The Importance of the Immigration Lawyer ─ What Do They Do?

An immigration process is no easy feat, especially if you have gone through one in the past. Immigration laws can be quite complex, and you would need an experienced lawyer in this field to get you through the process to save time and money and, in the end, get what you want.

For instance, as immigrant planning to live in Glendale, you should be open to knowing a few Glendale immigration attorneys. The reason is for possible situations that may arise, including checking your eligibility for a Green card, immigrant benefits, and more.

But what do immigration lawyers do, anyway? And why should you get one? Why don’t you read on to find out?

What do immigration lawyers do?


With the continued influx of people who keep coming into the country with the hope of schooling, working, or living here, there is a need for immigration lawyers to help them navigate the complex immigration pathways.

Immigration law is complex, so you may need a lawyer that specializes in that to help you out. One of the things immigration lawyers do is to guide immigrants through the complicated process.

They prepare paperwork on immigrants’ behalf and that the information they fill in during their immigration process is well organized and consistent. Moreover, these lawyers see to it that your story to immigration officers is believable.

In addition, they act as counselors and advisors to immigrants who have to interact with immigration authorities and guide them through the process, including what to say. They act as mediators between their clients and the authorities.

Generally, immigration lawyers provide information and guidance on visa applications, Green cards, deportation, citizenship, and naturalization.

Importance of hiring an immigration lawyer


As an immigrant, whether you are processing your migration or already living in the United States, you need an immigration lawyer. You will need them eventually at one point in time.

While you may not need an immigration lawyer for all situations, you mostly need them if you want to migrate successfully and live comfortably in the states. For example, you don’t need an immigration lawyer if you are merely visiting and will ultimately return to your base in 90 days.

However, if you plan to stay for longer, you need to know a few immigration attorneys, so you can call on one if you are ever in trouble. How can they help you, and what important role can they play in your successful stay in the United States?

The following are reasons you should hire one:

Helpful for criminal conviction cases

Immigration lawyers are beneficial for criminal conviction cases that involve immigrants. Whether guilty or not, you would need a lawyer to help you out.

That aside, when filling out the USCIS form, it is required that you disclose whether you have a criminal record or not. In this case, you would need to fill in crimes you have been charged with, including the ones dropped or later expunged.

This is where an immigration lawyer will help you out because they are aware of the overlapping areas between immigration and criminal law. Thereby saving you the need to hire a separate criminal defense lawyer.

They can help you get your FBI report, criminal record certified copies, fingerprints, and other supporting documents that can help you with your immigration application. Applying for immigration without a lawyer when you have a criminal record can be at your disadvantage.

You stand a better chance of getting approval when you allow a lawyer to help you through the process.

Help with an immigration matter


Immigration lawyers help with any immigration-related matter. For example, they can help you if your visa application is denied. They can help you identify why your application was denied and see whether you can reapply or appeal, and help you through the reapplication process.

In addition, they can also help you in times of visa crisis, in case of marriage termination. When a marriage is terminated, it may be difficult to convince immigration officers that it wasn’t an arranged marriage.

An immigration lawyer can help you out and assist in proving that the marriage was a real one. They can also help you speed up unreasonable application waiting times. If you think your application is taking longer than it should, an immigration lawyer can help you out here.

Can help you get a job

When immigrants move abroad, it is often hard for them to find a legitimate or well-paying job quickly compared to citizens. Getting an immigration lawyer will make job application processes easier and increase your chance of finding a legitimate job quickly.

They will assist you in job applications, interact with human relations officers on your behalf, and help you shortlist jobs to apply to. In addition, they guide you in acquiring the tools needed to increase your chances.

Can provide the path to citizenship

If you desire to become a permanent US resident one day, immigration lawyers are good for that. They know the processes and blueprints involved in getting a Green card.

The process isn’t easy and involves a lot of steps. Having an immigration lawyer in your corner will help you and make it easier for you to achieve your permanent residency dream.

They are good with permits and regulations maneuver


Immigration lawyers are good with procedural maneuvers involved in different things, including getting a work permit or obtaining citizenship. While you may succeed in doing those on your own, getting a lawyer just makes things easier.

Assist you in knowing what your options are

Immigration lawyers are experienced in most immigrant situations. An experienced lawyer would have helped quite a few immigrants in difficult situations, and no matter what it is, you always have options.

They lay out your options to you, list out things involved, and help you understand the entirety of your circumstances. Suppose you are facing serious, difficult, or sensitive situations, like deportation, application denial, or medical condition, you are more likely to get out of it unscathed with the help of an immigration lawyer.


If you are an immigrant who wishes to experience a stress-free stay in the United States, you may need an immigration lawyer, especially during your application process. It doesn’t end there.

They can help you even after you move. You can start by searching for Glendale immigration lawyers, shortlist a few and contact them. You will eventually find one who you can go to whenever you need help related to what they do.

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