How to Keep Your Horse Clean While Keeping Earth Green?

Climate change is among the biggest challenges human society faces today. Scientists started discussing the potential problems we might face because of climate change issues a few decades ago. Naturally, the effects of our actions play a massive influence on the overall situation. Therefore, global institutions have started thinking about solving these problems and making the global economy sustainable while protecting the environment.

We can all agree that the effects of climate change are real, and it is imperative to take action before it is too late. There are numerous industries and methods of production that need to be reevaluated. A good example of something worth reevaluating is how we clean the horse stables. Of course, this process is not easy, requiring much work and patience. Plus, keeping horses as healthy and fresh as possible would be best. If you need tools to make this easier, such as curry comb, visit Eqclusive.

People who own horses know that horses are not known for being the best environmentalists. They require a lot of effort to make the stable clean, and environmentally friendly. However, this does not mean you cannot implement methods that make the procedure more environmentally friendly. Today, we want to highlight tips on keeping your horses and stables clean while not damaging the environment. Without further ado, let us begin.

Grow Horse Food


Growing horse food is a great way to save money. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to know exactly what you feed the animals. By doing so, you will keep them healthy. Fortunately, you will not need to invest too much money into growing these since horses are comfortable consuming a handful of food. You will not need to spend too much time finding the sorts that will do the perfect job in this case.

The condition for growing enough food for the animals is that you have enough land. If that is the case, conducting research will help you find the right answers on what to do. Knowing exactly what you grow is an opportunity to produce high-quality food. Naturally, this requires knowledge. Plus, the better the food, the better the manure you can later use for compost. You can also grow treats for your horses, which is a great opportunity.

Collect the Rain

The next thing we want to discuss is collecting rain. Horses produce much waste, which we will discuss later, and you will need to spend amounts of water to keep the stables clean. The more water we spend on cleaning means we must pay higher bills. In situations when we heat water, it makes sense that you will need to spend more energy. An easy way to prevent spending this energy is to collect rain.

People do not understand that collecting water will replace massive amounts of water you would otherwise need to spend. For instance, collecting rain around a thousand-square-foot roof can replace around three thousand gallons. Knowing this makes sense why collecting rainwater is critical for staying as environmentally friendly as possible.

Thankfully, investing in tools to make this possible does not require too much money. If you have enough tools around you, you can make these systems on your own. Once again, knowing how to build these systems requires knowledge, and you will need to commit a significant amount of time before you are competent enough to build these systems. You can find tutorials online on how to build these.

Make Everything Useful


The next important thing is to use everything you have in your stable. You will always find something you don’t use, no matter what you have in your stable. Throwing the tools away will pollute the environment because of the materials used to make them. Instead, it is much better to find another use for them. Fortunately, most tools are versatile, and you can find multiple ways to use them in your stable, whether we are talking about cleaning or not.

A good example of this is the numerous buckets you don’t use. A good example of using them is collecting rainwater, which we discussed before. Furthermore, you can repair old shovels and similar tools and use them as brand new. Think about it: you are conserving your resources without spending them for nothing. At the same time, you do not inflict pollution on the environment. Fortunately, repairing damaged tools is possible.

Make Compost

Horse owners know just how much waste is produced by them every day. On average, each produces around fifty pounds of manure per day. However, spent hay and used bedding also count as waste. You can understand how big everything is when you put everything in one place. Not taking good care of it is problematic since it can harm the environment. Plus, think about more than seven million stables in the US.

Among the best ways to take care of waste is to make compost. Not only will you take care of more than half the waste, but it is also possible to help the environment. The manure provides the soil with countless benefits, but the most important one is that it makes it more fertile. However, many do not know that manure helps prevent numerous plant diseases, a significant environmental element.

In addition, compost helps with growing healthier plants, which can help ensure the plants’ survival during droughts. Healthy plants will ensure the decline of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. So, you can see that compost is closely tied to many positive effects on the soil. Turning something harmful into positivity is always good. Therefore, turning waste into compost is among the best things you can do.

The Bottom Line


Keeping your stables as clean as possible is the condition for keeping your horses healthy. Furthermore, it is extremely important to understand that protecting the environment from negative influence is possible. Here, you can find all the relevant information on achieving both sides of the coin at the highest possible level. We are sure you will find the insight as informative and entertaining as needed.

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