4 Best Places to Live in Manchester in 2024

Places to Live in Manchester

Finding a new place to call home is an exciting, albeit overwhelming experience to have. It takes a lot of courage and sacrifice to leave somewhere familiar and move to a completely new location. Not a lot of people are willing to do it even with plenty of planning and preparation. Still, there is a higher purpose for it. If it is an overall life improvement, even a single aspect like work or school, it makes sense. Ultimately, it is always about doing what is best for yourself and your family. This is when it makes perfect sense to move to a completely new country.

One of the most popular destinations for immigration, whatever the reason for it, is certainly The United Kingdom.

The UK, particularly England, has been a haven for numerous families looking for a better and more peaceful life. Taking a stroll around the capital of London is enough to realize just how many different nationalities, races, cultures, traditions, and religions are present in the city. But is it the best place for life in England and should you perhaps consider somewhere else? An amazing alternative and a city on the rise for moving, both within the borders of the country and the foreigners, is Manchester. In this article, we talk about the best places for living in Manchester. Before moving, handle the visa for your spouse, fiance, and/or family so check out

Why Choose Manchester?


England is more about London and the Englishmen will be the first to tell you this. If you are wondering why Manchester, there are plenty of reasons for it. Do you like history? Do you like football? What is your idea of a good restaurant? Would you like a unique combination of urbanism, family-friendly environments, great education, art, and entertainment, and some hip and funky spirit to go with all of that? All of this, and more, is what Manchester is.

1. Sale

Sale Manchester


We start off the list with a town in Tretfford called Sale. It has been around for centuries, really getting into its own in the 18th. The Industrial Revolution did the area well, as was the case with many other places around Manchester and everywhere else in England. Now in modern times, it is home to more than 60,000 people (2021 census). Families love to come here in search of a peaceful life because it is amazing for raising kids. Schools are particularly great here.

Sale is very well-connected thanks to Metrolink and it is a breeze to go just about anywhere. Speaking of places, Sale Water Park, which is an artificial lake, is one of the gems that people adore. It has over 152 acres of parkland around it that is bustling with animals and plant life. The town has many restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes and the food and drinks scene is some of the best in Greater Manchester.

2. Manchester City Centre


Living in the very center of a big city is not always ideal, especially for a more peaceful family life and raising children. However, it is usually very optimal because it is easy to get to all the important spots, from schools and shops to restaurants and entertainment. However, the center of Manchester with its many neighborhoods is special. Hip and urban living meet amazing family life potential in these unique areas that more and more people enjoy for all the good reasons.

For one, Ancoats features converted mills and warehouses which are so fun to live in. On the Bridgewater Canal, you will find Castlefield filled to the brim with all sorts of restaurants, cafes, and bars. The Northern Quarter and the Green Quarter have vintage shops galore and present beautiful areas for urban yet peaceful life, ideal for new families. As expected, the city center is very well connected and all Metrolink lines run through the neighborhoods. There is always something happening in the evenings in Manchester and where better to find it than the center?

3. Stockport


Once described in a very bad light by the famous philosopher Fredrich Engels, who described it as a dusky and smoky hole, Stockport is one of the most sought-after areas of Manchester. Newcomers to the city, and the country in general, know about it and it is at the top of their would-like-to-call-home lists. Why is that? Well, the once referred to basic run-of-the-mill town (literally, due to the abundance of mills) is now a family-friendly, funky alternative to any other location you can think of.

Although the skyline is still reminiscent of the 19th century and the Industrial Revolution, do not let it fool you. It looks magnificent and welcoming. The viaducts and the Hat Works museum are the symbols of the city, once dominated by hat manufacturing. Plenty of independent shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants dot its streets. The parks are many and very well-kept, and the schools are more than decent. A downer for some could be the lack of Metrolink. However, different trains pass through it and connect Stockport to the center and Piccadilly Station.

4. Chorlton

Bars in Chorlton Manchester


Chorlton has a local saying that describes the heart and soul of the area perfectly. It goes, “Be different, just like everyone else.” Those who understand this will find exactly the kind of place they want to call home. This southern suburb of Manchester is liberal and left, in the best way possible. It is free, inclusive, and welcoming to all. It says a lot about the locals and the way of life that goes on here. With sustainable stores, independent businesses, and organic stores galore, it is as modern as it gets.

The area is easy to access by trams and busses and there are three beautiful parks to visit: Chorlton Park, Longford Park, and Chorlton Ees. The community is close and they care about each other, more so than anywhere else in Greater Manchester. It is not the cheapest area to start a life in, but it makes up for it with literally everything else it offers. It is not difficult to fall in life with this neighborhood of Manchester.

Final Thoughts

Manchester is a lot of things, and most of them are positive. These four areas are prime examples of good places to move to and start a family. As mentioned, it is not easy to pinpoint where to start fresh, especially when coming from abroad. If you pick Sale, the City Center, Stockport, or Chorlton, only good things will be in store for you. Your family will love you for it and you will be glad that you had the right info, apart from courage and trust, to make the decision.

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