The Droplet, Lola Tillyaeva’s Environmental Project

Have you ever heard of the Droplet project? If you are an artsy person or someone who appreciates different aspects of art, you will be mesmerized by this project, as well as by this article! If you want to know how you can bring something back to life and create art while still raising awareness about different issues, keep on reading! Here, we will present and review the project of Lola and Timur Tillyaev.

Who are Lola and Timur?

Lola Karimova or Lola Tillyaeva is a philanthropist, and Timur is her husband. They have three kids and are people who are family and business-oriented, yet highly optimistic and enthusiastic with loads of different ideas and plans. Timur is more-so focused on the business parts of the job, and Lola loves to spend her time when exploring nonprofit organizations for other children.

Lola also used to work for UNESCO, where her work with disadvantaged children was spotted and talked about even back then. She ended up starting a charity called “You Are Not Alone” in 2002, where she focused on helping abandoned children.

Timur is a businessman with a degree from Midland University, and he also has a diploma from art college in Fremont, Nebraska.

Both of them are huge on environmental projects, which is why they ended up starting their project, called The Droplet.

What is The Droplet environmental project?

This is an environmental project which has a mission to outline and share awareness of global warming, as well as water resources. The whole project was designed with a water droplet mark that was used to emphasize the importance of this element. The water drop was also created in a collab with Marcos Lutyens.

Why was it inspired by the water element, and what was the whole focus of this design?

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People will engage with this element through sound, smell, and touch. The whole project and the structure are built of aluminum tubing, as well as different kinds of towers. It is 12 meters high, and it has a 6m circumference. This design and project itself were recognized and supported by The Harmonist, which we will talk about later down below.

Where can you spot The Droplet at the moment?

This element and the Droplet itself was exhibited throughout the world, and will still change to shift and settle in, as well as visit different parts as time goes on. However, you can find it most often near the water because of its unique connection, as well as the story that it has to tell with the water symbol.

What is the power of art in this case, and how is it presented?

This is an artsy statute and a gorgeous element that will bring people around the world and let them spread the word. A single drop of water is such a simple image that everyone will understand + the item will still seek attention. The Droplet pavilion will become recognizable since it will constantly remind the kids and elders to take care of their home, Planet Earth. It is so simple, yet highly complex and unique at the same time.

What was the vision like for this project?

The pavilion acts as a mirror to water concerns. It is also a multi-sensory design which means that it will intrigue you the moment you walk nearby! The story behind its sound design lays in the Industrial Revolution. If you are a visual person and you usually prefer to spot and interact with 3D art or similar forms, this one will leave you breathless! Anyone who is big on graphics and even 5D experiences will enjoy and understand this intriguing design.

What should you know about the Harmonist?

The Harmonist is a Maison de perfumes that were inspired by Chinese philosophy. The whole point of creating anything is found in the five elements that surround us: fire, water, wood, metal, earth. The Harmonist loves to sponsor and embrace similar topics or stories, which is why they’ve aimed for effective solutions in this project. If you are all about earth elements and you find peace, beauty, as well as practicality, the Harmonist and the Droplet are right up your alley to check out and look into!

Who was Marcos Lutyens?

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Maroc Lutyens has loads of different and gorgeous pieces that he created, and he has made a lot of progress in his lifetime. One of his first designs was a climate-change-related project that was launched at London’s Royal Academy of Arts exhibition ‘Earth back in 2009. He has been working with chemists, scientists, as well as biologists to create and give you the best art and science pieces thus far. He felt the need to share his passion and hard work on this project since it emphasizes the urgent conversation and care for our planet and our system before it is too late.

Why is water so important?

An element of nature, as well as a foundation of everything natural that can be found in our eco-system, who could resist it?! It is an important element in organic matter. It is also a building block that should be talked about in this time and period. Our bodies, as well as the earth itself, are made from water, and loads of organisms depend on water. They are also involved in the metabolism process that plays a huge role in our development, as well as the well-being of animals, insects, as well as plants, flowers, and bacteria.

Intrigued in finding out a bit more?

So, are you intrigued by this project? How aware are you of your surroundings, and how much time and care do you usually invest in understanding and helping your ecology and eco-system? Both men and women, as well as little children, will understand The Droplet and will find its beauty and simplicity to be breath taking. If you wish to know a bit more about any of this or about Lola Karimova, give them a click!

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