10 Most In-Demand Jobs in the UK

There are lots of things that make a job or career appealing. Maybe it is high pay, remote and flexible working, a promising industry or the job aligns with our interests and passions. Many of the same posts tick these boxes, which is why some jobs in the UK are more popular than others.

A review of the latest user behaviors and applications on UK job site Jobrapido unveil that a select number of roles are in-demand right now. During times of Brexit uncertainty and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the following jobs have the most competitive today. (for more details on Brexit job market check this review of PurpleCV).

1. Project Manager


Project management jobs are extremely popular and are some of the most well-paid jobs across industries. These jobs are unique compared to other well-paid positions because although the personnel in them are usually highly educated, some professionals have worked their way into them without flashy university degrees. Soft skills and management abilities remain the essential skills to succeed in these jobs.

Expected Salary: £40,000

2. Data Analyst/Scientist

Data has become a valuable tool for business to make smart decisions. These decisions are now informed with mass amounts of data that are capable of saving the business costs and maximising revenue. This is why data analysts and data scientists are in huge demand. If you can work with numbers, understand statistical testing and know computer languages, you could keep off the competition and land one of these high-paying roles.

Expected Salary: £30,000-40,000+

3. Accountant

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Accountancy might not be one of the new jobs come about because of tech changes and revolutionising business process like big data, but it remains one of the best-paid jobs in the UK right now. Accountants can earn upwards of £30,000 depending on location, and that can significantly increase if you work for one of ‘the big four’.

Expected Salary: £35,000

4. Software Engineer

Businesses run on coffee, people and computers. They require software to enhance the way they operate and keep all aspects of the business up and running. This is why software engineers are needed to ensure the software works effectively and even to create new software that addresses business concerns. Their skills are invaluable, which is why they enjoy fat pay packets.

Expected Salary: £40,000+

5. Business Analysts

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Business analysts can work as part of a company to help them identify areas of weakness and address those with informed recommendations. They may also work freelance and offer their services to business as part of short-term contracts. Both types of jobs can be found in the best UK job sites.

Expected Salary: £40,000

6. Teachers

Teachers are in demand right now across the UK with a reported shortage in many counties and schools crying out for applicants. With more job advertisements for teachers and teaching assistants, it is unsurprising that the number of applications to these roles is also on the up.

The number of teacher applications in the UK may rise further due to government plans to set a new minimum annual salary for teachers at £30,000 – which is £6,000 more than they get on average today. This is to help fill the gap and it might just work and attract more people to get into teaching.

Expected Salary: £24,000+

7. Nutritionists

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A new wave of sporty people and gym culture has swept the UK and many other countries. Maybe it is due to Instagram or a heightened sense in the importance of good health, but younger people are more likely to hit the gym and workout than any of the previous generations.

Combined with an increasing interest in nutrition, lots of people are now searching for health-related jobs, such as personal training. Yet, one of the most popular is nutritionist roles. To get these roles you need a university background and they pay pretty well for your hard work too.

Expected Salary: £29,000

8. Creative Jobs

Another job search that is rising is the number of times people look for jobs in the creative industries. Some roles are already established such as game developers or designers, but more people are now searching for specific creative jobs such as T-shirt designing, illustration and writing roles.

The interest in these jobs may be a result of more people having side gigs that resemble their main passions and they want to know if they can turn these side gigs into fledging careers. Once they earn some success on the side, it is natural to see if they can take their biggest passion further.

Make sure to check out to know more about high paying jobs in the creative industry to help you advance in your chosen field.

Expected Salary: Various

9. Vets and Vet Nurses

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Almost half of UK households have a pet and arguably 100% of those with social media spend their time watching some form of cat or animal video each week. The UK is an animal-loving nation and with so many animals there needs to be a lot of vets to take care of them when they are sick or injured.

Our nation’s love for animals shows in the latest jobs searching behaviours on JobRapido. There has been a steady rise in applications to become a vet or a vet’s assistant over the last decade – and it doesn’t look like stopping.

Expected Salary: £20,000-£40,000+

10. Healthcare Roles

The outbreak of coronavirus has kept many of us out of a job or has even caused us to take temporary leave. It is also sparked an interest in the value of the UK’s health system and the jobs it includes. Now more than ever do people want to do their part and get into an essential job position such as a nurse or medic. The routes into healthcare jobs are vastly different depending on what you want to do, but they will require a university background in most cases. The biggest exception is becoming an aged care worker.

Expected Salary: £20,000-£100,000+

Notice the Trend?

Many of the most in-demand jobs currently advertised in the UK require a university education and a specialisation. This is unsurprising given the salaries on offer for these roles. With more people attending university or acquiring skills through distance learning, expect these specialist jobs to become even more popular in the years ahead.

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