How to Find an Emergency Dentist Using

Some dental conditions demand emergency dental care. Delaying the treatment may exacerbate the condition, ultimately leading to tooth loss or extensive dental bills. However, getting an emergency dentist appointment remains a big challenge across the USA. Sometimes, it is even hard to find an emergency dentist when you need one.

Here comes the importance of’s 24-hours emergency dental care. The virtual emergency dental consultation comes in handy to deal with any type of dental emergency throughout the U.S.

Read on to learn how to find an emergency dentist for patients in New Jersey, NJ, or other provinces.

How to find an emergency dentist using


You can find an emergency dentist by calling’s 24-hours helpline, using their emergency dentist locator, or submitting a form on their website. For ease of access, we have further elaborated the steps to finding an emergency dentist.

Calling 24-hours helpline

You can call 888-588-3394 at any time from anywhere to get connected with an emergency dentist immediately. It is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 356 days a year. The dentists are experienced in virtually diagnosing, treating, or managing your dental condition. If necessary, the dentist can also refer you to a local dentist near you.

Further, you can also book an emergency dentist appointment near you. You just need to call (866) 525-3001. You will get an emergency dentist appointment based on your condition, location, and insurance carrier.

However, it is crucial to determine if your dental condition falls under a dental emergency before calling. Here are some types of dental emergencies that need an emergency dentist’s attention.

  • Gum or face swelling.
  • Extreme pain that hinders your daily activities and sleeps
  • Persistent mouth ulcers for more than 14 days
  • Broken or knocked-out tooth
  • Continues bleeding after several hours or days of tooth extraction
  • Gum abscess causing severe pain or discomfort

So, instead of panicking, assess your situation. Not every dental condition is considered an emergency, such as:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Minor toothache
  • Mouth ulcers present for less than 10 days
  • Minor bleeding from gums

Practice good oral hygiene to manage these minor dental conditions until you visit a dentist.

Using Emergency Dentist Locator


If you do not prefer conversation, you can visit to locate and get an appointment with a local emergency dentist. Click “book emergency dentist appointment” to start your search.

You need to fill in your dental condition, city, zip code, and insurance carrier. Based on this, you will be provided with the option to get connected with an emergency dental professional near you.

By submitting a form

This step entails submitting a patient information form in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Select your insurance provider from the drop-down list. accepts all major insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. Alternatively, you can pay an affordable direct fee or reimburse the charges.

Step 2: Fill in the patient information form and answer some questions. This questionnaire is crucial to serve you better in searching for and getting an appointment for you.

Step 3: will connect you with an experienced emergency dentist based on your input. Share your dental situation precisely to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment. If required, the virtual dentist can also prescribe you non-controlled medications.

Meanwhile, you can also take photos of the problem area and share them with your dentist.

When is the right time to choose a virtual dentist appointment?


If you aren’t able to decide whether or not to go for a virtual appointment, don’t stress anymore. There are significant instances where a virtual appointment will be perfect for you.

  • You are a part of the vulnerable population like the elderly or immunocompromised.
  • The costs of traditional appointments worry you.
  • Short on time and unable to fit a traditional appointment into the schedule.
  • Afraid of sitting in a dentist’s chair
  • You live way too far from a dentist’s office

Tips to prepare yourself for teledentistry

As per the American Teledentistry organization, teledentistry (Audio or video) can avoid costly emergency room visits. However, to make online interaction with your dentist more fruitful, you must ensure the following aspects.

  • Set up a quiet, private, and uninterrupted space to sit for your appointment. Make sure to have a strong internet connection.
  • Come prepared with your symptoms and past treatments with prescriptions, if any.
  • Take photos with the flashlight on.
  • If you prefer videoconferencing, ensure a stable internet connection and good lighting.
  • The consultation location should be near a sink. Also, get a hand towel and soap.
  • You can use a spoon or other household goods for assistance.
  • Once you have ensured the above-mentioned steps, log in to your dentist’s virtual waiting room and wait. And your appointment will start in no time.

What are the risks of postponing emergency treatments?


A dental emergency can’t wait for the next business day, especially when it involves unbearable suffering and pain. Whatever the reason, postponing an emergency treatment could prove threatening to your overall well-being and health. It could even lead to further damage, infection in the surrounding areas, or permanent tooth loss.

It is not advisable to delay urgent dental care even if you have great tolerance capabilities. Rarely but sometimes, an infection could even spread throughout the patient’s body. It could further lead to some life-threatening problems.

For instance, if you have recently met with an accident, an injury could leave you with permanent tooth loss. However, if you decide to get in touch with the emergency dentist right away, there are chances to save a loose or even knocked-out tooth. To help you look for dental emergency service, Dental house would be the best option for you which you can check and visit website for urgent dental care.

A delayed consultation could even hamper your regular day-to-day activities, such as chewing, eating, or going to work.


Most patients overlook dental emergencies due to the non-availability of dental appointments, or they think it is not as vital as other medical emergencies. To their surprise, they start to find an emergency dentist when their pain becomes unbearable. However, getting an emergency dentist appointment across the U.S is not easy.

In pursuit of providing emergency dental consultation to these patients, we discussed three steps to find an emergency dentist using

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