7 Tips to Click Memorable Travel Photos

Are you going on a long-awaited trip or just looking to have a fun trip to a nearby destination with your loved ones? If yes, then you would surely want to document the fun moments you will have there in the form of images. It should be noted that there is no need to carry baggage in the form of DSLR cameras, tripods, or changeable lenses. You can click epic photos easily if you have a smartphone that features quality lenses. With that being said, it is essential to understand how you can capture breathtaking travel photos. Understanding the science of taking quality snaps using a smartphone camera is not a tricky task.

While there are many tips and tricks to click amazing snaps, there are some important ones that you need to consider if you want to relive your travel memories, every time you see those snaps. Moreover, if you have clicked some quality photos on your trips while traveling, you can share them on your social media profiles as well to reflect your experience. All these things will make your trip an evergreen memory in your mind. We have put together a few useful tips and tricks to help you click memorable travel photos.

Read this writing till the very end to make sure you make the most out of your travel trip with amazing clicks. Further details are given below:

1. A Steady Camera Will Ensure the Clarity


You would never want to have photos with a blurry scene, right? The best way to avoid the unwanted addition of blur in your snaps can be easily avoided if you keep the camera steady. Now, some people may say, it is not possible without a tripod. Remember, a tripod is not the only thing that keeps your camera steady. If you are capable of holding the smartphone properly while taking images, you can easily capture the scene with clarity. Additionally, you can use a flat surface and stone to balance your smartphone to avoid hindrance and ultimately blurry scenes in your clicks. Hence, you will be able to click snaps that will feature more clarity.

2. Follow the Light

Sometimes the only difference between a quality snap and a poorly captured one is light. If you want to capture the best scenes during your trip, you must make sure that you have a substantial amount of lighting when you are capturing a scene. A slight change in lighting and the way you want to capture an object in the image change drastically. Hence, affecting the quality of your image significantly. You need to find the best lighting angle while clicking snaps when you are on a trip. If the auto preferences are not working your way, then it is best to explore manual options for better exposure.

3. Don’t Leave Everything on AI

We have mentioned earlier as well that some smartphones may capture amazing scenes when they are set to automatically change preferences. However, this strategy doesn’t always work the way you desire. Therefore, in some scenarios, you may need to explore manual settings to find the best click of a scene. For instance, white balance can be a great example. The smartphone may adjust the white balance according to the perception of AI. However, relying too much on AI is not good as well. You may need to adjust the white balance on your own to find the best composition for your image.

4. Focus on the Right Thing


While the perfect background matters a lot when it comes to capturing an image, getting too distracted because of background can seriously affect the scene. You may end up losing focus on the main object you want to capture. For instance, you want to capture a yacht sailing in the sea while including the beach in the scene as well. You may get too distracted while including a large part of the beach in your photo that you may end up losing focus on the yacht. This phenomenon will reduce the quality of your image, limit its ability to reflect a perfect scene, and add a touch of undesired blur to your image as well.

5. Get Closer if Possible Instead of Zooming In

Another mistake that people often make while capturing photos during their travel to their desired destination is capturing images while zooming in through the camera. Zooming in through your smartphone camera doesn’t work magic like the zoom offered by a DSLR camera. Your camera will capture a cropped photo that is of low quality and includes a significant amount of graining. Therefore, the most effective way to capture high-quality snaps through your smartphone camera is by getting closer to the focal point of the scene.

6. Panorama Mode Will do the Trick

Sometimes the usual dimensions of an image are not enough to capture all the beautiful details in a scene. The best way to document all those details in the form of imagery is to come up with an unusual idea. The unusual idea we are referring to is turning the panorama mode in your smartphone’s camera and capturing the scene with a steady hand. Hence, you can relive the memories of your recreational trip to the fullest whenever you see the entire scene captured in a panoramic image by you. This kind of strategy works well when you are capturing scenes like the sunset in the mountains or sunrise on the beach.

7. Use Camera Filters


A finishing touch is all you need to make your photos more fantastic. By finishing touch, we don’t mean a long and complicated editing process, you simply need to apply a few epic filters. The built-in camera app in your smartphone may offer you a few filter options, but you are not limited to those camera filter options only. You can look for other options as well. Use a third-party photo filter app for this purpose, Instagram app provides users with some great filters for an amazing finishing touch. Additionally, there are other camera effects apps available on the smartphone app store. Click here to download a camera effects app and enjoy its fantastic filters.

End Words

Taking appealing photos using the smartphone camera is not rocket science anymore. You simply need to follow a few tips and tricks, and you will end up getting amazing photos with the help of your smartphone camera. We have discussed several tips here as well to help you in this regard. We hope these tips will be useful for you during your next recreational trip. If you’d like to create beautiful modern art from the photos you take consider Bumblejax for your project.

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