Swimwear And Other Essentials You’ll Need For A Summer Holiday

A summer holiday is one of the most anticipated activities by a lot of people every year. Who doesn’t want to relax, unwind, and destress after months of hectic schedules, tons of workload, and daily pressure?

Some even plan out their summer vacation months ahead. Well, that’s ideal to ensure you get the best out of it. With a definite plan, you’ll have a clear direction of where to go and what to do throughout the summer.

But aside from setting a budget, selecting a destination, and planning out activities, you also have to prepare summer outfits and other essentials that will make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable. Therefore, it’s best to have a checklist so you’ll know what to prepare and bring.

If you’re thinking of going on a summer holiday soon or have already planned one, here is the list of swimwear and beach essentials you surely don’t want to miss.



Bringing a couple of swimwear is fine, as long as your luggage is large enough to accommodate every piece. However, if space is not a problem, it’d be best to pack several pieces of swimwear. Doing so will enable you to mix and match the items, giving you a different look each day.

When choosing swimwear, you must select pieces that you’re comfortable wearing. If you’re uncomfortable showing too much skin, you can choose high-waisted bikini bottoms or select one-piece swimsuits instead of two-piece bikinis. You can check a wide range of swimwear collections in reputable shops like BydeeAustralia, or find similar shops in your area.


Who doesn’t love to take a stroll on the seashore or visit souvenir shops while at the beach? If you are, you might want to consider bringing cover-ups. Doing so will allow you to take a walk and a look around the area, then go back to swimming without much hassle.


The summer season also means more intense sun. That said, you don’t want to miss the fun and the tan lines due to squinting. Your sunglasses will not only protect you from harmful UV rays that could potentially damage your eyes, but they’ll also give you the comfort that your eyes need throughout the whole trip.

Your sunglasses will be beneficial to keep your eyes protected—whether you’re sunbathing, walking on the beach, or playing on the sand. So, make sure to pack one or two pairs of sunglasses that will match your summer dresses and outfits.



Wide-brimmed hats are a staple during summer outings. It will provide your face with an added layer of protection and will also elevate your overall look. There are also oversized hats that can provide shade to your neck and shoulders—giving you maximum protection from the sun.


You should never go on a summer holiday without preparing enough sunscreen. Your skin needs this for protection from harmful UV rays and to reduce the risk of sunburn. Make sure to bring sunscreen that suits your skin type.

Also, experts advise that you re-apply it every two to three hours, especially when you’re constantly out under the sun or enjoying the seawater. If you’re planning to swim, make sure you choose a mineral sunscreen brand that is certified as reef-safe. This is because some types of sunscreens are found to be harmful to corals and marine life. You can click here for a list of reef-safe sunscreens.

Body Wash

As much as you want to spend all your time swimming out in the sea, beach water can sometimes cause you to itch and feel icky. That’s why it’s advisable to bring a body wash during your summer getaway. This helps you wash properly after a long day of soaking in seawater.

Beach Bag


Beach bags might seem unnecessary for some, but you need to realize that it’s actually of utmost importance. Aside from the fact that it gives you the comfort, convenience, and security of putting all your belongings in one bag, it can also be a fashionable accessory that can complement your summer look.

Water Bottle

Staying out in the sun can be dehydrating. That’s why you need to drink enough water from time to time. Bringing your own water bottle to the beach is more economical and environmentally friendly. Buying bottled water is costly, and it can contribute to plastic waste that might just end up in the ocean.

Waterproof Bag

Bringing your own waterproof bag is essential when you’re going for a swim, especially when the beach is far from your hotel room. When having a waterproof bag, allows you to change right after swimming. Also, this spares you from the hassle of having to carry your soaking-wet swimwear by hand all the way from the beach to your room.

Water Shoes And Beach Slippers


The sand and sea can offer so much fun and relaxation, but it would be a different story if you chose the wrong type of footwear. Wearing slippers will allow you to walk on the shores with ease. If you’re planning to go snorkeling, swimming, or diving, wearing water shoes can give you extra comfort and protection—especially if you’re on a rocky beach. Visit this page to learn why choosing water shoes is important before going for a swim.

Hand Sanitizer And Alcohol

It is expected that your hands or any part of your body might get dirty when you’re outside, especially on the beach. You never know what your hands might be accidentally touching. Therefore, it’s always best to bring a hand sanitizer or alcohol spray with you. Doing so will save you from the hassle of running and finding the nearest washroom.


Whether you’re going to Malibu, Miami, or your town’s local beaches, it’s undoubtedly essential to be all set and prepared. Preparing for a summer holiday has a lot of aspects. Aside from the clothes you need to bring, there are also other essentials you should not forget. Considering the above items will undeniably lead you to a more memorable vacation and get the best out of your summer holiday.

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