Lamb And Rice Dog Food Is The Ideal Food For Your Pet – 2024 Guide

If you have a dog then you know that he or she is much more than a pet to your family. Your dog is a part of your family, a very important part. Your canine is the person that welcomes each member of your family home each night.

The one that lays next to you to comfort you when your day is not going so well, or who joins in your excitement when things are going incredibly well. It is what makes a dog so special and so unique.

Because your pet is so special to you and your family, you want to do all you can to take care of your pet. You not only want him or her to live as long as possible, but you also want your dog to be healthy, happy, and able to enjoy every second.

This not only means ensuring that your dog gets the proper veterinary care throughout his or her life but also means that you are ensuring that your dog is getting the very best food that it can eat to maintain its health through its lifetime.

When your dog is a puppy that it needs special food to ensure that it grows properly. In its early years, your dog needs to have special kinds of food that provide the right kind of nourishment to help your dog to be healthy and happy. While adult food comes with some of the nutrients that your puppy needs, it doesn’t have all of the important ingredients that ensure that your puppy grows to be a healthy adult dog.

The same is true in the other direction. Your adult dog needs adult food. While a puppy food has nutritional value, it doesn’t have the same kind of value in terms of the nutrients that are needed that your adult dog needs.

While there are many types of foods that are made for puppies or adults, the best kind of dog food that you should want are those made with lamb and rice. This kind of dog food is one of the absolute best that you can find on the market today, no matter what age your dog may be.

There are brands of dog food made with these products that are available for dogs of all ages, ensuring that your pet can get the nutritional value that he or she needs.

In this article we are going to talk about:

  • Lamb and Rice contains only natural ingredients that are easy to digest
  • Lamb and Rice food is extremly suitable for dogs with food allergies
  • Nearly all top brands have their Lamb and Rice product available on the market


Product Brand Item Dimensions List Price Manufacturer Package Quantity Our rating
Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs, Lamb and Rice Formula, 40 Pound Bag Diamond Pet Foods 1600
$38.99 Diamond Pet Foods 1

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food Limited Ingredient Diet for Large Breeds, Lamb Meal and Rice, 28 Pound Bag Natural Balance 1575
$72.94 Natural Balance 1

Member’s Mark Exceed Dog Food, Lamb & Rice (35 lbs.) Europe Standard 35 $52.02 Europe Standard 1

The Benefits of Lamb and rice dog food

What makes this dog food so important to add to your pet’s diet is that there are many benefits for this kind of food. Here are just a few benefits that you can find by giving your dog this kind of food.

Natural Ingredients

The benefits begin with the natural ingredients that are included in this food. There are no artificial preservatives that are used in the lamb and rice food, which ensures that your pet is getting the best nutritional food available to it.

This is one of the things that pet owners really love, because they are well aware that there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives that come in the food, ensuring that your pet is getting a healthy diet each day. The lamb in dog food is mostly lamb meal.

Improved Digestive Flora

Another great benefit of this kind of dog food is that it helps to improve the bacteria that is found in the gut of your dog. This will not only aid in proper digestion of the food, but can help to keep your dog regular and greatly decrease stool odor. If you been around a dog when it’s going to the bathroom, you know that smell can be quite overwhelming.

This is one of the benefits of the lamb and rice food in that it helps to reduce that odor because of the increased digestion that it provides.

Increased Fiber

To also aid in digestion, this food provides a great amount of fiber that can be very beneficial for your pet’s digestive track. The combination of how it aids the healthy bacteria and the increased fiber will really help your dog to be significantly healthier.


There are many dogs that are allergic to different kinds of foods, especially those that use wheat as the foundation of the food.  The allergic reactions result from food can worsen if not identified early. Check Lesson Paths to learn some allergic reactions in dogs.

In fact, it is found that even those dogs that have quite severe food allergies do not suffer when eating this combination food. We have already discussed in another article that dog food without corn can be the best option in some cases.

Best Choices for Your Pet

Since you want to ensure that you get your pet the very best food for its digestion and long-term health, you should be aware that there are brands that make the best kind of product out there. Here are four of the top quality products that you will find out there.

1. Diamond Naturals Senior Dog Food Lamb

Diamond Lamb and Rice dog food is one of the more popular brands because of its long term natural benefits for your dog. Not only is it made from fresh meat, but it aids in providing a well-balanced meal for your pet, while also providing a highly nutritious meal that’s easy for your dog to digest.

Many have found that their pets that suffered from severe allergic reactions to other brands of dog food have had no such problems with the Diamond brand. This is one of the reasons why so many have turned to this food to help their dog to grow strong and avoid the troublesome allergies that they have suffered from for some time.

You will find that Diamond also produces a chicken and rice and a beef and rice option if you would like to vary the meal of your dog at times.

2. Kirkland Signature Adult Formula Lamb

While Kirkland is a very popular brand, it is there lamb and rice puppy food that really makes this company stand out. They are one of the most trusted choices for puppy owners, primarily because of the probiotics and the prebiotic fibers that are found in the dog food itself.

This is such a healthy benefit for your puppy, ensuring that a lot of the digestive ailments that a puppy may suffer from do not become an issue for your dog. This food is providing a very healthy option that will fill your dog up and give him or her the nutrients necessary to become a very strong and vibrant adult dog.

3. Natural Balance Lamb Dog Food

natural balance

Natural balance provides an outstanding quality prodicut that your dog will love to eat and you will love that your pet will be healthy and strong from eating it. What’s so many owners love about this food, in particular, is that Natural Balance has been around for decades, creating nutritious foods that are not only tasty but also incredibly safe for your dog to eat.

There are few brands on the market that have this kind of reputation behind them, and this is what makes the Natural balance lamb and rice dog food a brand that you can clearly trust to feed your dog daily and ensure that he or she will be safe and healthy for many years to come.

Nearly the same quality is reached by its little brother Nature’s Recipe.

So you are aware, Natural Balance also provides an outstanding canned version of their product, meaning that you don’t have to feed your dog dry food if you prefer not to. There are outstanding canned options that your pet will love and you can still have confidence that he or she will be safe eating it.

4. Member’s Mark Exceed Lamb Dog Food

exceed lamb and rice

Exceed may not have the reputation that some of the other brands have, but this does not mean that in any way they have any lesser a product than the others already mentioned. Exceed makes an outstanding lamb and rice food that your dog will enjoy and will also give you a great health benefit for your pet.

What makes their brand so good is some of the natural ingredients that are added in, to include such things as flaxseed, brewers yeast, dried egg product, and various salts and vitamins that will really help to keep your dog healthy and strong.

Final Words

It does not matter which one of these products you choose for your pet. You can be sure that whichever option you go with that your pet is going to be healthy and strong, no matter whether they are a small puppy working towards becoming an adult, or an adult dog looking to age gracefully into its teen years.

Lamb and rice dog food is the choice by many vets to ensure that your dog will be as healthy and happy as it can possibly be. Your pet is a member of the family and so there’s no reason to deny it every opportunity to be as happy and vibrant as any other member of your household.

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