Going to Atlanta? These Are Things You Must Do

Taking a trip to the ATL? There are loads of things you can do to kill some time while there. This is one of those cities that has a bit of everything so there will surely be something for you and yours to do while there. From an amazing nightlife that even rappers rap about to memorials and sporting events, there is no shortage of fun to be had on your trip to the ATL. So pack your bags and get ready to have an amazing time in the City That Never Sleeps!

Odds are if you are on your way to Atlanta, you already know about their amazing nightlife. From dance clubs to strip clubs. ATL is a party hotspot for celebrities and their entourages. On any given night you could bump into a number of different celebrities. Those into hip hop may remember hearing about Club 112 as this was one of the hottest dance clubs in the city for those into the hip hop scene. There are so many clubs in Atlanta that it may be hard to choose which one to go to. They are all so busy as well, that sometimes it can be hard to even get in. While it is always good to have a plan in mind of where you want to go, you may have to settle for just getting in where you can. From the Gold Room to MJQ Concourse over to the Basement or the Havana Club, you will definitely want to check a few of these out while you’re there.


While it is fun to go out every night, you may want a bit of downtime as well. There are plenty more chilled out and relaxed things to do as well. If you are looking to keep up with the fast-paced and no sleep lifestyle but want to chill out a bit, you can also always do some from your Hotel. There are a number of great sites and apps you can use to do this and you can even try to earn a bit of extra money for your trip!

Not much of a nightlife type person? Worry not as there is just as much, if not more to do during the day. One thing you must do is take some time and go visit the Martin Lurther King Jr. National Historic Site. This site will show the house he was born in, the church he preached at and even the memorial site at which he is buried. MLK’s dream still lives on to this day and without people like him, there is no telling how the world would be in 2024! If you are interested in Dr. King, it is also worth checking out the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Not only does it have an MLK exhibit, but it also has three other exciting exhibits.


Maybe you are more into sports? Depending on the time of year you must go and take in a game of your favorite sport. From the Braves for the MLB loves, to the HAWKS in the NBA and even the Falcons in the NFL, Atlanta is not short of sports teams. Atlanta also has their WNBA Dream, two soccer teams, a Masters Golf Course and even a NASCAR track for those that are into that sort of thing. Of course, it will depend on when you are going as to what is happening but this is all easily done and planned out before you make your trip to ATL. For those who like a more historic take on sports, you can also visit the College Football Hall Of Fame while in the ATL!

Got the kids with you? Head on over to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center which just so happens to be on the top floor of one of the best malls around. Enjoy some shopping, lunch and then pop on up and let the kids enjoy exploring the vast amount of play areas that LEGOLAND has to offer. Heck, even join in yourself as everyone loves a good bit of playing with Legos from time to time.


Or, maybe you are into things a bit more educational? If so, Atlanta has you covered in this aspect as well. You can head on over to the Atlanta Zoo which combines education and outdoors all in one! They have a number of different animals over 1,000 from places all over the world. The Zoo can be an amazing day out with family or friends and it is always interesting to see new and unfamiliar animals. Maybe you would prefer to stay inside but have a similar experience? Well then, it’s over to the Georgia Aquarium then. This is the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere and even doubles as a teaching hospital! There are over 100,000 animals here including Beluga Whales, Dolphins, Penguins and many, many more! Taking things one step further and the aquarium also has it’s on self-guided tour app so you can make sure that you get to see everything. Just make sure you plan your time accordingly as you will likely be here for hours as there is just so much to see.


These are just a few of the things you must do should you take a trip to Atlanta. Outside of what we have mentioned, there is so much more to do from enjoying loads of delicious food to visiting the World of Coca Cola. You should not have any issues finding something to keep yourself busy. Just remember, this is the city that doesn’t sleep and for good reason so don’t lose yourself trying to keep up with everything going on at all times. The locals are used to the lifestyle and if you aren’t it can surely take its toll. Atlanta is such a history rich city with so many fun things to do that you can learn loads of new things during the day and then at night, let your hair down and relax a bit at one of the many clubs they have to offer.

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