Top 10 Industrial Home Design Trend

Let’s use one example that we can find quite often in real life. A couple just got married and they started to live alone. It doesn’t matter if they bought a new apartment or simply rent one. They will have to decorate it in some way.

The decoration of a home is important. If your house or apartment looks just like you want, then that will have a positive influence on your mood. Keep in mind that you will spend every single day in that space. Visit here for more information.

However, when the decoration process starts, people realize how tough this can be. People usually start with one single idea and they are sure their idea is completely correct. Yet, they soon start to hesitate and that makes the entire process more difficult.

In this article, you will see the top 10 industrial home design trends. The industrial design usually contains common features. For instance, wood or metal shelves, exposed or painted brick walls, streamlined and understated furniture, etc. Fortunately, all these things you can find online. For example, mobelaris.com offers a range of industrial furniture. We know how tough it can be to find the right piece of industrial furniture.

Focus on Contrast

Image source: elle.com

If you search the images of industrial home design trends, then you will a lot of them are featuring contrast. More precisely, you can see quite often that light colors are next to dark ones. We suggest you try out the mix of white and black. For more information, visit carlislehomes.com.au/home-designs/.

Still, that is not the only thing. Industrial décor also means that completely new things should be next to the old ones. We believe that contrast will make your time-spending at home more entertaining.

Industrial Décor in Your Bedroom

Okay, let’s not focus only on your bedroom. You need to make a good environment for sleeping, right?

It will maybe sound strange, but about rustic brick, steel, and exposed beams that can look sophisticated and elegant. We do not want to say that industrial home design is a new concept. Yet, it is modernized in some way and become one of the most popular concepts in the world. Because of that, it doesn’t need to surprise why all these things can look elegant and fresh.

Our recommendation for the bedroom is to make a combination of the mid-century nightstand and brush-and-ink prints. Additionally, we suggest you experiment with stylistic elements.

DIY with Pipes

Image source: diyprojects.com

Well, it is good to know that this type of décor always comes with piping and exposed beams. Of course, hiring an architect is an expensive move. Because of that, you can “fake it” with a clever DIY. Our advice is to create a rustic and exposed look with copper pies. It is practical and visually appealing.

Black Metal Bedframe and White Brick Walls

As we said, contrast and industrial home design have many things in common. Despite that, the combination of black and white colors can look so elegant. However, people usually do not understand the point. They color their walls in black and white and thing that’s enough. Well, we would want to get out of the box and experiment a little more.

The black metal bed frame goes perfectly with white brick walls. However, that’s not it. We suggest you get a black picture frame and put it on the wall. It is recommendable that the picture itself is also in a black-white manner.

Get a Steel Barn Door

Image source: patchworkandpebbles.com

Well, this is one of the common trends that most Industrial homes have. This especially counts when we talk about the bedroom door. At first glance, the traditional think of steel might not look so bedroom-friendly. It will add unexpected warmth to space.

Despite that, clothing racks and chairs made of steel can also be a good choice.

A Neutral Color Palette

There is one more thing that you should know about industrial home décor. The point of this type of décor is to utilize neutral and earth-tone color schemes. Because of that, if the walls of your room are completely white, break the monotony with a metal pendant lamp. Your bedroom will become a warehouse-like room.

Wooden Bedframe and Exposed Brick Wall

Image source: pinterest.com

Okay, we already mentioned that white bricks can be a great choice. Yet, what if you are not a big fan of white color? Well, in that case, you can keep things natural.

Our recommendation is to make the mix of exposed brick pairs with the pallet bed frame. You should add a couple of black-and-white prints and your room will look amazing. The good thing is that you don’t have to invest a lot of effort into this design. For more information, visit plainpallets.com.au/used-wooden.

A Stunning Modern Loft Bedroom

Warehouse loft is probably one of the associations when we talk about industrial style. Who says that industrial and modern design can’t come together? Let’s be more precise. We suggest you get the “Scandinavian-style” furniture and combine it with black metal-framed window panels. In this way, you will get a mix of modern and mid-century design.

Cool Colors in the Bedroom

Image source: avantela.com

Well, this part will especially be interesting to people that do not want to have black and white combination in their bedrooms. Adding a pop of cool tones like gray and blue can also be a great choice of industrial décor fans. Our recommendation is to get a pale blue bedspread. In that way, you will give a boost to a neutral room and get a cohesive look.

Bedroom with Oversized Fixtures

Image source: vintageindustrialstyle.com

Okay, the industrial design doesn’t have limits. It will maybe sound unusual, but sometimes there is everything about mixing in bold pieces. Because of that, you should use items that will catch the eye and still work perfectly with the rest of the design. Feel free to check out more rustic industrial interior design in this article and use some of the ideas in your home design.

There is one of the ideas that we would want to share with you. You can use standard exposed brick walls to combine them with metal-framed windows. However, do not stop there. The room will look more amazing if you add a couple of unlikely metal pendant lights. The person that comes to the room will get surprised because it is not usual to have this type of item.
Okay, you can try out this design in the living room as well. However, we believe that it would be much better to stick to the bedroom only.

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