Low Residue Dog Food for Your Aging Dog – 2024 Pet Guide

If you have an older dog then you are aware that as they begin to get up there in years the dog has a lot less vitality and vigor to it. It’s not that the dog doesn’t want to be playful. It is a dog’s natural tendency to want to get up and do things. The problem is that as aging occurs, your pet will have a more difficult time with normal bodily functions.

If you think about it, the same issues that you have as you age are the same issues that your dog will have. Blood doesn’t flow as freely because the heart is in a strong, the digestive track doesn’t process food as quickly, and the muscles don’t have the same tone and strength to them that they once had years before. It’s the sad fact of aging that even your pet must endure at some point.

  • Low residue dog food contains no fillers whatsoeverIt has positive effects on: pancreas, diarrhea, constipation, colon, digestion and flatulence
  • In certain cases, it can be a good choice for puppies as well

You Can Make a Difference

bites of dog foodWhile your dog is aging and, in less you can find the fountain of youth, this is something you are going to have to accept. Your dog is simply not always going to be as spry as he or she once was.

That does not mean that you can’t make a difference in the life of your dog. There are some things that you can do that can help your dog to be much more vibrant. Things that you can give your dog that will help him or her to be able to have a much happier life, even into their middle to late teenage years. Where it begins is with low residue dog food.

For those of you who have never heard of this kind of dog foods before, it’s time for a little lesson. Basically, what this means is that there are no fillers that are added to the dog food. Natural life dog food is well known for adding not many fillers to its products.

In most dog foods that you will buy on the market, the manufacturer of the dog food will frequently add preservatives, additives, and other artificial ingredients intended to make for a more filling meal for your dog. While the food may be rice, corn, or wheat based, plus have a one or two added into the food as an ingredient, you can also be sure that other ingredients are added to make sure that the food is a “complete” meal.

You see, dog food producers understand that if all they added to a food was the meat and the corn, wheat, or rice, that the price of the food would be substantially higher. More of these ingredients would have to be added to provide enough food for the dog to be satisfied.

In response to this, other things are added to the dog food. Often these are things such as carrots and other vegetables, but there are also additional fillers that are added to the dog food that are not nearly as nutritious as vegetables. These are your “residues.”

A low residue dog food has removed out these kinds of fillers. While the food may be a little more expensive to purchase, it is significantly healthier for your dog, especially for your aging dog. What is found is that these fillers are much more difficult for your aging dog to digest, making it so that the nutritional value your pet is taking in is diminished, and its ability to process food becomes less efficient. This is part of the reason why your dog becomes more lethargic over time.

The Benefits of Low Residue Dog Food

What you need to understand is that the benefits of feeding your dog these kinds of foods go way beyond simple digestion. There are a great many benefits that come from incorporating this kind of food into your pet’s diet. These benefits are quite essential in helping the overall health of your dog, which can aid in such things as:

Improved pancreas

Just as your pancreas is responsible for assisting in the breaking down of food and the regulation of sugar within a human body, the pancreas in a dog has the same kind of benefits. What has been found is that those dogs that are suffering from an inflammation of the pancreas, also known as pancreatitis, do sufficiently better when they eat such things as low residue dog food. This makes them the best dog food for pancreatitis in your dog. We have found some good reviews on the Exceed low filler dog food for improving pancreas health.


A lot of aging dogs suffer from digestive abnormalities that can lead to such things as diarrhea. The dog food we discuss in this article is the best dog food for diarrhea, adding greater consistency to your pets fecal matter while also improving overall digestive efficiency.


While your dog may suffer from diarrhea as it ages, there is also the same kind of likelihood that it could suffer from constipation. The best dog food for constipation is the low residue type, because it helps in the natural processing that should go on in the digestive track, so that the body is able to break down food more efficiently and excrete out without issue.


If your dog is having issues with its excretory system, this is often a sign of an ailment called colitis, which is an inflammation of the colon. As with the others, nearly zero residue dog food is the best dog food for colitis as well, decreasing the swelling within the colon while also improving digestive efficiency.


Low residue dog food is the best dog food for digestion, mainly because it does two things. First, it aids the natural bacteria in your dog’s digestive track to be more efficient and thrive better so that digestion occurs more naturally. Secondly, more fiber and beneficial nutrients are digested by the dog.


One of the sad aspects of poor digestion in your dog is that it will also lead to your dog releasing some rather obnoxious and room clearing flatulence. This primarily comes because of issues like colitis, where the colon is not able to process out waste products as efficiently. This can lead to some rather obnoxious flatulence, and low residue dog food is the best dog food for flatulence, or should be say for getting rid of flatulence.

Iams low residue dog foodThere is only one brand worth mentioning that has made a product with low residue dog food available on the market. This brand is the well know producer of dog foods Iams Veterinary Formula. As you probably know this is the brand that is promoted by nearly all veterenarians as well as the official International Veterinary Association. All products from Iams meet up to the highest standards of dog food. Choosing this product for your pets dog food is really a no brainer. You shouldn’t even be considering any other type of dog food brand on the market.

It’s Not Just For Older Dogs

While we have pointed out the important benefits of a low residue diet for dogs, especially for aging dogs, there is really no reason to believe that this cannot be as beneficial for your puppy as well. In fact, if you feed it as puppy food to your little dog, you will find that the benefits are incredible.

While the these foods are so good at helping an older dog that may already have issues, this type of puppy food is great in ensuring that your dog doesn’t come up with these issues later on in life, or at least prolongs the time until they occur.

You will find that your puppy will be able to more efficiently digest food, have fewer health issues, and be much happier then you can imagine. The Organix puppy food is known to contain many of the benefits mentioned in this post.

There are many kinds of digestive issues that can really sap the joy out of your pet, and so putting your puppy on the same kind of low residue diet for dogs can help to decrease the issues that your pet may have later on.

Just as you don’t feel well when you have issues with their digestive track or your excretory system, your dog feels the same kind of suffering when he or she is battling through issues like this. This type of dog food can really help to alleviate these kinds of problems and stop them from becoming an issue.


There are many reasons why feeding a this nealry zero residue diet for dogs is the beneficial choice for your pet. If you examine it for a moment, you most likely feel like your pet is a part of the family, and so if you can do things that will help your pet to be much healthier that only makes sense to do that. Just be sure to store this type of dog food in the right way.

The low residue dog foods improve the overall health of your dog by making normal processes stay normal or return to normality. Inflammations and other ailments that could be causing your dog to suffer and can eventually lead to long-term issues which may lead to death can be greatly diminished by giving your dog the kind of food that really helps to improve the overall quality of his or her life.

If you were suffering from issues like this, you would want to make sure that you were eating the kinds of foods that could help you to improve the quality of your life. You can be sure that you would spend that extra few dollars a month to get something that made your life so much easier to navigate.

Doesn’t your pet, a valued member of your family, deserve the same kind of love and attention? This is why you need to look at providing your pet with a low residue dog food. That’s the kind of thing you do for family.

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