How to Decorate a Teenager’s Bedroom

Decorating a room for a teenager can be challenging. You need to find good pieces that your teenager loves, that look good in the room, and that you both agree on. Chances are you will need to make some sacrifices and the teenager will need to concede as well. Keep reading to learn more about how to decorate a teenager’s room that you both will enjoy!

Timeless fundamental pieces

Let’s start by filling the room with basic furniture like a bed, closet, dresser, desk, etc. Since a teenager is almost a grown-up and most teenagers want to be more grown-ups than kids, it is in both of your interests to choose pieces that would also fit a grown-up’s room.

A place for a good night’s sleep – a bed

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A bed is one of the most important furniture pieces since a teenager will spend a lot of time in it, it most likely will be the focal point of a room and a good night’s sleep is priceless already from a young age. Also, upgrading a bed is a really big deal. We all know how a kid goes from a toddler’s bed to a kid’s bed, and now – onto a grown-up’s bed.

It is best to choose a simple frame in neutral colors. Try to avoid any favorite colors for the teenager at this moment as well as trendy, bright colors. A teenager might change their mind the next year and trends pass very quickly. You will have other spaces where to express love for trends and favorites.

Also, think about the bed size, and if possible upgrade to a double bed, and you will have not only a bed for this moment but also a good investment for the future. If the teenager, when he or she grows up, will want to take the bed with them to their next apartment, a double bed will be more practical. However, if the bed stays in your home, you will have a guest room and a double bed is more beneficial than a single one.

Workspace – a desk and a chair

A desk is a very important area for someone who is still studying. It needs to be ergonomic, inviting, and inspiring. And have enough room for all the schoolwork your teenager will need to do and that includes creative projects, research, and basic computer work.

If possible, a table that is adjustable in height is an amazing option. It might seem a bit pricey at first, but your teenager will start to learn ergonomic working habits early. And again, if the table stays with you after the kid moves out, you will have a great working desk for yourself later on.

Desk storage is also very important since school children often have a lot of books, notebooks, and other supplies.

Talking about the style, go for a classic style desk. Something that is beautiful and works well in different environments. Try to avoid specific kids or teenagers’ desks, just go for the grown-up version.

As for a chair, check out all the ergonomic options there are. Teenagers do spend a lot of time studying or just working with computers, so they will be sitting a lot. Design-wise – classic options are the best. Also, make sure the color of the chair is neutral and works with the rest of the room.

Wall color

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With wall color, there are a few options. Overall the best suggestion is to paint the walls in a neutral tone and don’t follow any topical trends. This might be the place where you will have to find an agreement with your teenager, as they often want something fun and actual for them right now. In that case, a good option is to have an accent wall and use peel and stick wallpaper. It is easy to remove if it gets old after a while and you can exchange it for something else or just leave the wall blank then.

If you don’t mind doing a renovation aka repainting the room once in a while, you can of course go with the wishes of the teenager full on. Colorful walls just the way they like it, might bring them lots of joy and encouragement that might be worth the extra work.

Have fun with accessories

This is the moment when a teenager can have a lot of say in what he or she gets in the room. Since accessories are less pricey than, for example, a bed, it is a good place where to express trends, things that are topical right now, and the personality of a teenager at the moment.

Posters and canvas as wall decor

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For sure, teenager has hobbies, passions, and things they like. And posters or canvas are a great place how to express it in home decor. If you cannot find just the right thing in the shop, you can go for a custom-made print.

To do that, you need to use print on demand services. If you are interested, we suggest checking out printseekers.com . They are a print on demand supplier, that has high-quality pieces, different printing techniques, great reviews, and amazing customer service.

The custom-made print can be anything you and the teenager enjoy – a photo, a design, or a quote. It is all up to you!

Bedding, covers, and pillows

Another place where to express favorite colors and patterns, is the bedding, bed cover, and pillows. These things will perfectly show off the personality of the teenager and will bring a lot of joy into their life. They can even have different sets for holidays or seasons. It is also fun to source throw pillows, so your teenager might even enjoy the hunt of finding new pieces for his or her collection.

In conclusion

To have a successful teenage bedroom makeover, just make sure you invest in classical pieces when it comes to fundamentals, and go crazy and fun on the accessories and less pricey items. It will have the perfect balance to create a grown-up-looking room but still with playful elements. Enjoy!

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