Home Improvement: Renovate Home Outside And Inside To Meet Lifestyle

Home improvement is the best way to change the current lifestyle, including making an old house that has been in existence for more than ten years more pleasant by adjusting the space both inside and outside to use more comfortably and safely. Especially in homes with the elderly or young children, Aleko products would like to present five things you should know before renovating your home.

There are also examples of home improvement suited for the life of everyone in the family that home lovers should not miss.

Five things you should know before home improvement

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Determine the purpose of home improvement.

The purpose of home improvement should be clearly defined, such as improvements to suit the ages of the house members. Improve the house to be more beautiful and livable. Modify the style of the home to improve the structure of the place to be stronger than before defining the renovation objectives. Then, it will be easier to set the budget for the renovation.

1. Check the condition of the area

No matter what part of the home needs improvement. Should check the home and the area around the house well beforehand. It starts from examining the original structure of the house which will help you make a decision on how to renovate your home, for example, whether the old structure will support the weight of the renovation or not. Or should it be demolished and rebuilt, it will be more worthwhile. Including should check the work of both the electrical system and the water supply system as well.

Checking the house’s condition should choose to use a complete home renovation service to help improve the area of the house to suit the original condition of the house. Help increase the safety of renovating the house. Get a strong, durable home that doesn’t have to worry about long-term damage as well.

2. Study the law

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Before starting a home improvement, you should carefully study the laws and regulations. Because the renovation of the house is considered a modification of the building. that requires a legal construction permit for the safety of home improvement and does not affect the surrounding neighbors

3. Plan clearly

After checking the condition of the area house structure and the law already Should have a clear home renovation plan, both the house plan and the decoration style to meet the needs. It should be about 20-30% of the expenses in case of an error. or new problems that may arise causing the operation to be interrupted

4. Use a comprehensive home improvement service

Should choose a complete home improvement service that is professional and reliable. The home improvements Products cares about both beautiful design work with technology that enhances convenience, safety, good health from start to finish even if it costs more. But to get quality work and peace of mind and choose a good technician, you should enter into a contract complete the details. To prevent work delays or not as quality as they should.

An example of Home Improvement to be warm Lovely to fall in love again by home improvements products

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For the modern home improvement that is taken as an example today. It is a bedroom renovation to meet the needs of the elderly by modifying the living space in the bedroom. Renovate the bathroom for the elderly and change the color tone from dark tones to light tones that are comfortable for the eyes in a modern classic style to look more modern.

Expand the space in the room, increase usable space

Start by adjusting the space inside the house to be wider by smashing the back porch that is rarely used and build a new wall. It helps to increase the usable space in the room with the installation of small windows to allow natural light to enter the house during the day and also a good opportunity to improve the lawn and trees in the backyard to make it more beautiful and clear.

Adjust the exposure even more

Increase natural light exposure by drilling a hole to make the window wider than before. Install a thin white aluminum framed window. Replace the wooden framed windows to make the windows look more open and airy by choosing to use sliding windows to open and close convenient to use. Do not exert yourself too much. Suitable for families with elderly members

Change the color to make the area look more spacious

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In addition to expanding the area. There is also a selection of color schemes in the design by choosing soft colors as the main color in the decoration. Make the interior space look more spacious by choosing a white wall. Install European-style ceiling cornices to make the house look more elegant. and choose a light-colored wood-patterned flooring, such as oak, resulting in more comfort on the eyes.

New dressing room stand out at the furniture

Opt for a large wardrobe and white door came between the walls of the two rooms. Helping to store things in proportion. Add a distinctive look with a lighted makeup mirror. Makes makeup easier and can also enhance the uniqueness of the room as well.

The bedroom is wider, convenient to use

Changing the bathroom location can increase the living space in the bedroom even more. Change furniture to soft tones. and add modern style home decorations also add a large window to receive light helps to receive light from outside and also helps to relax with a view of the garden outside the house stimulates a good mood easier. It has a positive effect on the emotions of the elderly as well.

Change the relaxation zone to be luxurious and pleasant to sleep

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Change the relaxation zone from the old walls and furniture. It is a modern style bed. Which is an adjustable electric bed especially suitable for the use of the elderly. Explore SonderCare’s hospital beds that offer a range of features that can contribute to the well-being and safety of elderly individuals. Attach beige curtains to the walls of the room. Allows privacy and peace at night. And decorate the wall at the head of the bed in gray with the bedding added with a golden dividing line that adds a playful touch to the relaxation zone, not too boring.

Change the bathroom to a new, beautiful, safe

Finally, a bathroom renovation in a modern style home renovation by clearly separating wet-dry zones by installing the floor to the same level in the whole room. Suitable for seniors or people using wheelchairs. And choose to use large marble tiles as the main lay tiles on both floors and walls with small grout grooves can be laid continuously throughout the room.

Choose a half-recessed pedestal sink considering the use of the wheelchair in the future and attached to a large mirror, convenient to use without forgetting to turn on the lights hidden behind the glass pane to provide full brightness. The most important thing is to add handrails at various points in the bathroom to increase safety for users, especially the elderly.

The idea of Home Improvement

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Timeless Aesthetic & Smart Simplicity, enjoy beauty without boredom

A design that makes everyone in the house, regardless of gender, age, enjoy beauty without boredom with full benefits. Whether it’s designing the space to be symmetrical with the light Create designs that make the most of space. And take advantage of the walls of the house to increase storage space, such as creating hidden wall storage.

Natural Inspired close to nature

Bringing closer relationships between people in the home and nature outside. with large windows to get the most of the light. It also helps to see the outside view that is comfortable and relaxing, focusing on furniture made from reusable materials or substitutes for natural raw materials for environmental friendliness.

Ergonomically Design, usable space suitable for users

In addition to the beauty and usability factors. The design of the home renovation from home improvements also focuses on the distance and level suitable for the main users in the home, especially the elderly and young children. By designing each area to be connected to each other within the most comfortable and safe useable distance.

Harmony Living The house is comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Finally, the design of the house to be comfortable and environmental friendliness such as effective ventilation, noise reduction, use of durable materials. Reduce maintenance with toxic chemicals and use home energy that is environmentally friendly and safe for everyone in the home.

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