8 Long Flight Essentials You’ll Need For Your Next Trip

Traveling is a favorite activity for the majority of people all over the globe. Having the chance to reach far ends of the earth and explore new cultures, traditions, and languages while trying unusual foods and drinks is the dream of many. However, no matter how exciting and fulfilling the final destination may be, the road to get there is often tedious and lengthy.

With such trips, travelers often have no idea what to do. Having to sit and wait for fours or even a whole day, in the same seat, with the same co-passengers, with little legroom, sounds like hell for those of you who enjoy comfort and freedom. Not even the pristine features of your holiday’s destination are not enough to forget that you have 10 more hours left on the plane, and seven of them have already passed.

Long flights are vastly different from shorter ones for many reasons. They come with a whole set of rules to follow and advice to be learned. To help you with your next long, transoceanic trip, we assembled this list of essentials you should definitely have by your side if you want to make the trip more enjoyable, for yourself as well as the family or friends who are flying with you. Most of the things we will talk about can be found at Trader’s Son so make sure to check out their website.

1. A Travel Pillow

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This is a no-brainer really, as you should carry a travel pillow no matter where you are going and by what means. A neatly shaped, proper travel pillow that goes around your neck and is the right shape, material, and size for your needs can be a lifesaver. By far the best ones available are memory foam, and which have raised lobe contouring on each side. These are extremely comfortable, especially in tight spaces like airplane seats. They are light, easy to attach and carry around, and you can use them anywhere, from the actual plane to the airport waiting areas.

2. An Eye Mask and Earplugs

If you generally have trouble falling asleep each night, best to believe that a noisy airplane will be no different. Throw in a baby or two, or some easily irritated passengers who like to argue with their fellow travelers and the flight attendants and you will never sleep. To prevent these extremely common conditions, you should utilize the magical combination of a sleeping eye mask to help you block out all of the light, and a pair of earplugs to cancel out as much noise as possible. Most long flight crews give out complementary sets of these, but it is best if you purchase your own to assure better quality and comfort. Cooling masks also exist, perfect for headaches, sinus pain, and relaxation.

3. A Blanket

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While you will get a pillow and blanket set from the airline on most long flights, they are of questionable quality and comfort, and you will not experience much sleep with them only. Therefore, just like with the pillow, the mask, and the earplugs, get yourself a down quilt/blanket that can be folded and stored easily. The ones made for hikers and backpackers are the best as they are made to be light and easily foldable. These can not only help with comfort but also keep you warm during cold airplane nights.

4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

If you are to spend half a day on the same flight, a toothbrush and some toothpaste will be of the utmost importance. It is both for your own good, and for the good of others around you. Travel sets now exist with foldable toothbrushes and small toothpaste tubes, so it will be a breeze to pack them in your carry-on. You will have multiple meals on the flight and fall asleep a few times at least. You should be able to refresh with something other than chewing gum or mints.

5. Tissues, Napkins, and Wet Towels

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For convenience and personal hygiene reasons, you should always have a pack or two of these. Tissues and napkins are useful for spills, a quick wipe, or for blowing your nose of course, while antibacterial wet towels can easily help you refresh, disinfect your immediate surroundings, as well as yourself before a meal. Always carry a pack of wet towels and a pack of tissues on yourself, especially in these trying pandemic times. You will get a few napkins from the attendants alongside beverages and meals, and a wet towel at the end of the fight to freshen up, but they are hardly enough.

6. Deodorant

For the same reason you need a toothbrush, you are going to want to pack a stick of your favorite deodorant, preferably an all-natural one. They are amazing to have on long flights as you will feel better and smell great no matter the flight’s length. Deodorants are not that hard to find on airports and around them but you will definitely not want to run around for one during all the craziness that comes with air travel.

7. Technology and Entertainment

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In the modern era, the best thing that helps us get through the flight is a gadget. And chances are you have a few of them at the ready no matter where you go. For a long flight, you should consider your smartphone, headphones, a power bank battery, and your charger as absolute essentials. Other devices like tablets and laptops can be quite useful especially if you want to watch something on a screen larger than the one you have in the seat in front of you. Also, if you have to work on the flight, these would be a great choice and help you pass a lot of time.
Our team believes that Travel Adapters are also needed on a long-flight.

8. Comfy Clothes

Do not make the mistake of dressing up too smart or too tight for longer flights. Not a lot of people pay attention to this sadly so bear with us. Comfortable, travel underwear, sweatpants, wool socks, running sneakers, a T-Shirt, and a fleece pullover are all you need to stay comfortable during the flight. You can be only in the shirt when it is hot, put on the fleece at night, pull up your sweatpants legs if you are very hot, all while being comfortable in the right underwear, socks, and shoes.

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