Top 6 Cities In Canada To Move To If You Have Kids In 2024

Canada’s geographical extent, healthcare, education, living standards and facilities, safety levels, and so much more are helping Canada and its cities emerge as one of the best places to reside with kids. Whenever you are planning to move to a new city with your kids, there are many factors that you need to ponder upon before making the final move.

The year 2024 is witnessing the result of different things like the pandemic and lockdown. Picking the best place in Canada after witnessing such an emergency can be tough. It is because you can juggle between factors and think about what to choose and what to leave. So, here are some suggestions to consider moving in with your kids to Canada.

1. Alberta

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One of the most famous cities in Canada is also the most desired place to live with kids. Many universities and colleges put children in a better position to choose their career opportunities once they grow up.

Cost Of Living: Alberta is one of the most affordable cities in Canada to move in with kids. It offers the highest rate of average household income in the country and hence, tops the list for one of the most desirable cities to settle in Canada in 2024.

Child Expenditure: If you are a working parent and want to enroll your child in preschool or kindergarten, the average cost will be $1,278.24.

Best Professions: The top 5 professions that are the most looked out for in Alberta are as follows:

  • Civil and mechanical engineers
  • Dentists
  • Website developers
  • Trade managers dealing in verticals like the retail and wholesale sector
  • Analysts and administrators

2. Ottawa

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Ottawa is another recommendation if you plan to move with your kids in 2024. Parliament Hill is placed in Ottawa and has many opportunities for people to grow and grow. It is an excellent place for small and grown-up kids who want to explore different opportunities in education and employment.

Cost Of Living: Ottawa city in Canada, has a higher cost of living. The expenditure lands between $150 to $200 for one week. The cost stays the same if you are a couple with two kids. However, the monthly rent can go up to $1,500.

Child Expenditure: The city is home to many full-day child care centers. For an infant, the cost ranges between $998 to $1,986. If you have a toddler, the range is between $857 to $1,153.

Best Professions: If you are planning to move to Ottawa and are looking for a job switch, here are the top 5 options that you can consider.

  • Software and Salesforce developers
  • Valuation directors
  • Product managers
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Security specialists

3. Longueuil

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If you are looking for a mixture of tranquility and outdoor adventures for you and your kids, you can consider moving to Longueuil. Also, it would be best if you considered reaching out to a trusted moving service for a better experience. They have a better and more professional way of conducting the shifting process. One of the service providers is demenagement-total.ca, and you can reach out to them for a hassle-free experience. It is a safe city and hence, can be considered to shift with kids.

Cost Of Living: This state’s average monthly cost is $2,572. The cost is lesser for a family, which is approximately around $1,369.

Child Expenditure: Child expenditure in this province ranges from $181 to $1,986.

Best Professions: The best professions that are soaring high in demand are as follows:

  • French-speaking professionals
  • Customer trainer
  • Service members and technicians
  • Banking and clerical jobs
  • Software developers

4. Manitoba

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Manitoba is another excellent considerable to shift with your family and kids in 2024 in Canada. If you are worried about your child’s schooling before moving, this is the place that will make you tension free. Also, traffic is easy, and accessibility is top-notch. There are many universities for higher education, too.

Cost Of Living: The state is relatively more affordable than many other places. It renders an excellent quality of education in the schools and healthcare facilities available to the public. The rental cost for an apartment can reach $1,030.

Child Expenditure: The schooling expenditure for children in preschool or kindergarten is approximately $603.17.

Best Professions: The best professionals with the highest demand in this place are as follows:

  • Human resource and finance managers
  • Pharmacists
  • Social workers
  • Childhood educators and teaching assistants
  • Daily life requirement professionals like welders and fitters of appliances and machines

5. Guelph

Source: ontarioaway.com

The population in Ontario is in a better place to know this state in Canada but not all. It is a small city, and the population does not cross 130,000 people. So, if you like to stay in a peaceful place with your kids, this is a good place that is home to several amenities.

Cost Of Living: The cost of living in Guelph is comparatively high. The average buying cost is $696,600. So much so, New York is just 28% more expensive than this place.

Child Expenditure: All the intending parents should be ready for a yearly expenditure between $10,000 to $15,000.

Best Professions: The job demand for professionals in this state are as follows:

  • Administrative assistants
  • Billing and accountant specialists
  • Demand and supply planners
  • Security supervisors
  • Communications coordinators

6. St. John’s

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St. John’s has all the amenities of all big cities, making it a preferred choice for families and kids.

Cost Of Living: The base cost of living in St. John’s is $284,800. The food items are immense, and it is a boon for seafood lovers as it is available at low costs.

Child Expenditure: The government is catering to the expenditure plans in this city and making changes in the budget. The daycare expenditure stands at $25.

Best Professions: The most in-demand professionals in this state are as follows:

  • Cooks
  • Managers in healthcare, doctors, and nurses
  • Service managers
  • Restaurant professionals and managers
  • Computer experts and IT specialists


Canada’s living and working standards are amazing, and the government is taking various steps to improve the education, healthcare, and living standards for kids. Consider these places amongst others to shift with your kids in Canada.

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