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3 Best Dog Food for Labs In 2024 – Reviewed, Recommendations for Puppies and Seniors

As a pet owner, it can be confusing for you to know what to feed Labrador Retrievers. It is the pet owners’ responsibility to ensure that the puppy is healthy and is not getting sick. Whatever the food you select you should know all about it.

Well, you have come to the right place! We have done all necessary research for you. The quick overview can be found right here, but also check out the full reviews and tips elsewhere in this article. Enjoy!

Table overview: Our TOP 3 best dog foods for labs compared

Product Brand Our Rating Size
ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Labrador Retriever Adult dry dog food, 30-Pound Royal Canin

30 lb
ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Labrador Retriever Puppy dry dog food, 30-Pound Royal Canin

Bag30 lbs.
EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult Labrador Retriever Dog Food 30 Pounds Eukanuba

30 lbs.

Labradors were fishing dogs originally and at present, they have a lot of qualities that make them stand out from other breeds. Whenever the pet owner thinks of feeding this dog or picking a food, they should understand that it has to be beneficial for both their health and the coat.

When a puppy or dog loses the texture on their coat, they start to look sick and dull. The Labrador, just like the doberman, is perfect for security and safety of homes, helping during trouble, being the right companion for hunting and what not. Thus, you should not ignore its well-being.

Many pet food manufacturers understand that pet owners are growing more worried about the value of food they feed their dogs, they are trying to increase the value by trifling with the ingredients, just adequate to present ‘new’ formula that they say are one way or another more ‘natural’ than other ones in the market.

Manufacturers of treated food for both pets and humans have been saying this as trends like this for so many years. Every pet owners wish that their beloved dog eats a diet closer to its nature. It is not an exception that a company claims a lot of fake facts, saying all ingredients are completely natural.

They will change one preservative with an unsayable name for another, apply on a reshaped label containing the words ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’ and people would buy them. Let us not be fooled by those, so here is the best food for Labrador Retrievers so that you do not end up buying the wrong ones. It can be nearly impossible to get a food that is right and you might have to spend hundreds of dollars to land on the right one.

Some manufacturers claim that they have all the right kind of food content and ingredients such as the exact amount of protein a Lab needs. It can be worrying for the lab owner to know that there are a lot of dangers out there in the food they buy. Just because your pup likes the taste does not essentially mean it is improving their health.

Most of them contain flavor enhancers which make your dog want to eat it more. The pet owners think that the food is right for them whereas it is because of the extra fats or flavor enhancers.

Reviews of the best 3 dog foods for labrador retrievers

1. Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Dry Dog Food Adult

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever dry dog food Adult

This food is going to be suitable if you have a Labrador retriever which is more than 15 months old. The dog food is beneficial for supporting healthy joint function and advance mobility. Along with that, you will have a dog that has a shining coat and beautiful skin. It should be enough to last for one month or more.

The 30-pound bag of this food can hold 13.6 kg which is 13600 grams, The Royal Canin says that 6 cups of Labrador dog food is equal to 474 g, therefore, one cup is 79 grams. As a result, you get more than 150 cups.

It is suitable for both male and female Labs. If it is more than 15 months old and the pet owner feeds it this many years later it will receive praises on how his or her coat lusters and her teeth are strong and clean for an old lab. When the dog starts to age, they start to become weak. If the lab has been feeding on this from his or her 5 months of age, he or she will be strong when it turns old.

Who does not want a senior puppy that is toned and muscular? It will be active and lively. The reason for the strength is because of the dog food. Feeding the lab will be an easy task because it will want to eat by itself. The ones who buy this says their dogs love the taste and wants to eat without any hassle.


  • The lab will love its taste
  • It is perfect for well-being and health of the dog
  • The coat will be shiny


  • You cannot feed this to younger Labradors or other breeds

2. ROYAL CANIN BREED 30-Pound HEALTH NUTRITION Puppy dry dog food


Royal Canin is perfect for those puppies which are young and only eight weeks of age or more. When a pet owner first adopts a young dog, it is their responsibility to ensure that it gets the proper food. There were cases where a small puppy had dull dark and coarse hair and after feeding on this dog food it started to change.

The old dog food it has been feeding on might not be right if you see that its health is deteriorating. Changing from that dog food to this one will be an easy task because your friend will love the taste. Many Labrador owners are switching to this after seeing how it works on the puppies who had it previously


  • Pure breeds have dissimilar jaw structures, muzzle lengths, and even biting and lip patterns that affect the way they pick up food. The Royal Canin is designed for the Labradors which are young so that they can eat without any problem.
  • Labs are prone to having a lot of diseases such as osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia. Having a proper diet with the Royal Canin can aid in staying away from disease and illness.
  • The price of the dog food is reasonable and it is beneficial for lab puppies


  • The first element is a by-product after that comes wheat gluten and corn gluten with no sign of real meat

3. EUKANUBA Breed Specific One Plus Adult Dry Food for dogs (Labrador)

EUKANUBA Breed Specific One Plus Adult Dry Food for dogs (Labrador)

Labs have dental issues and if your canine buddy has the problem, you should buy Eukanuba. One bag has 30 pounds of Labrador Retriever Adult Dog Food (Packaging Maybe different) It has 3D DENTADEFENSE System, which is confirmed to decrease tartar build-up in less than 28 days. The manufacturers claim that the dog food comes from high-quality, animal-based proteins to aid the lab to build sturdy, lean and strong muscles for an ideal body condition.

The formula is helpful for maintaining the bones and joints. It has calcium for this purpose. If you are worried about the dental health of your dog, this should be effective. Many people tried several other kinds of dog food but failed because their dog did not like it. With this one, the dog would love to have it without getting overweight.

Eukanuba Adult Labrador Retriever has all the vitamins the dog needs so you do not need to add anything separately. Just ensure to provide lots of water and your lab will be healthy and strong.


  • There will be no gas problems or bloat if your Labrador experiences this kind of digestion problem.
  • The adult Labradors will get a shinier coat because of the optimal ratio of Omega-3 fatty acid so if dull coat is the problem, this is the perfect solution
  • If your Labrador is a fussy eater, this should make mealtime hassle-free because of the size of the food


  • Not every Lab will like its taste some may refuse to eat it

What to feed a labrador puppy?

According to our tests, the best puppy food for labs is the Royal Canin puppy dry food because it has a taste that makes the puppy want to eat their food and makes them strong. No matter what kind of skin the lab has, it will benefit from this dry dog food because it has all the nutrients the young dog requires.

Just like skin, the undercoats also vary so the manufactures kept in mind these differences and made sure that all puppies can benefit from this. Royal Canin puppy food receives a lot of positive reviews because the owners could see positive changes in their pups. Even you would be able to witness the improvements, if you grab a bag online.

If anybody has confusion that why is the main ingredient a byproduct of chicken., they should know that the company uses the parts that are going to be advantageous to the puppies and are of high-quality.

Due to wrong information available online, many believe that by-products are harmful to their pets. AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control) describes chicken by-products as the clean, ground, portions of the chicken, which contain internal organs, bone, cartilage and other chunks. Royal Canin only uses first-class by-products, like lungs, hearts, and livers.

The manufacturers ensure that the by-products provide valued nutrients for the lab. They are outstanding sources of quality vitamins, minerals, protein, and can help back up to a stable nutritional state. In Royal Canin, the manufacturers take care in and processing and selecting by-products for your dogs diet.

The suppliers have strict standards, and the company’s intensive food testing driver double checks together quality and safety in the finished goods and raw materials. That is why you can say that this is the best puppy food for your labrador because the ingredient is picked carefully.

What to feed a senior labrador retriever?

The best dog food for senior labs is again another one from Royal Canin adult dry dog food for above 15 months of age. If the overweight lab is your concern then pick this one because the dog will not be able to eat a lot at once. Did you know you might be actually harming your pet by not caring about its food intake?

The truth is out, those every day treats you give your pet may give the figment that all is well, however, actually the additional treats and the subsequent additional weight are causing harm yours to the lab’s organs, bones, and junctions – some of which be helped even with the proper kind of food.

As per veterinarians over the U.S., more overweight dogs are appearing in their facilities and the pattern does not seem, by all accounts, to be moderating. It is not shocking that plenty of weight can take as quite a bit of a toll on a lab’s body as it does on a human’s body.

While a portion of the impacts of heaviness can be switched through mindful eating regimen changes and expanded the physical movement, there is some harm that must be moderated by the change of propensities. Some harm will stay forever, and the more extended the abundance weight is on the body, the more serious the harm to the body will be.

To save you from all kind of worries, Royal Canin adult dog food is the best dog food for older labs. To act fast, you should notice if it is putting on extra weight. All the more frequently it is the Labrador’s general groomer or veterinarian that will see your pet’s physical changes. You can also check, look about its waist while your pet is standing. The ribs and spine ought to be anything but difficult to feel.

Some dogs also sheds a lot compared to other due to allergies or other problems with the best dog food for senior labs you will have a lab that is not shedding more than normal. It will get rid of the allergies. It will be much stronger and can stand up against diseases and other medical conditions.

For those who choose dry dog food, a labrador recommendation

If you are looking for the best dry dog food for labs, then the Eukanuba Labrador Retriever Breed Nutrition Dog Food can help. The price can be a bit higher than other dog foods because it has high-quality ingredients such as chicken.

You will have a healthy and strong Labrador which is going to be the opposite of overweight. Hewill look strong and naturally burn fat while preserving lean muscle and it comes with L-carnitine. The dry dog food comes with a formula which is going to effective in supporting healthy bones and joints with extra chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.

Dental care is important so to ensure that there are no germs, plaque or tartar feed the lab this dry food. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids ratio make this a helpful remedy for shining and glossy coat.

Most pet owners are exceptionally mindful of their teeth. This is true for most larger breeds, like German shepherds and boxers. We think about plaque control, hole anticipation and the social shades of malice of awful breath. The vast majority additionally visit their dental practitioner routinely. In spite of this attention to human dentistry, many pet owners do understand their labradors are liable to similar issues.

For a similar reason, you nurture your own you should also care about the lab’s teeth. The most widely recognized infection in pet creatures is the periodontal illness. They are likewise subject to broken teeth, orthodontic issues, and even cavities.

These issues will influence your dog’s mouth, clearly, yet can likewise prompt the contaminations that bring microscopic organisms into different parts of the body. At the end of the day, terrible teeth can prompt an ill dog. Studies show that interminable contamination or aggravation in any piece of the body can have a genuine negative effect on systemic wellbeing.

Many pet owners think that their lab is just fine because it is not showing any sign of pain. Labradors can resist pain that does not mean that they are not suffering.  As the owner, what you can do is provide it with the best dry food for labs which is the Eukanuba with chicken so that it can develop strong bones and teeth.

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