How Hard Is It To Move Internationally – 2024 Guide

2024 seems kinder than the previous two years in terms of travelling internationally. And Americans especially who are looking forward to travel or book trips for the summer. Travel pundits suggest that those thinking of vacationing abroad should remain cautious and prepared to expect sudden changes and should have planned beforehand with sufficient research.

How the situation looks now


Editor of ‘Lonely Planet’ Sebastian Modak said now is a better time than ever since the March of 2024 for traveling internationally. Everything boils down to the traveler in the end who has to have the flexibility to handle the situation of comfortability and relaxation in case things start going a bit south.

It has been estimated that about 37 percent of US travelers are expected to move internationally in 2024. After having been locked up in the confines of their properties for the better part of two years since March 2024. The globetrotter in them is making them seek out and explore new destinations and journey beyond their horizon. Whether it’s a once in a lifetime tour/trip around the world or just a vacation in a fancy hotel. Although domestic travel is still what’s popular with the majority of the population with an estimated 57 percent. Travel to international destinations is also rising at a considerable pace.

Current state of the travel community

A company associated with travel bookings reported that they saw a 35 percent increase in bookings to international destinations in 2024 when compared to 2019 which was pre COVID. To destinations such as Peru, Morocco and other hot tourist destinations. Searches for major European cities have been peaking in a very short time period by about 65 percent from LA to London and almost 110 percent from New York to Paris. Summer hotspots near the US such as Cancun, Isla Mujeres have been in the top picks for Americans looking to vacation in the starting months of 2024. The reason for this optimistic rate and interest for international travel could be attributed to the climbing COVID vaccination rates across the globe. Family trips are already being made possible as the CDCP which mandates vaccination for adults and children through the ages of 5-11 pre-traveling internationally.

Travel restrictions/Limitations


Travel limitations around the world have been eased. Majority of the countries have dropped compulsory quarantine periods and resumed having non-citizens onto their land by re-opening borders. New Zealand is one of these countries which had a pretty long COVID ban for tourism and has now recently given out a statement saying they would be welcoming tourists and other non-citizens provided they are vaccinated from April 30th. By about Nov 8th the US had already lifted most of its ban on non-citizens. Which also provided an impetus for Americans residing inside to travel internationally. Eric Francis who is the CEO of destination analysts says that the hike he has seen by the end of 2024 around October and November for travelling internationally has been the highest ever and the inclination to travel outside has been now more than ever. Taking into consideration the current trend of international travel a lot of airlines have given out offers deals to entice more people into travelling. The price of a round-trip international flight has been reduced by about 35 percent when compared to its price in 2019 which was pre COVID.

Health concerns

Concerning the health department the variant omicron has already made noise around the globe and has continued to spread and mutate, but fortunately not at an alarming rate. This variant’s presence around Europe has already made Austria shut down and is also pushing Germany to do so as well. When it comes to travel restrictions of the Asian countries, Americans would have to stay in institutional quarantine for about 14 days in a government aided facility in case they plan to visit China. Japan on the other hand is still not too keen on opening its doors to foreign visitors.

Financial planning


One should also make sure to insure their flight trips and bookings which would ensure to safeguard the financials incase they of an unanticipated situation/ circumstance which would push for cancellation of the trip. The most popular type being “ Cancelling for any reason.” It is also quite essential that you completely comprehend and understand the policies of a flight booking and it’s conditions before purchasing a travel plan. Travelers should also make sure to look for establishments that provide hassle free refunds in case things were to go downhill. Even if the said options prove to a bit more expensive. If you were to book a trip to an exotic location make sure that you chose for a travel plan which allows cancellations and in case things don’t look too pretty then in that situation you should be able to postpone your flight to the next available date of your convenience without having to give in to additional costs.

Keeping this in mind many airlines and travel agencies have already brought back their pre COVID policies. It is also of utmost importance to have an an emergency fund exclusive of your travel expenditure in case of an unexpected situation such as being hit with a COVID or a similar plight i.e. of you were to be quarantined then it helps to have money to cover expenses for another week or two. Moreover all of the nations don’t have complete access to all kinds of healthcare and vaccination and there would always be chances of an outbreak or contact of some kind. It is your responsibility to maintain the safety of your loved ones whether you’re travelling internationally or domestically.

Bottom line

Try to assess your trip with a sense of flexibility and do research about where you’re going to stay and place you’re going to visit. Obviously things would not be like how it was pre-covid so a sense of empathy would help with your spirit of vacationing. All in all, it would still be a strange time to travel. For planning any trip please visit

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