Here’s How to Discover Goa


This article recommends that you book yourself into a Goa hotel package – it works out great in a number of ways.
Goa truly is India’s Sunshine State, and you enjoy holidaying there. But this year, you’ve decided to try a luxury break in Goa – as you should. But do book a suitable hotel package first.

What are hotel packages?

Normally, you would book your flight tickets, accommodation, and other services separately while planning your holiday. But booking a hotel package is always better. It is an overall package designed to account for your hotel stay plus value-added services while at the hotel. Some travel operators have tie-ups with luxury resorts in Goa as well as mid-range hotels, to offer a package that includes flight tickets, hotel stay, meals and use of the hotel’s amenities. Booking a Goa hotel package saves you the time and expense of booking everything separately.
What’s more, the best luxury resorts in Goa, like The Leela Goa, have a spate of superb Goa hotel deals pre-designed for their customers.


So how do they help?

As mentioned earlier, a well-designed hotel package takes away the stress of booking everything separately. What’s more, you also save money while doing so, because luxury resorts in Goa offer the best mix of amenities, rooms, and meals at an attractive price. You just have to pick the most suitable package and complete your booking online. After this, you simply show up at the hotel and enjoy your stay as planned.

Another important benefit of booking a good Goa hotel deal is that some packages include inner-city travel, or culinary experiences, or culture trips. For example, take the Goa hotel packages designed by The Leela. Their ‘Sights and Culture’ package is designed to give visitors a glimpse into the State’s famous beaches, historical and cultural landmarks, shopping areas and also places of worship. Meanwhile, the ‘Culinary sojourn’ package introduces guests to the delights of Konkani cooking in all its traditional glory. There is also the ‘Cultural Journey’ package that gives visitors a glimpse into Goa’s rich cultural traditions over 7 scintillating days.
Thus, booking the right Goa hotel package enhances your holiday experience by acquainting you with the important sights, food joints, customs and ethos of India’s happiest State.


Other fringe benefits…

But that’s not to say that every Goa hotel deal is about exploring the great outdoors. If you came to Goa to rest and pamper your tired senses, then you can even pick a package that includes accommodation and meals. This essentially means that you can have all your meals at the hotel’s fine dining restaurants, with access to the hotel’s fitness areas, wet spa, outdoor property, and any beach or private space that the hotel is in proximity to. The package may not include the 5-star spa, but you can always pick a great treatment and get pampered with a massage and a detox drink.

Ultimately, how your Goa holiday shapes up depends a lot on the package you pick up. In turn, this depends on the kind of holiday you were looking for in the first place. If it’s a luxury setting you seek on your Goa sojourn, then a good package with a luxury resort in Goa should be a priority.

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