2024 Vape Travel Guide: Traveling with Vape Supplies

Since the emergence of the novel coronavirus, airlines have toughened traveling regulations to curb the spread of COVID-19. As a result, traveling isn’t how it used to be; there are many things you need to comply with, making it quite challenging. The situation is even worse when you are traveling with vape products or supplies.

Despite the stringent measures everywhere, traveling with your vape for pleasure or business can still be memorable. You may be wondering if you can bring vape supplies to the plane? How to pack them? Or what other nitty-gritty do you need to know before boarding a plane? This guide will serve you well.

What are the Vaping Laws?

Vaping laws are guidelines that govern the use and distribution of vape products in a particular jurisdiction. Before traveling, acquaint yourself with the policies and ideal procedures to track. Policies vary from airline to airline and between countries. Spare yourself airport security check drama by knowing the airport’s vaping laws or state you’re moving to.

Among the most vape-friendly destinations are the US, Mexico, Canada, or Europe. However, you’ll still have to meet their requirements to be allowed to fly. Some countries have outrightly outlawed everything vaping, from e-cigarettes, vape juice, or vape.

Unlike other laws, vaping regulations and policies keep changing every time, and what works might not be in place in the next few months. Occasionally, check with the embassy to acquaint yourself with the vaping laws once you plan to visit.

How to Carry the Vape Supplies?

Even though staying high relieves you of the day-to-day stress, transporting vape products while visiting can be a hurdle. So, although they are the ultimate companion, they can be an exception in some instances.

Once you buy high-quality e-juice from Zamplebox, ensure the vape supplies are in the carry-on bag instead of the luggage bag. But for all e juice, ensure you meet the safety regulations on air traveling with liquids. Pack them in a transparent bag in a 3.4-ounce travel bottle and always ensure that the packaging bottles are clean and meet the required safety standards.

If you want to travel with more e-juice, make sure to communicate with the authorities in advance to know the limits.

When packaging, focus on protecting the drink from spills while traveling. Strive to keep the vape products dry throughout. You can achieve dryness by:

  • Keeping the supplies in a plastic bag(s).
  • Storing them in a waterproof pouch or dry bags.
  • Storing them inside a vape case.

Additionally, you need to comply with pack specific guidelines for

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  • E-juice – Seal the bottle top with tight tape carefully. Ensure you wrap the entire bottle using plastic wrap, then place it in a freezer bag or a similar bag or container.
  • Vape kit – Disassemble the accessories separately. Using a soft cloth, wrap the mod or tank and keep it in a plastic bag while sealing them tightly inside the pouch or bag.
  • Pod device – Wrap it using a soft cloth and carry it in your bag or pocket while boarding a flight.

To make your travel successful, adhering to the packing rules and guidelines is important. It will spare you unnecessary tussles with securities at the airport.

Is Vaping allowed at the airport?

Vaping on board is illegal. However, depending on the airport rules, you might be allowed to vape before boarding. You can find out the guidelines by checking the airport’s official website, contacting them through social media, or by email.

People tend to categorize vaping as smoking. For this reason, most airports will treat you as a smoker. So, if there are no vaping signs around, look for smoking signs and comply. Alternatively, ask around from the staff to ensure you aren’t locking yourself out from pleasure by making assumptions.

Can You Vape During a Flight?

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The urge to vape can be intense during a flight. Despite trying to sweep the feeling under the carpet, you may attempt to have a puff (stealth vape). Just know you are risking hefty penalties for this act. Even though you may succeed on your next trip do not dare try the same. You can be jailed upon landing or face hefty fines, which isn’t worth it!

Safety with Vaping Supplies

Here are some of the safety precautions to follow before leaving your house, before and during the flight:

  • Charge the vaping devices you’re traveling with fully.
  • Clean and pack your vaping supplies in the carry-on bag.
  • Ensure the devices are off while on the plane.
  • For e-juices, do not fill the bottles. Give room for expansion of the liquid.
  • Be conversant with vaping laws of the visiting country or state.
  • While going through security checks, take your vaping devices out.


If you can comply with these simple guidelines, traveling with vape supplies and products can be easy. Always ensure you follow the vaping laws. Basically, after arriving at your destination, familiarize yourself with the local vaping policies to be on the safer side.

Besides, if you have to vape, ensure it’s not in public. Following the rules, every time you’re visiting a new place will guarantee an enjoyable vaping experience.

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