How to Navigate Naples’ Historic Center: A Step-By-Step Guide

Do you want to explore the world’s historic city? The third-largest city in Italy, Naples, must be your travel destination. It is situated on the Southern side of Italy, which includes many historical events and facts. It is an underrated and chaotic city with beautiful streets, old buildings, and historic sights.

If you plan to visit Naples, you cannot miss the historical sections of the city. Mafia and crime are still the most extensive parts of this city. But there is a proper balance between the right and the wrong. You can better explore today’s Naples only when you understand its unique history. Before planning your trip, ensure you get all the travel information from TouristItaly.

This guide will help you navigate the historic center of Naples to clear all the misunderstandings about this city. Whenever you visit the city, you feel excited to explore the historical stories connected to this city. The more you explore, the more your thoughts about Naples will clear.

The History


Many empires came and fell but never changed this city’s influential aura and wealth. For every ruler, it was an important spot. In 470 BC, the new town was founded and developed according to Greek-Roman culture.

Naples’s history involves empires like the Romans, Swabians, Byzantines, Sicilians, Normans, etc. From the 13th to the 15th century, many grand churches were constructed. In the subsequent years, many castles and palaces were built.

The Bourbon Kings joined this city after 1734 and contributed to the development of several architectural projects. After the massive development, Naples became one of Europe’s largest and most well-known cities. Today, the city has a modern architectural structure due to incredible buildings and streets.

Explore the Historic Center

If you visit Naples, you cannot miss exploring the city’s historic center. You cannot take a whole historical tour in a single day. It may take a few weeks or months to see everything and know all the facts.

You can go on a walking tour and explore the beautiful buildings and infrastructure of the city. Many tourist spots are not well-maintained as you expect as it gives an accurate picture of the city’s history. You can use your phone to spot all the historic centers in the town and walk there by following the route.

Places You Can Visit


Piazza Del Plebiscito

This place is located near the coast and is a grand square worth visiting. In the 19th century, the Napoleon emperor constructed it, but later, it was modified as per the plan. In 1860 the entire construction was completed, and its name was derived from Plebiscite. After that, it allowed Naples to get into the Italian kingdom.

Royal Palace

There is another historic and worth-visiting place opposite Piazza, i.e., the Royal Palace. In the 17th century, this palace was constructed, and in the 18th century, Bourbons started residing here. The building is divided into four wings, along with the courtyard.

You do not require a ticket to enter the palace. You can walk around the castle through the main gate and go inside the beautiful garden to explore it thoroughly.

Nuovo Castle

Another incredible palace next to the royal palace is the Nuovo Castle. It was constructed in 1279 and was a residential palace for the royal people. Last, people resided here in 1815, but now, it has become a tourist spot.

You will love to admire the scenic beauty of its architecture. Its impressive structure will blow your mind. It is worth spending money on its ticket. Local institutes and offices use some space near the castle.

Galleria Umberto I


If you love shopping, you can go downtown after visiting the Galleria Umberto I. It is an impressive shopping arcade which was built in 1891. The middle dome is made with 16 ribs which looks appealing.

It is an exciting tourist spot that one should visit in Naples. You will get such infrastructure in another city. You can explore the flooring details and reach the shopping streets through the beautiful architecture.

Santa Chiara

Being a religious traveler, you cannot miss old and beautiful churches. There are more than 500 churches in this city, and Santa Chiara is worth visiting. You can freely go inside for prayers and explore the authentic beauty of its architecture.

When you go inside, you can also visit museums, significant tombs, beautiful monasteries, etc. It is a peaceful place that was once damaged in World War II. Initially, it was constructed in 1328 but rebuilt in Gothic style after the world war.

Piazza Dante

The oldest and most beautiful square of Naples is Piazza Dante, named after the poet Dante. You can explore the breathtaking buildings around the yard. For food and entertainment, you can go to bars and cafes.

You can spend a whole day there around the yard. You can capture photos of the beautiful buildings and enjoy being there till night.

Naples Cathedral


If you visit churches in Naples, you cannot afford the cathedral church. It was constructed in the 14th century with impressive art and infrastructure. You will love to see the decorations and the royal chapel.

You will go through every corner of the church and pay interest to know the exciting story behind it. If you miss this spot, your trip to Naples will go to waste.

Final Thoughts

Naples has a massive historical center involving stories of many empires that once resided here. You must visit Naples and explore the old events if you are a historical enthusiast. You will get to know more about what happened centuries ago. If you are working on a history project, exploring this city will be worth it.

You can plan a trip to this city and come here to explore the historic center. For proper navigation, this guide has included all the details. Even a week is not enough to travel around the whole city. You must research more, add all the places on your bucket list to visit, and make your trip worth it.

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