Is Bet365 Legal in Ireland?

Several people indulge in betting as their favorite pastimes. When the pandemic hit and everyone were forced to stay inside the confines of their home, the popularity of online betting increased even further. Many people like to do online betting to try their luck, as a hobby, or as a way to earn extra money on the side.

According to MightyTips, if online betting is done in moderation and on verified sites, it can serve as a great way to spend your time. Especially for Irish people, whose love for sports and online betting is known throughout the world, Mightyps has several verified betting websites on their site to help you make a wise and safe choice.

Irish people are actively seeking out websites to fulfill their online betting needs. However, they are well aware of the fact that many online betting websites are actually scams and one can lose a considerable amount of their hard-earned money if they bet on these sites. That’s why everyone who lands on a betting website that looks reliable begins doubting if the website can be actually trusted or not.

One such website is bet365. It is famous throughout the world for its amazing betting platform and versatile options for betters. However, it has one major flaw that keeps several betters away and especially those from Ireland – its legality. Bet365 is illegal in several countries and states which has made many Irish people wonder – is it illegal in Ireland too?

In this article, we will answer that question along with any other questions you might have such as what exactly is bet365 and what are the benefits of using it. Read the article till the end so that you don’t end up missing out on crucial details.

What is Bet365?


Bet365, as previously discussed, is an online betting and gambling website. It has one of the most extensive marketing campaigns out of any betting website and is prominently known throughout the world. These marketing campaigns are by no means baseless and boastful because bet365 is actually a fully legit site that has several benefits for anyone who bets on the site.

It has a variety of sports to choose from and you can choose from several betting options as per your preference. Not only that, but aside from sports it also permits betting on horse races – one of the most popular sports for betting which is offered by only a few websites. If you are a gamer and are a big fan of the eSports industry, then bet365 has you covered as well.

The joining process is extremely straightforward and newcomers are offered several offers that they can utilize while betting such as free cash for betting or free bets until a certain amount. The interface is attractive and intuitive which means you can easily go around the website without getting too confused. This great website is only held back by its country restrictions.

Is Bet365 really legal in Ireland?


Coming down to the crucial question that many Irish people want to know the answer to – is bet365 really legal in Ireland? The answer is simple – despite unfortunately being illegal in many countries and states, bet365 is completely legal in Ireland. In fact, you are liable to get amazing sign-up offers that are unique to Ireland the moment you sign up for the website.

If you want to confirm this fact by yourself, you can follow these simple steps to do so:

  • Go to bet365’s official website. Ensure that you are in the correct place by checking the lock symbol on your browser’s search bar which ensures that the site is verified.
  • Click on the join button that is usually on the top right corner of the homepage.
  • If you are in a country where bet365 is legal – you should be able to see the sign-up page and be able to make an account.
  • If you are in a country or state where bet365 is not legal – you won’t be able to see the sign-up page and will instead be greeted with your browser’s blank page.
  • If you are in a country where you know bet365 is legal but the website’s sign-up page still won’t load, then check if you have a VPN on for another country.
  • If the website still doesn’t load, then consider contacting your internet service provider to check if they have blacklisted bet365 from getting accessed.

Alternatively, you can also read the terms and regulations of the website to know what parts it is legal in.

Benefits of using Bet365


There are several benefits of using bet365 for your online betting ventures, which makes the website a preferable option for any better. These benefits are:

  • Excellent customer service – Bet365 knows how to cater to the needs of their customers which is why they have agents from several languages ready to help you at any given point in time. These agents can communicate with you and resolve your query in a manner that fits well with you. However, most people don’t even require customer service because of the extensive FAQ bet365 has posted on their website.
  • Ease of access – One of the best things about this site is that you don’t need to be on your computer or laptop 24/7 to access it – you can easily do so with your smartphone with their dedicated application.
  • Bet while watching – While many people do online betting to get extra money, there are several that do so out of a passion for the sport. For these betters, bet365 offers a constant live stream feed of the ongoing match so betters can watch the sport while betting on it.
  • Extremely low minimum deposits – Unlike other websites which force you to cough up extravagant amounts of minimum deposits to use their website, bet365 has a very low amount of minimum deposit. This makes bet365 a preferable choice for those who can’t afford to spend lots of money on the website or for those who just want to start with a small amount first.


To answer the original question, yes, Bet365 is perfectly legal in Ireland and there are several benefits for using it. We hope this article was helpful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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