How To Decorate Modern Outdoor Fountains – 2024 Guide

It really helps a lot when you update the way your house looks, and that will work well if you start working on the changes in the outdoor aesthetics. One of the popular additions would be the modern outdoor fountains because of their striking and space-saving designs, especially if you’re working on leaning your architectural designs towards the contemporary industrial feels.

In search of ideas on how to decorate modern outdoor fountains, OutdoorArtPros.com has a wide array of selections that can light that bulb for you to start on your improvement projects for your home. Now, to get you going, it would be nice for you to know some basic ideas on where and what to start in modernizing the outdoor area of your house.

You see, the modern era made us almost dependent on everything that is manufactured with high precision, mass production to meet our ever-growing demands, and quality to meet our long-term needs. Yet, we still look at the industrial aspect of life as a simple prerequisite for the world to continue moving for everyone.

So, what if you give it a little appreciation by applying the modern industrial design in your home or office outdoors? Why not mix and match the industrial concepts with something that will still make you in tune with nature? Can the modern industrial meet with zen?

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Here are some of the ideas of outdoor improvements to complement and decorate modern outdoor fountains.

1. Choose the right greeneries

You can’t just pick and plant random greens outdoors if you want to achieve that modern look. If you’ve got your favorites, that’s fine. Still, you must know where to station them, especially if you need to pattern your outdoor area with a modern industrial, architectural design of your house.

Going for a lively vibe is okay. But to achieve that modern ambiance, you need to go with less flowery plants and pick the smaller bright green plants so that they won’t subdue the straightforward symmetrical outdoor designs and edges. Yes, your plants must look straightforward, too, this time! Cactus, Bird of Paradise, Snake Plant, and Monstera are great examples of plants that would perfectly combine with modern interiors.

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2. Go for darker paints, or just go bare

To achieve that modern outdoor look, it’s better to go for darker industrial colors like black or dark gray. Use these colors on random edged structures in your outdoor areas like concrete benches and modern outdoor fountains.

If not, going bare on your concrete structures outdoors will work well too. Just make sure that the color will beautifully match the plants’ natural dyes to give that area some life.

Source: uniquegardendecor.com

3. Add some earth elements

The modern looks of industrial designs blend well with some earth elements like wood and small bamboo varieties. Giving your modern outdoor design some touch of earth elements will give that warm and relaxing ambiance without ruining the edges and the industrial motif’s base colors.

Make sure that if you’re going to choose the weatherproof woods to go with your floor or walls, that way you won’t have to bother changing them often. In the case of adding some bamboo outdoors, you have to give the proper care and maintenance because it may anchor its roots too deep and damage the floor concrete. It’s best to have garden experts manage this if you don’t have enough time to do so.

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4. Use the trick lighting can give

Warm outdoor lights will complement modern outdoor fountains, especially at night. You may want to install focus lights with warm lights on the outdoor edges that way the shadows of the plants and symmetry. The warm lights will give that widening illusion in the outdoors as the shadows are cast in perfect geometry while providing that calming ambiance.

Imagine how much the edges are neutralized by the perfectly aligned shadows while the warm lights in the background do the trick. On some cold nights, you will also notice the mist coming up from the lit bulbs, which will further add the calming mood as you stay and spend time outdoors. This is what you call the perfect balance.

Indeed, outdoor edges will be lit but don’t forget to light the modern outdoor fountain from the ground or its base where the water erupts. You may use two or three ground lights to give that enchanting illusion to your fountain as its shadows are cast while the water is flowing continuously.

Source: chinametalsculpture.com

Yes, it’s a picture that you can hear and a scene that you can definitely feel. This is perfect in home outdoors as you relax at the end of your long day, or if in the workplace, this will help calm your tired mind and body from what seems to be an endless day of tasks. Lights definitely can do a lot of tricks when they’re installed in the right places outdoors.

5. Play with shapes and texture

Imagining the picture after you’ve read the first four ideas, you’re now close to checking the list for having the perfect blend of a city scene and nature. The earth, being the plants and the woodworks, the wind, being the ambiance itself of your modern outdoor designs, and fire, being the warm lights that will flaunt their magic at night.

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Now, the idea of adding the odd ones will ironically complement everything. You may want to get some dark pebbles and white sand that you can lay out at the bottom of your modern outdoor fountain, in the basin of your fountain, on parts where the greens are planted, or simply organize them in one corner. These dark pebbles and sand will help soften the sharp edges of modern industrial outdoor design.

These are just five simple ideas, and there is so much more than you can explore if you’re planning to upgrade your outdoor design with modern outdoor fountains and other modern industrial concepts. At the end of the day, it’s your space, and it must always tailor-fit your fancy.

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