked out a brand and later on found out that your pup got allergies. Right after you bring it from the shelter, it is wise to find the best dog food for beagles before it gets sick.

Choosing the wrong brand can make it sick, develop skin rashes or cause diarrhea. There is a certain measurement of nutrition the beagle needs and the best food will cover all that, so you do not have to worry.

Overview: Table with the 3 best products

Product Brand Size Our rating
Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Canned Dog Food, Chicken & Sweet Potato, 12.5-Ounce Can (Pack of 12) Wellness Natural Pet Food 12.5-Ounce Can (Pack of 12)

ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Beagle Adult dry dog food, 30-Pound Royal Canin 30-Pound

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food Limited Ingredient Diet for Large Breeds, Lamb Meal and Rice, 28 Pound Bag Natural Balance 28-Pound

The top 3 to feed your beagle reviewed

1. Wellness Dog, Can, Venison and Salmon

Already well-thought-out as the top dog food in the business from vets’ opinion, Wellness dog food also has enthusiastic purchaser reviews from owners of Beagle to a stranger who just fed their beagle for the first time. The canned food is made in North America which from a domesticated food stance seems to surpass the superiority standards of foods produced elsewhere.

You will get a tick mark on the box after grain-free which is a must for the Beagle’s well-being. The core ingredients are wonderful pate made with high-quality proteins that contains finest duck collected with vital minerals and vitamins. It is uncommon nowadays to come across food using duck or actual or high-quality protein. Most of them are made from by-products which is not suitable for your Beagle.

In addition, you’ll find named meats and protein sources in the top 10 ingredients which is rare these days. Just because they lead the list you’ll need to remember that upon cooking 80% of the weight of the meat is removed when moisture is subtracted from the equation. That’s normal for all dog foods though.

The single possible reason that can stop you from being interested is that the consistency. It is said that if you are lucky, you get the right consistency. Many customers have been feeding their beagles this food for years. Later on, the consistency changed and after opening the can, the dog refused to eat it. Sometimes, the mixture is so runny that the dog is not interested at all. If that is an issue, you cannot get it. Other than that, if it has the perfect consistency and you are not the unlucky ones, you should be able to land on a dog food that helps digestion, eye health and keeps dental problems away.


  • The food will improve these five aspects of the beagles: Eyes, Teeth and Gums, Skin and Coat, Digestive Health, Energy and Immunity
  • The price is reasonable
  • The ingredients are super high-quality


  • The consistency can differ depending on the can
  • It is difficult to see the expiry date which is below the can

2. Royal Canin Dry Dog Food Beagle (6 Pound)

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food Beagle

So far one of the most famous dog food brand online, Royal Canin successes by crossing the finish line at the race of price and quality. spot where quality and price come composed.

The kibble of Royal Canin offering is a product of the USA and, just like Wellness, comes with all the ingredients the beagles need. It will help if the dog is overweight or on the verge of being obese. The size of the kibble ensures that they are taking in just the right amount; not less not more. The dog food is specifically effective for joints and bones and it is full of DHA and EPA.

Some regulars have stated that the formula is essentially better for maintaining the ideal weight on Beagles as many other dog food made the beagles lose or fain a lot of body mass.  If the food you are feeding your Beagle currently is causing weight issues, you must switch to this one.

This food is beneficial for many other parts of your beagle such as getting it a healthy skin and gleaming coat with no inflammation, stamina will increase and the immune system will improve. Shedding will also reduce and there will be moisture and there will be no skin problems. Many beagles suffer from being uncomfortable due to digestion pain or other reasons. After eating this, it will not suffer from any sort of problem.

What can be a hindrance is that, the price is a lot. If you are on a budget, you should skip this. Those who bought it got rid of weight problems of the beagles. That does not mean you have to spend a fortune if your beagle is doing just fine.


  • Perfect for maintain a proper weight of beagles
  • It reduces chance of cancer, strokes and other serious problems
  • The skin will be shiny


  • There are many beagles who does not like this food even though it is clearly labelled and produced for them
  • The price is not reasonable

3. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish Formula Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance’s LID lamb meal is excellent and rich with lamb acting as the chief source of protein.  If you try to find faults in this, you will not succeed. You should know that beagles require a lot of protein and the LID is suitable because it has lamb meal as the core ingredient.

Beagles require protein more than anything and this will work just right for them. It also has brown rice and canola oil. What it does not include are: artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or any other matter that can harm the well-being of the pup.

Together Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids are important for beagles’ health. If they have auto-immune (rheumatoid arthritis, pemphigus) allergic (flea), or inflammatory (glomerulonephritis, arthritis) conditions require a lot more Omega 3 fatty acids. If your beagle is prone to chronic sickness (such as cancer) it will need extra Omega 6 fatty acids.

Both of these fatty acids are together combined into cell membranes through the beagles’ body. When there is a damage in the cell membranes, fatty acids release. When Omega 6 fatty acids comes out it has a high chance of increasing inflammation and it is advantageous for the pup. The canola oil is the source of the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in this product of Natural Balance.

The company carries out nine safety tests on each set of foods they produce. That is how you know that you are putting the best dog food for beagles on your pet’s bowl. Unlike Wellness wet canned food, you do not have to worry about how the food is going to turn out.


  • Chemists and expert microbiologists perform the tests so that the customer can be confident about what they are feeding their pet
  • It is helpful if your beagle has a chance of having kidney disease
  • There is no need to have a prescription to purchase this


  • The food can cause diarrhea followed by vomiting
  • The company’s customer service is not helpful

Best Dry Dog Foods For Beagles

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

There is no need to say why it is the best. You can even tell with your eyes closed and without giving it a second thought. Just visit the Amazon page of this product and you will find over thousands of positive reviews and a rating as high as five stars.

Most products receive mixed reviews such as one might say that the food is excellent while another might complain that their beagle started vomiting. Rachael’s dog food recipe is outstanding and underweight beagles started to gain weight after having this. That is why we already adviced it to you in another post.

The purchasers are happy that they finally found the best dry food for beagles after being victims of wrong dog foods. The beagles love the taste and they will be able to enhance their health from this food. The chief ingredient is domestic turkey from the farms in United States. The protein-rich Venison is another reason for proper growth and being strong and being able to maintain high energy levels.

The fruits are antioxidant-rich and healthy fats develop the health of the beagles. If your beagles is losing energy fast or does not play much (you notice it lacks energy), it is time to feed them this one from Racheal’s.

It has L-Carnitine that support metabolism and ideal weight. Unlike the common dog food in the market, it does have any by-product. There are many products in the market who are taking a lot of price and selling by-products as the chief ingredient.

There is no wheat or fillers. It only has all the nutrients the beagles need to stay strong and fit. They are supposed to be playful but without the best dry dog food for beagles it can be difficult for them to perform at optimum levels.

Best Puppy Foods For Beagles

2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food (Small and Toy Breed)

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food (Small and Toy Breed)

It is another one from Hill’s Science designed for puppies and young dogs and has a lot of positive reviews. The purchasers are very happy and they say that they will not switch to any other brand as long as the beagles are puppy.

With another brand, they had to make the puppy eat forcefully. While other food from various companies made them sick. The puppies had fever and vomiting. Instead of making the young beagles go through all these, it will be fair to provide them with the best puppy food for beagles.

Hill’s Science put chicken meal as the main ingredient rather than any by-product. There are no artificial flavors, colors, chemicals or preservatives. It is crafted in such a way that your beagle will have a healthy and strong foundation that will make it solid enough to cope with rest of its life. It also consists of apples, green peas, cranberries, carrots and broccoli.

The important part of a puppy food is the size of the kibble. You cannot force it to eat something as long it does not like its appearance, taste and size. Hill’s Science are experts with puppy food and they made in such a way that all young dogs will eagerly want a bite from that bowl.

Best Dog Foods For Beagle With Allergies

3. Wellness Limited Ingredient Diet Simple Natural Dry Dog Food

Wellness Limited Ingredient Diet Simple Natural Dry Dog Food

As mentioned before, Beagles can have allergies and it is nothing new or surprising. You should be able to tell from the name that the company states “limited ingredient” and that will be perfect for your beagle’s sensitive stomach.

The food has all the features that makes it easy to digest. Just because it is an effortless task for the beagle to digest this, it will not sacrifice its quality or nutrition. It has all the components your pet will need to stay strong and healthy.

It is product of the USA and contains only high-quality and first-class ingredients. That is why it is the best dog food for beagle with allergies.

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