NASA Astronaut Alexander Gerst Captured Stunning Images of a Sunset From Space

Sunset From Space

Earth is the only living planet in the solar system with the support of the free oxygen, oceans of liquid water on the surface and the most amazing feature is the Life that it supports. The thrid palnet from the Sun with four terrestrial planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars and that are mostly rocky at the surface.

The planet is not a perfect sphere because it spins with the gravity that points towards the center of our planet but since this this gravity-opposing force acts perpendicular to the axis of Earth and the planet axis is tilted, the centrifugal force at the equator is not exactly opposed to gravity. Now, to counter this imbalance, we have equator where gravity pushes extra masses of water and earth into a bulge or you can say “spare tire” around our planet.

Our home planet has a generous waistline at the equator where the circumference of the globe is 24,901 miles and hence at the equator you would weight less than if standing at one of the poles. We all stand and do our regular activities on our planet, however, the imtresting fact is that we are actually moving at every moment irrespective of where you are on the globe, we are spinning at a rate of over 1,000 miles per hour. The intresting fact is that people on the equator move the fastest compared to someone standing on the North or South pole would be perfectly still.

Talking about the age of the Earth, Researchers and scientist calculate the age of the Earth dating back to the oldest rocks on the planet and meteorites that have been discovered on Earth. According to the various studies, the age of the planet is approximately 4.54 billion years old. We have listed some of the more intresting facts about Earth that you should read,

NASA has launched an international space station known as International Space Station where astronauts are also orbiting around the planet. One of the European astronaut Alexander Gerst shared stunning images of a sunset captured from space. He has shared those photos on his twitter handle and it looks amazing and beautiful. The photos show the stretch of clouds glowing red and orange from sunlight that too followed by the darker shadow of night.

Sunset From Space

Source: Mirror

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