7 High Paying Healthcare Careers to Consider

It is human nature to fall sick or get injured at some point in their life. Who comes as a knight in shining armor for a sick, injured person? The healthcare industry, of course. Unsurprisingly, due to the increasing population, the jobs in healthcare are expected to surge, creating a lot of demand for all kinds of people in healthcare careers. This ensures higher salaries, job security, and stable career paths for all potential med students in the future.

Kicking starts the medical career and awakens the altruistic side of a person, as it allows them to make a difference in a patient’s life and earn a six-figure income. However, this does not come easy, as it takes years of specialization and extensive education to reach specific expertise. The requirements of high-paying jobs include a bachelor’s degree, a medical doctor’s degree, and a residency.

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Now let us look into the highest paying jobs in health care that outline their median salary, job outlook, education required, job description, and other information related to their career;

1. Physician

One of the highest-paying jobs in the healthcare sector includes becoming a physician or surgeon. Their job description includes running diagnoses and treating illnesses and injuries. They record a patient’s history after examining them, run diagnostic tests, and then prescribe medications after assessing them. After the assessment, they advise the patients on preventative measures they should take, which involve the improvement of one’s diet, nourishment, or exercise schedule.

The educational requirements include getting a bachelor’s degree, medical doctorate, residency, and license to pass a U.S. Medical examination. Their median salary ranges up to $231,500 a year.

2. Surgeon

Coming to the second job that pays heavy bucks, we have a surgeon who performs surgeries and operations on patients. Their job is to repair broken bones and detect diseases and birth defects. They perform diagnosis exams and discuss medical interventions. After the surgery, they hold follow-up visits to monitor the progress.

Their average annual salary is around $297,800 per annum. They can specialize in pediatric, orthopedic, brain, oral and maxillofacial surgery.


3. Pharmacist

Becoming a licensed pharmacist means that you can dispense prescription medications to patients and communicate the instructions for the safe use of the medications. They can certainly provide valuable advice to the patients on how to maintain a healthy regime and conduct health and wellness screening to detect any undiagnosed disease. Highly educated pharmacist professionals have a median salary of around $126,120 per annum after getting a doctoral degree.

4. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Associated with bringing a new life into this world, obstetricians and gynecologists deal with the woman’s reproductive health. They treat health issues of a woman, including ovarian cancers and cysts, menopause indicators, and irregular periods. Obstetrics strictly deals with childbirth, such as providing care during pregnancy and delivering babies, while gynecology is a medical field that deals with a woman’s reproductive health.

They require strong intrapersonal communication skills, with an extra dose of empathy, as this job involves giving sensitive news to the patient. Their average salary is around $239,120, with a required Bachelor’s Degree, obstetrician and gynecologist specialization, and residency.

5. Dentist

The top earners of this medical field are dentists, who are the physicians treating dental health. The roles of their job description include diagnosing and treating any undetected issues, along with devising a regime plan and care to improve their dental health. Extracting teeth, removing decay, spotting cavities, doing an x-ray check-up of teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth, and then prescribing medications are some of their day-to-day duties.

An indication of an aspiring dentist includes teaching his patients about their dental health and how it is well linked to their overall health. The type of specialized dentists includes Endodontists, Orthodontists, Dental anesthesiologists, Oral pathologists, and Periodontitis. Their average salary consists of $163, 220 and they need to attain a doctor of dental surgery or medicine in dentistry, with certifications from the National Board of Dental Examinations.


6. Speech-Language Pathologist

SLP or speech therapists evaluate, assess, diagnose and treat communication, speech, or language difficulties. The patients of SLPS are adults and children. These may include people, who are stroke victims in the recovery phase, patients who have a stuttering problem, children with autism and language developmental delays, and babies who have trouble swallowing. They are mostly based in schools, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals. The financial outcome ranges from $80,480 up to a year with a minimum requirement of a Master’s Degree.

7. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)

The last on our list of non-physician high-paying jobs include the APRNS, which are nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners. Each one of them has a role in supervising. Nurse anesthetists provide anesthesia to the patients before, during, and after the surgery. Moreover, nurse midwives offer family planning facilities and prenatal care to the woman. Lastly, nurse practitioners are primary caregivers and encourage health-effective approaches to a patient’s life. They earn up to $111,680 a year with a requirement of a Master’s Degree. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree before enrolling in an advanced degree, provides a solid foundation for pursuing advanced nursing degrees and specialized nursing roles in the future. Learn more at


We hope that this blog was helpful enough for you to think about kick-starting your career in health care after considering all the possible factors and launching it by researching more about the health-related courses and specializations that are present in the medical field!

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