How To Get More Puffs From A Disposable Vape?

People love vaping, and it is slowly turning into a lifestyle, more than just a way to get high. Although vaping has been introduced in the market in the past decade, there have been many innovations in how people vape today.

People earlier used to carry heavy devices to vape and get the perfect hit. But with the changing needs, newer and better vape devices have been crafted so that the vaping experience for people becomes more exhilarating.

One such great invention is the disposable vape, which took the world by surprise with its benefits. This article will help you learn how to enjoy a disposable vape to the fullest and derive maximum puffs out of it. So, keep reading!

How are Disposable Vapes Better than Other Options?


As said before, there are many options when it comes to vaping. However, the best one so far has been disposable ones. Disposable vapes let a consumer use the vape once and discard it on completion.

There are many benefits when it comes to using these devices. Some of them include the freedom to explore new devices from different brands each time.

Plus, if someone does not vape regularly, they can use disposables so that they can easily discard them after exhaustion without wasting money. After all, the cost of disposable vapes is comparatively lesser than other options.

Besides, when people use disposables, they also have the freedom to experiment with multiple flavors. For instance, a disposable Hyde vape comes in around 20 flavors, from fruity tones to savory ones.

Since these devices are used once only, it is designed to be more compact and lightweight, making them easier to carry around. Some even come with airflow control for effective regulation of puffs.

Thus, considering the factors mentioned above, one can easily conclude that disposable vapes are a better option than their counterparts.

Is it Possible to Get More Puffs from a Disposable Vape?


Since the e-juice in these vapes is not refillable, the consumer needs to get an altogether new device once it exhausts. This factor makes people often wonder if the vape juice in the device can last longer.

Although it is a little complex, some ways can make it possible for you to draw more puffs than that mentioned on the vape device packaging, extending your vaping sessions.

How Can You Get More Puffs from a Disposable Vape?

A few sure-shot ways can enable a vape lover to enjoy disposable e-liquid more than the manufacturer ensures.

Usually, the puff count mentioned on the packaging is an estimated amount that varies from user to user. For a few, the actual number of puffs they get can be lesser than that mentioned, while for some, it can be more.

So, below are some methods you can try to get more puffs from your disposable vape.

Ensure You Store the Device Properly

Disposable vapes are made of various in-built components like the coil, battery, and e-liquid. These elements require optimum storage conditions to work collectively and help you make the most of the vape juice.

So, if you store the disposable vape as instructed on the packaging, you might get more puffs than usual.

Also, if it is not stored correctly, it can damage the components of the vape. This, in turn, can reduce the puff count by a huge margin.

Buy Disposable Vapes from Good Brands


Not all manufacturers in the market work dedicatedly, putting their consumers first. Some only want to make a profit, so they manufacture devices that lack quality.

Low-quality materials and components can result in degraded functioning of your disposable vape. It can become one of the major reasons why the puff count is way lesser than mentioned on the package.

Buying a branded vape device might be costly, but it will be good quality. So, you can rest assured that you will get better puff counts, sometimes even more than promised.

Use the Disposable Vape at Lower Temperatures

The temperature at which a consumer uses the vape device matters a lot. Higher temperature tends to burn off more e-juice, resulting in the production of a lesser number of puffs before exhaustion.

On the contrary, when consumers use the vape at lower temperatures, they find that the delivered puff counts are more than the expected range, making the device last longer. So, you can decide between the temperature range as per your preference.

Avoid Taking Longer Draws


It might not seem logical, but the period for which a vaper takes a drag determines the number of puffs they can enjoy. When a consumer takes long draws, they consume more e-liquid causing the number of puffs to go down.

In contrast, if a user takes shorter draws, less e-liquid will be used, and the number of puffs generated will be much higher than those from longer draws.

Purchase Product With More Vape Liquid

So many emerging brands in the market are now providing a variety of disposable vape devices. From innumerable flavors and ergonomic designs to advanced features and the voluminous amount of vape liquid, you can find all variants of the device.

Sometimes, two brands provide the same flavor and the same amount of e-liquid but at different prices.

Hence, it is a great idea to thoroughly research the product in detail before finalizing one option. Make sure you select the vape brand that can give you more quantity of an e-liquid at a lesser price without losing on the quality of the device.

End Words

Consumers always want value for the money that they invest. Whether it is a serious object or something for fun, it is always better to get the best.

So, when it comes to vaping, people want to get the best flavors and the maximum number of puff counts, especially while purchasing a disposable vape. Taking care of the vape device and using it wisely can enhance the puff counts as well as the experience.

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