3 Pet Memorial Ideas That Can Help You Navigate The Death of Your Friend

Losing a pet is one of the most devastating things in life. We are all aware that their life is shorter than ours, but we still hope that we will have enough time to spend with them. But, sometimes life can be really cruel. It often happens that the pet dies earlier than expected, and that’s a grief we bring with us all our life. Some people are full of sympathy and they will support you through the whole process. Also, those who never had a pet will never understand the struggle to move on with their life after pet loss.

It’s really hard in the beginning. You can’t even imagine your life without your pet, no matter if it’s a dog, cat, parrot, hamster, or any other animal that is kept as a pet. There are so many situations in life, but loss always hurts the most. And we really suffer after our pet dies, and sometimes that may last for years.

Pet owners sometimes have difficult decisions to make. When the pet gets very sick, they might put them down for good. But, sometimes there are accidents that lead to that outcome like being hit by a vehicle, poisoning, or other unpleasant situation. We are all aware that pet loss is an integral part of the pet owner’s life, but it’s still so hard and tough to pass through.

What you can do? What are your options? How to keep the memory of your beloved friend always fresh and vibrant? Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Jewelry to always remember them


If you decide to cremate your pet, its urn can serve as a basis for making jewelry, which you can take with you everywhere. Imagine, your pet remains always close to your heart. At Mittens and Max, you can find really great ideas, with the option to customize them according to your preferences.

The option of creaming pets is not available everywhere in the world, but still, there is a way to do this without ashes. You can always choose epoxy art and save some of the hair you collect from your clothes, and their accessories, or make your own personalized jewelry according to their photo. The decision depends on how visible you want your grief to be. Sometimes, owners wear their pet collars as a bracelet.

When it comes to jewelry, you can also think of those people who can make a diamond out of the ashes of your loved ones. In fact, every idea is wonderful, as long as it relieves your grief.

2. Mini altar at your home


Determine a place that will be dedicated to your pets. They were a crucial part of your life, and after they decide to go, they should keep that place forever. Surely, many people find it too painful, and they decide to put all the memories in a box, and occasionally open it. But, many of them decide to take the whole thing to a next level.

If your pet has had a favorite corner of the home, you can turn that corner into his altar, a sacred place where their presence stays forever. Make shelves where you can store their photos and everything related to them. Some people find it easier to get over it if they feel the presence of their pet.

Also, it’s one of the best ways to keep all their things here with you. It can be a corner that is visible to all the guests who come to your house, or you can choose a more intimate part of your home. As we said, there is no wrong way to grieve for your pet. Everything is fine, as long as it feels right.

3. Adopt a new pet


Many people aren’t ready to adopt a new pet after they lose one. For some of them, it’s a really hard decision, because they consider it as a replacement. Others can adopt a new pet immediately. What’s behind these activities?

Some people really need time to get used to life without their pets. The good thing is that once they opened their heart to an animal, they will always love them. But, if they need time, they are not obligated to bring a new pet at home. So, don’t push them, and don’t even think about saying that “it’s just an animal, get over it”. Let them grieve as they want.

Those who immediately adopt a new pet, they do that because they have a lot of love to give. When a pet is sick and death is expected, the owners get used to the situation, and they want to ease the pet’s life, making it as much enjoyable as possible. The accidental loss is really hard to take. That’s why these people often adopt immediately after the accident. Their hearts are full of love for all the furry pals around. Often, their grief will turn them into animal activists, and they will try to save them all. That’s what fills their heart with compassion and love.


Losing a pet is never easy. Those who say that they get sick quickly, are not right at all. In fact, an owner may have dozens of pets in his life, but he will always grieve equally for those who have died. Grief is easier when it is shared with loved ones. There are many ways to deal with it, but none of them can be said to be correct.

Therefore, any memorial idea for the lost pet is correct. But if you want to grieve in silence, with no visible memories, that’s acceptable. In fact, all that love and sorrow remains a part of you, to remind you to be grateful for the wonderful moments you had with your pet.

But if that really makes it easier for you, then create a personalized memorial. You can keep the grief quiet or talk about it. It is up to you to choose how it is easier and more acceptable to you.

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