7 Most Luxurious Wedding Venues In The World

Wish for a luxurious wedding? Well, you are not alone. Everyone who dreams of his/her wedding has some plans in mind. And most of them look forward to having the best of all things. However, not everyone can afford an expensive wedding. So if you want it and you can afford it, why not go for it? There are grand places around the globe that are simply mind-blowing.

And if you have been inspired by a grand wedding in a movie, you can make your dream come true. The bride can enjoy wearing princess or floral gowns while walking through the floral aisle. So if you have something in mind and you want to keep your big-day one in many, we have a list of places only a few can access.

This is a list of the most luxurious wedding venues.

1. The Saticoy Club


This is a premier wedding location in Ventura. You will be able to enjoy the hillside along with the Pacific coastline and the Islands. And imagine how amazing your pictures will be. has an amazing view in different aspects. Therefore, you just have to speak your mind because this is the place that can give you all.

Do you want a luxurious wedding with an expensive interior? Or you want to have a sunset view during oath-taking? Or the mesmerizing skyline? They will provide you with all of it so you can enjoy your special day the way you want.

2. Musha Cay – Bahamas


This is another place for people who are looking forward to an open wedding. The Bahamas itself is an attractive place to enjoy and you can have a party over there. However, Musha Cay is a secluded place and not just in the Bahamas but one of the secluded places all over the world. Therefore, you will have untouched natural beauty over there.

However, because of this uniqueness and being an idyllic venue, it is rather expensive. The minimum stay period at Musha Cay is for 5 days and they offer different wedding packages. If you chose to go with the 24 guest package, you will have to pay around $260,000.

3. Blackberry Farm – Tennessee, USA


This is also for open-air weddings because of the rich natural beauty. But this is a bit different from the previous ones because you will have smoky mountains over here. And this is one of the best places that will make your dream of a fairy tale wedding come true.

Moreover, you can extend your guest list. The Blackberry farm has space to accommodate more people so you can invite over 100 people. But the more people you invite, the budget will increase accordingly. And unlike the Musha Cay, the Blackberry farm allows you a 2 day stay for the marriage ceremony. So you can just stay there for the reception time.

4. Four Seasons Hotel – Hong Kong


This hotel is more suitable for a luxurious indoor marriage ceremony. Moreover, the package also includes a honeymoon or pre-honeymoon stay. Furthermore, they will take you to Europe for wedding pictures and that too in their private jet. However, you do not get many options to choose from because they have pre-planned packages and you have to choose to form them. But worry not, you will be satisfied by the preparations.

The whole package includes a bridal sleepover, a visit to a nail bar, spa treatment for regular 4 days before the wedding. Afterward, you can have a family dinner just before the big day. So you can call your parents and let them have a view of preparations and enjoy some family time.

Furthermore, you can call around 200 people for the reception. However, if you want a poolside brunch, you have to shorten your guest list. They only allow 60 people for the poolside brunch. And after the marriage, you will have a 5-night honeymoon.

5. Langham Hotel – Chicago


Langham Hotel is along the Chicago River the Downtown. So you will have an amazing photoshoot. You will also find different wedding packages that include several services. For example, the most luxurious package includes a reception with 200 guests. This will also include the bridal dress, sending invitations and event decoration.

Furthermore, they will also offer photography services. And you can also have a bridal party and will get a salon treatment for that too. And after the reception, you can enjoy their special post-wedding brunch. Moreover, the transportation will be in a limousine.

Overall of it, you will have your stay in the presidential suite and can enjoy their exclusive club too. And because they are planning and taking care of everything, the gifts for the guests are also included. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything, they will handle it all.

6. Belmond Hotel Caruso – Amalfi Coast, Italy


How can be luxurious wedding venues not include anything from Italy? It is one of the favorite places for dream weddings. Especially the Belmond Hotel Caruso. They offer the wedding of your dreams. You will enjoy water vistas and craggy cliffs of the Amalfi coast.

This hotel is the best place for dream destinations and has a 50 room capacity. So you can accommodate up to 170 guests there. Furthermore, they offer photograph services, a lavish dinner for your guests under the olive trees. Moreover, you will also have a bar and restaurant at the poolside for you and your guests. So you will be able to enjoy both traditional and modern spaces.

7. Villa Cora Florence, Italy


This venue will offer artistic furniture and interior from fabrics to chandeliers. So you will be able to have a grand luxurious indoor wedding. Furthermore, if your bride wishes for a fairytale wedding, you can have that. Because they have a majestic mirror ballroom for receptions. The décor will include an original Baroque and also a wide terrace. All of these combine to create something breathtaking and astonishing.

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